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Married At First Sight Chapter 2767-Jane echoed, “It’s true. Sometimes when Titus is playing alone, no one is looking at him, and when there is no sound, when you go to find him, you will find that he is causing damage. Once, he even killed me. The lipstick was smeared all over the floor.”

Elisa had never taken care of a child. The child she had had the most contact with was Sonny. In her eyes, Sonny had always been sensible, cute, and smart, but she didn’t expect that there was a side that she didn’t know about.

She thought children were angels. Like her nephew, he didn’t look very good-looking when he was born, but now he’s getting better-looking every day.

She took several photos of her nephew every day, saying she was filming a growth documentary for him.

just a little bit of a crybaby.

Children cry when they are hungry, they cry when they have a bowel movement, and children who cannot speak cry when they open their mouths.

Jane and Serenity chatted about children for a while. When they heard Enzo’s cry, the two children woke up. She got up and went to hug her son. As for Avah, Ben had already picked her up.

Ben was holding Avah in one hand and holding the suitcase in the other. Remy followed him, always saying, “Brother, let me help you hold Avah so that you can relax.”

“Please help me carry my suitcase.” Ben let go of the hand holding the suitcase and asked Remy to carry it for him. He also said, “Just take it outside, load it into the car, and take us to Wildridge Manor in a while.”

Their private jet was parked at Wildridge Manor. Remy’s villa here didn’t have that big a place to park their private jet.

Remy pouted and muttered, “I want to hug Avah, but you ask me to carry the suitcase. You and my sister-in-law are going back soon. Please let me hug Avah a little more without losing a piece of flesh.”

After muttering, Remy still helped Ben take away the suitcase.

Ben nodded to the serenity while holding Avah, and then waited for Jane to come forward with Avah in her arms. He said to Jane, “Wife, we are going back. Where’s Titus?”

Jane said, “Still playing with Sonny outside.”

Ben: “Just go out and call him.”

Jane said to Serenity, “Let’s go first and wait for you to unload the goods and go over to play.”

Serenity hadn’t given birth to a baby yet, so Zachary probably wouldn’t let her travel far away.

Serenity stood up to see him off.

Elisa and Remy want to send Jane and her family to Wildridge Manor.

After leaving the main house, Sonny ran to Serenity. Serenity held his hand and asked him to say goodbye to everyone.

Sonny reluctantly waved goodbye and kept shouting at Titus: “Titus, come and play with me during the holidays.”

Titus: “OK.”

Titus was reluctant to leave, but the vacation was coming to an end. He had to go back with Jane. His master was waiting for him at FC Manor.

Serenity: “I have to go to work tomorrow; otherwise, I will send you to the villa.”

It was already afternoon. If she saw Jane and her group off, Zachary would be worried if she went back to the city and ran around.

Besides, she had agreed with Zachary to pick him up at the company in the evening.

Jane said, “Remy and Elisa can just send us there. It’s not the first time we’ve been here. We’re familiar with each other. Don’t be too tired at work, and take good care of your baby.”

“I will.” Serenity responded with a smile, waved to everyone again, and led Sonny towards her car.

She left Remy’s villa first.

Sonny fell asleep after getting in the car. Serenity asked him, “Want to sleep? Come, your aunt will hold you to sleep.”

Sonny said, “Auntie, I have grown up and am a bit heavy. Will it hurt my little brother if you hold me?”

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