Married At First Sight Chapter 3038

Married At First Sight Chapter 3038-Carrie smiled gently and said, “Miss Erickson, I’m not going to sit down at home; I have something to do. I’ll make an appointment with you another day when I’m free. Miss Erickson, can you give me your contact information?”

Rylee did not reject her.

They exchanged WhatsApp numbers.

Carrie took two bodyguards into the house to say goodbye to Joelle. Joelle still arranged for the Butler to send Carrie out.

After returning to the car, the car started to move. Anger appeared on Carrie’s face right away in place of the previous calm expression.

She kept scolding Camryn.

The two bodyguards ignored her and allowed her to curse.

“I’m so angry, you blind woman. Just wait and see; one day I will make you kneel down and beg me. When the time comes, I will make your life worse than death.”

Carrie always cursed people with the same words over and over again.

“You almost exposed her secret just now.” One of the bodyguards couldn’t help but say something.

Carrie said angrily, “You don’t know how unpleasant that Camryn is; she always talks badly about me. I helped her, but she said bad things about me, saying that Miss Levine and I are the same person, that we love to get into trouble, that we are arrogant, and that we are extremely arrogant. Where do I love getting into trouble, and where do I become arrogant? If I hadn’t remembered Mr. Labbe’s words, I would have really wanted to help Miss Levine and teach Camryn a lesson.”

The bodyguard said coldly, “As long as you remember what the boss said, it will ruin the good things of the boss. You’re not a cat and do not have nine lives.”

Carrie was speechless. Fortunately, she controlled her temper and didn’t show any flaws.

Mr. Labbe’s good deeds had not been ruined. Otherwise, she didn’t know how she died.

Now that her parents, who loved her, had been sentenced, they didn’t know if they would come out alive.

Trenton was not facing her.

Aunt Brenda and Aunt Amy, who used to love her, ran away again and lost contact with her.

If something happened to her by Mr. Labbe, no one would know that she was really dead, and no one would collect her body for her.

Thinking like this, Carrie felt scared and sad.

She used to be the aloof Carrie. In the past, she was indeed arrogant and loved to get into trouble. Every time she got into trouble, her parents helped her clean up the mess, which developed her incomprehensible character. In the end, she got into big trouble, and her parents couldn’t help her, and her parents were hurt because of it.

What Camryn said about her just now was actually the truth.

Now she was Mr. Labbe’s mistress, letting him play with her and making her lose any self-esteem in front of him. Not only that, but also to help Mr. Labbe do things and follow Mr. Labbe’s arrangements.

If anything went wrong, she would have to worry about her life.

Camryn was right; she really had her own fault for ending up like this. But she was unwilling to do so.

She was obviously better than Camryn; why was she not as good as Camryn?

She also admired Callum, but Callum also looked down upon her and only had eyes for Camryn.

Samira was very similar to her.

The difference was that Samira had a strict mother. Her mother would probably reprimand Samira when she got home.

“I didn’t ruin Mr. Labbe’s business.” Carrie said. Her anger disappeared without a trace.

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