Married At First Sight Chapter 3036

Married At First Sight Chapter 3036-Camryn had always been a representative of strength and forbearance. Samira spreads rumors about her like that. Everyone present felt that Samira was too mean-mouthed and loved to make up random things.

If Mrs. Levine hadn’t come to teach her daughter a lesson and let Samira continue to drink and go crazy, who knows what would have happened?

Only now did everyone know that Samira was targeting Camryn because she had loved Callum.

But they had never heard of the daughter of the Levine family pursuing the second young master of the York family.

Samira had just always had a crush. No wonder she was jealous of Camryn.

“Second Young Mistress York, I’m really sorry. It was my fault for teaching my daughter. I will bring her to visit tomorrow to apologize.”

After her daughter sincerely apologized, Mrs. Levine once again expressed her apology to Camryn. Then she said to the people watching: “What my daughter said just now is completely baseless. She made it up because she was jealous of the second young mistress. I will educate my daughter, and I also ask everyone to take this as a warning and not to say it everywhere. If you say it everywhere, you will bear the consequences on your own. If you are accused of spreading rumors and slander, you will be sentenced.”

After Mrs. Levine threatened and warned everyone, she took Samira, said goodbye to Joelle, and also apologized to the three wives of the York family.

The three wives of the York family did not speak. Joelle was the host, so she still had to react a little, so she arranged for the butler to send Mrs. Levine and Samira out.

“Camryn, are you okay?”

The three wives of the York family walked to Camryn and asked with concern.

“I’m fine. It was she who was in trouble. She said that to me, and I threw a few glasses of wine at her in a fit of anger.”

Rosella said, “Well done; you should be gentler. Next time you meet such a person, just slap them hard.”

Tania also said, “That’s right, just give them a big slap. Don’t worry about offending others. Our family will not bully others, but we will not let others bully us either.”

Camryn smiled and said, “Mom, you’re right; I should be gentler. Next time, I will just slap them hard.”

She thanked Rylee again, and Rylee also helped her pour Samira red wine.

Before tonight, Rylee and Samira were still considered friends.

The intersection between her and Rylee was very rare. If she hadn’t been familiar with Elisa, she wouldn’t even know Rylee.

Rylee was a person who didn’t help relatives.

Rylee said, “Camryn, if you continue to thank me, I will lose my face. I will definitely deal with it if you are a guest at my house and someone insults you. Samira also drank a few glasses of wine, became hot-headed, and talked nonsense.”

“Samira was not drunk. She really wanted to say such words to me.” Camryn’s eyesight had not yet returned to normal, but she could feel the malice towards her from Samira.

“Mrs. Levine is quite a good person.”

Camryn said that she would not pursue Samira for the time being to give Mrs. Levine a face.

Mrs. Levine seemed to be helping the family but not the bride, but in fact she was really doing it for her daughter’s benefit. Her words awakened her daughter and saved her.

Trouble comes from the mouth!

Don’t harm others or yourself.

You spread rumors and cause harm to others, but when they use legal means to sue you, the law takes action against you.

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