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Married At First Sight Chapter 2768-Liberty and Zachary always didn’t let Serenity hold Sonny, for fear that he would accidentally kick the little brother in the belly. Although he hadn’t seen the little brother in her belly yet, Liberty said that Serenity would have a baby next year, and the baby would come out to meet him.

He was going to be an older brother, and he knew how to love and care for his younger siblings.

“Auntie is not that fragile.”

Serenity smiled and hugged Sonny. “You are only three or four years old; how much do you weigh?”

Sonny was not fat.

He was really sleepy. He fell asleep in Serenity’s arms within two minutes.

Half an hour later, two cars drove into the York Corporation.

Serenity originally wanted to call Zachary, but after thinking about it, she decided to give him a surprise.

She told him that she would come to pick him up from work in the evening and go home for dinner together, but she did not say when she would come over.

Now that she had arrived early, her sudden appearance in his office was a surprise to him.

Jasmine said that when couples get along, creating surprises for each other from time to time can enhance their relationship.

Jasmine, who had read too many novels, was better at creating romance or surprising than Serenity, and Serenity still learned from her.

“Young mistress, let me help you hold Sonny.”

The bodyguard wanted to take Sonny from Serenity’s arms.

Serenity said, “No need; I’ll just hold him. You guys wait on the first floor. If you have something to do, you can go and do it first. We won’t leave until your eldest young master gets off work. “

She could also go home in Zachary’s vehicle.

The bodyguard replied respectfully, “We have no other personal matters to deal with. Protecting the eldest mistress is our most important job.”

Serenity said nothing more and walked into the office building, surrounded by bodyguards.

As she walked in, everyone who saw her greeted her politely.

She hugged Sonny and entered the elevator. The bodyguard team stayed in the VIP room on the first floor, waiting. The elevator took Serenity and Sonny straight to the top floor.

Sonny slept soundly. He played too much and was too tired.

Zachary didn’t expect Serenity to arrive early. After his secretary opened the door for Serenity, Zachary was still discussing work matters with Josh. When he saw Serenity hugging Sonny, Zachary immediately stood up and walked out of the desk, walking quickly towards Serenity.

“Sonny is asleep?”

Zachary came to Serenity, gently took Sonny from Serenity’s arms, and asked her distressedly, “Are you tired? If Sonny falls asleep, they can hold her.”

Serenity said, “I’m not that delicate. Sonny is so heavy. I held him to sleep. I was afraid that they would wake him up when they held him. I didn’t walk very far, so I wasn’t tired.”

Zachary hugged Sonny, but Sonny didn’t wake up. This was because Zachary had gained experience holding Sonny.

Zachary hugged Sonny, who was accustomed to his arms, so he didn’t wake up.

The bodyguard team saw Sonny often, hugged him rarely, and their movements were not as skilled as Zachary’s, so it was easy to wake Sonny up.

When he was woken up when he was particularly sleepy, Sonny could cry until he was in deep sleep.

No matter how sensible he was, he was still a three- or four-year-old child.

“Take him into the lounge and let him sleep there for a while.”

Zachary hummed, and he carried Sonny into the lounge.

Serenity smiled and greeted Josh.

“They left the nightclub?”

Josh knew that Serenity would not return to the company today because of Jane.

Anyway, the joint venture of the three was on the right track. Even if the three bosses do not return to the company, it will not affect the normal operation of the company.

Jasmine was guarding the bookstore almost every day. She was the one who visited the store so that Josh could rest assured. If she runs around, even if Josh is relieved, the Bucham family will not be at ease.

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