Married At First Sight Chapter 3037

Married At First Sight Chapter 3037-The pain you inflict on others can easily come back to you. Even if there is no backlash, if you are sentenced, you will go to jail, leave a criminal record, and your life will be stained.

The onlookers quickly dispersed. Everyone started drinking again, talking, and laughing, as if what happened just now had never happened.

Knowing that Camryn was not a doormat and would fight back on the spot when bullied, Rosella felt a lot more relieved.

Joelle invited the ladies to go back to the house.

After the wives of the York family walked away, Carrie walked up to Camryn and asked politely, “Second Young Master York, Miss Erickson, can I sit with you?”

“Mrs. Labbe, please sit down.” Rylee felt a little fond of Mrs. Labbe when she saw that Mrs. Labbe had just spoken for Camryn.

Young people were still more likely to mingle.

Although Mrs. Labbe was married, she was very young. She and the other ladies could not chat at the banquet.

Camryn politely thanked Carrie, “I can’t drink alcohol because I’m still taking medicine. Miss Levine said that about me, and I saw the shadow of Carrie in her, who is a troublemaker. Every time Carrie gets into trouble, she relies on my mother to spoil her. My mother really spoils her. If my mother had half the IQ of Mrs. Levine, Carrie would never end up like she is today.”

Carrie was speechless.

She was not angry!

When she gets angry, her flaws show.

She was Mrs. Labbe, not the second young lady of the Newman family, not Camryn’s younger sister.

What Camryn said about her sister had nothing to do with her; it was not about her.

Carrie had the misconception that Camryn was testing her and kept mentioning her sister in front of her.

Rylee didn’t know that the two sisters were fighting a secret war. She took up the topic from Camryn and said that Samira tonight was like Carrie before—young and energetic, arrogant, and loved to get into trouble. Because of jealousy, she could do anything. She even dared to plot to harm Serenity without overestimating her capabilities, but an army ultimately prevailed.

Mr. Newman and Mrs. Newman went to apologize, but it was already too late. Carrie had gone too far and had already broken the law. Serenity had evidence and finally sued Carrie and sent her to jail. She was released not long ago.

Because of the trouble that Carrie had started, the Newman family also sparked a number of reactions.

By the time Carrie came out, Camryn had taken over the Newman family.

Mrs. Labbe forced a smile and said to the two of them, “So, disaster comes from the mouth. Don’t spread rumors, don’t believe rumors, and don’t think that others don’t know what you do. If you don’t want others to know, don’t do anything unless you do it yourself.”

“Mrs. Labbe, you’re right.” Camryn looked at her intently, acknowledged her words, and even praised her.

Carrie wanted to scold her mother in her heart and hated her so much. The hands she placed under the table were clenched into fists, and she was able to control her anger and avoid going crazy on the spot.

Two bodyguards from the Labbe family followed Carrie, not far or near.

After following Carrie for a while, they got to know her a little bit.

Judging from Carrie’s reaction at this moment, one could guess that she was on the verge of rage.

They were worried that Carrie wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore and get angry, which would result in all her efforts being wasted.

Two bodyguards stepped forward quickly.

One of the bodyguards walked up to Carrie, bent down to her ear, and whispered, “Madam, it’s time for us to go back.”

After the bodyguard finished speaking, he stood up straight.

Rylee looked at the two bodyguards and thought they looked very fierce.

Carrie said, “Miss Erickson, Second Young Mistress York, I still have something to do at home. I have to go back.”

Rylee asked, “Mrs. Labbe, you’re going home so soon; don’t wait for a while?”


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