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Married At First Sight Chapter 2769-Serenity said, “Remy and Elisa sent their family to take a flight.”

Josh said, “I have to go back within two days, and I haven’t even found time to invite the nightclub to dinner.”

Serenity smiled and said, “When you are free, you can fly to Annenburg and treat the nightclub to dinner. The nightclub is here just to bring Titus to Sonny for two days.”

“How can I have free time now? I can’t get away. Zachary took wedding leave and just returned to work at the company today. I’m so busy that I don’t even have time for a glass of water. “

Josh complained in front of Serenity.

“I’m going to ask for leave tomorrow. I haven’t told Zachary yet. I’ll tell him later. If he doesn’t agree, Serenity, please help me. I haven’t had a good rest for a month. Asking for leave tomorrow is not for rest. I am accompanying Jasmine to the hospital for a prenatal check-up.”

Serenity replied cheerfully: “Okay, if Zachary doesn’t agree with your request for leave, I will put in a good word for you. You have been working hard recently. If necessary, let Zachary give you two days’ leave. You don’t need to ask for leave, and you can still have a good time staying with Jasmine.”

She and Zachary had a relaxing honeymoon period after the wedding. Although they did not travel out of the city or province, they were still in their own world without being disturbed. Thanks to the senior management in Josh, they shared Zachary’s workload.

Zachary was back in the company, and when the time came, he could give Josh, the busiest person, a two-day break.

Josh said, “It would be great to have a rest for two days. The weather has turned cold. Jasmine always said that she wanted to have a hot pot. I never had time to take her out to eat. You can do it at home, but my cousin can talk about things. To be ridiculous, Jasmine said that if she eats hot pot at home, others in our family will be talking about it, and she will feel uncomfortable eating, so she wants to go out to eat.

I will accompany her to have a prenatal check-up tomorrow and then take her to eat hot pot in the evening. After Jasmine became pregnant, she always wanted to eat whatever she wanted to eat immediately. Serenity, will you do the same?”

Serenity said: “Similarly, when I think about something to eat, I want to eat it right away.”

Zachary came out of the lounge and gently closed the door of the lounge so that their voices would not disturb Sonny.

When he came out, he poured a glass of warm water for serenity and added some glucose powder. Serenity would find the boiled water tasteless, so he was used to adding some glucose powder for her. It had a bit of a taste, so she liked to drink it.

Serenity said, “Honey, you and Mr. Bucham should be busy. I’ll sit here for a while. When you finish your work and can get off work, we can go home together.”

Serenity was afraid that she would take up Zachary’s precious time, so after taking the glass of water that Zachary poured for her, she urged him to do his business.

Zachary said, “It’s no problem.”

Zachary sat down next to Serenity and asked warmly, “You are taking Sonny by yourself today; are you tired?”

Serenity said, “I’m not tired at all. With Titus playing with him, I can just look after him. There are also bodyguards to help look after him, so I’m not tired.

Husband, go and do your work. Oh, by the way, Mr. Bucham has been busy for such a long time. Now you have returned to the company to work. Give Mr. Bucham two days off to rest. He said that he will accompany Jasmine to a prenatal checkup tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will go back to the company to see if there is anything else to do. I will stay in the bookstore for two days and let Jasmine rest for two days.”

After classes in Sonny Kindergarten, she could ask the butler to pick him up and then send him to her store.

It only took a day or two. When Duncan came back from Jensburg, he rushed to pick up Sonny from kindergarten.

Zachary had just heard the conversation between Josh and Serenity, and he said equally cheerfully, “Okay, Josh, I will give you two days off. You will rest tomorrow and the next two days, and take your wife to have a hot pot meal. Seren, you don’t know this guy. When I returned to the company, he complained in front of me more than once about not having time to take his wife to eat hot pot, which made me feel guilty. “

Josh chuckled. “Thank you, Mr. York.”

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