Married At First Sight Chapter 3035

Married At First Sight Chapter 3035-But if what Samira said spreads out, she will definitely take up the weapon of law to seek justice for herself.

Let the law punish Samira. If others want to be sued by her, just say so, and she will fight to the end.

Samira looked at her mother, who stared at her again.

Mrs. Levine said to her daughter, “Have you heard what the Second Young Madam York said? She is generous and doesn’t need to pursue the case for the time being. This is because she is kind-hearted, but you can’t just relax because she is generous. But you don’t know how to learn lessons. You talk nonsense and bring trouble out of your mouth, which not only hurts others but also hurts yourself.

You also want to cause trouble for your parents. You are my daughter. If you say something like this or do something outrageous, when others talk about you, they will also say that your parents don’t know how to discipline their daughters. That’s why they taught you such gossip. The daughter who loves to tell lies.

It’s because of my incompetence that you made a mistake tonight. I sincerely apologize to Second Young Madam York, and I will prepare a generous gift and come to apologize tomorrow.”

Samira’s face turned red. She impulsively said a few words, which not only cost her her face but also damaged her parents’ reputation. Indeed, when others mentioned her, they would also think of her parents.

She thought it was because her parents didn’t know how to educate their daughter, and they thought it was because the Levine family didn’t teach her well.

And she made a scandal about Camryn. Even if Camryn was angry, her reputation would be damaged. If someone posted it on the Internet, Camryn would be bullied online.

The few words she spoke softly with her chin caused more harm to Camryn than she could have imagined.

Camryn would not let her off lightly; she would sue her, and she would be sentenced and go to jail.

Not only that, but the Levine family also offended the Newman family and the York family because of this. Could Callum spare her? Could they let the Levine family go?

It’s not like she didn’t know what Camryn’s two eldest aunts had done to her and what fate they ended up with.

She also committed such wrongdoing.

Samira really regretted and blamed herself. She looked at Camryn with tears in her eyes and bowed and apologized to Camryn sincerely and regretfully.

“Second Young Mistress York, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I know I was wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I promise I will never slander anyone again in the future.”

Under Samira’s repeated and sincere apology, Camryn said calmly, “Miss Levine, I hope you can keep your word.”

Carrie cursed in her heart. What Samira said was actually what she wanted to say. She had always wanted to ruin Camryn’s reputation.

It was just that she had been in there before, and she also knew that Camryn would sue her if she spread rumors about others out of nothing, and she didn’t want to go to prison again. So she just wanted to go to the York family to ruin Camryn’s reputation.

She didn’t make any noise at the banquet like Samira did, even though not many people heard what Samira said just now.

But Samira screamed after being doused with red wine, which attracted many people to watch. Those who heard Samira’s nonsense told others, so that everyone knew.

Anyone who was involved in the business world knew that Camryn took over the Newman family’s business with the help of Dalton. Camryn saved Dalton before she became blind. Dalton would only work hard for her.

Back then, Camryn had regained her sight. Since she had not fully recovered, she had not taken over all business matters. She would only deal with very important matters.

She didn’t overuse her eyes. What was more, she had Callum helping her.

Even if she went out to discuss business, Callum would accompany her most of the time.

She couldn’t and would not use her beauty to negotiate business.

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