Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3388

Chapter 462 – Final Strike

“Is he human?”

“Am I hallucinating? What kind of damage is that? Could he be a Tier 6 Sword God?”

“Is this his trump card?”

Everyone couldn’t help but wonder if they were hallucinating when they saw the damage value of more than 80 million. Even Frey had momentarily forgotten to control the Ghost Dragon.

Previously, no matter what kind of attacks they used against Manoset, none of them managed to deal over ten million damage. Even when Unrestrained Lionheart landed a Tier 5 Curse directly on Manoset’s body, he only managed to cause around seven million damage.

It should be known that a Tier 5 Curse was comparable to Tier 6 Spells in power. Yet, the Curse only dealt about 10% of the damage Shi Feng’s attack did. Moreover, that was only because Shi Feng had used his attack to block Manoset’s attack.

If Shi Feng managed to land a direct hit on the Holy Ancestor, the damage he could cause would be devastating.

While everyone was still in shock, Shi Feng, in his reconstructed body composed of Mana and Holy Power, swung his sword again.

Holy Annihilation!

Because of Frey’s Ghost Dragon pinning Manoset this time, Shi Feng was able to connect his attack with Manoset’s body, the Holy Ancestor wincing a little when Shi Feng’s sword cut through his body.


Shi Feng’s attack caused Manoset’s HP bar to experience a visible drop this time. Upon seeing this, everyone present gasped.

“Crap! What is this damage?! That’s already more than our entire team did to the Boss!”

“Is this the strength of a Saint?”

“No way. I doubt even Saints can have such frightening damage.”

“No wonder the Vice Guild Leader is willing to hire him at such a costly price. Had we entered God Mode with him, we would have definitely secured the First Clear.”

When everyone saw Shi Feng’s second attack dealing 1.2 billion damage, they felt shocked and joyful. At the same time, they became more confident in bringing down Manoset.

Is that all he has for his trump card? Different from everyone else, Frey frowned when she saw the decrease in the Holy Ancestor’s HP.

Shi Feng’s attack might seem impressive for causing 1.2 billion damage, but it was still nothing compared to Manoset’s 1.5 trillion HP. With his battle recovery, Manoset could recover 30 billion HP every five seconds. That was equivalent to regenerating six billion HP every second.

But just when Frey was feeling uneasy, Shi Feng suddenly appeared behind Manoset and stabbed the Holy Ancestor with the Shadow Incinerator.

The End!

With death as the price, incite all of the Shadow Incinerator’s power to deal a devastating blow.

This was Shi Feng’s strongest trump card, and it was also the only method he had to raid Manoset successfully.

The Shadow Incinerator was a Godly Relic. During his previous life, the weapon had allowed the strongest Demigod to slay an Ancient God. Although Manoset was a Holy Ancestor, an existence comparable to Primordial Gods, he was currently weakened by the Goddess of Space’s seal, and his Life Rating was only at the level of a Tier 5 Holy God.

So long as Shi Feng could heavily injure Manoset, defeating the Holy Ancestor wouldn’t be a dream. Otherwise, with their current team, even if they increased the team’s size by tenfold, it’d still be impossible to kill Manoset.

Initially, during the early phases of the war between the Holy Race and the human race in his previous life, human players were utterly powerless against the Holy Race’s Holy Gods. It didn’t matter even if numerous Tier 6 human experts worked together. They simply couldn’t overcome the frightening Defense and HP of the Holy Gods.

However, later on, human players found an effective way to take down Holy Gods, and that was by heavily injuring them.

So long as a Holy God became heavily injured, they would lose the ability to strengthen their body with Holy Aura. Without Holy Aura, a Tier 6 Holy God’s Defense would become weaker than even that of Tier 6 Divine monsters, and their Basic Attributes would also plummet.

The only problem with this strategy was that human players first needed to overcome the frightening Defense of a Holy God to injure them heavily. Meanwhile, the requirement to do so was much greater than the requirement to heavily injure a Divine monster.

Please let this succeed! Shi Feng prayed when he ran the Shadow Incinerator through Manoset’s heart.


Suddenly, the space surrounding Manoset transformed into purgatory, and even the Ghost Dragon, which was swinging its claw to attack Manoset, had lost its claw.


Immediately afterward, everyone heard an agonizing cry coming from Manoset, the powerful sound waves the Holy Ancestor produced causing Unrestrained Lionheart and the others to stumble over a dozen yards backward.

A short moment later, the flames surrounding Manoset disappeared and revealed a dark void. The result of Shi Feng’s attack was even more devastating than Manoset’s punch before the Holy Ancestor was weakened to Tier 5.

“What did he do?”

“Mutual destruction?”

“Is he crazy?”

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock when they saw only one figure standing amidst the void.

At this time, Manoset was in a miserable state as he stood in the middle of the void. The Holy Ancestor’s body was covered in severe burns, and the gaping hole in his chest. His Life Rating had also plummeted even further, a sign that he had been heavily injured. Even his HP had undergone a shocking change.

[Manoset (Heavily Injured)] (Holy Ancestor, Tier 5)

Level 148

HP 750,000,000,000

However, while Manoset might have entered a heavily injured state, Shi Feng had also disappeared, leaving behind only a ring in his place.

“He must be insane! He chose Soul Annihilation just to injure a Boss?” Unrestrained Lionheart was flabbergasted when he failed to sense Shi Feng’s presence.

Unlike the average player, Unrestrained Lionheart had a powerful perception toward souls. This allowed him to easily distinguish the state of a player’s soul when they died. Hence, he could tell that Shi Feng’s Immortal Soul had disappeared after detonating himself to heavily injure the Holy Ancestor.

When players died a normal death, their Immortal Souls would not suffer any damage whatsoever. Only when players were killed by a Tier 5 attack or above would their Immortal Souls suffer some permanent damage. Even so, their Immortal Souls would remain in existence after death.

However, should a player suffer Soul Annihilation, nothing would be left of their Immortal Soul once they died.

Meanwhile, Soul Annihilation to a player was equivalent to a permanent farewell from God’s Domain. This was an outcome worse than any penalty players could receive for failing a quest in God’s Domain. After all, the worst penalty a quest could give was to have players start over with a new account. However, if a player suffered Soul Annihilation, they wouldn’t even get the chance to start over again.

“No, he’s still alive!” Frey said as she lifted her head and looked at the space above the ring Shi Feng had dropped after his death. There, the figure of a person was slowly materializing.

“What?! He had such an item on him?!” Unrestrained Lionheart was given another huge surprise when he saw Shi Feng resurrecting.

Although many items in the Greater God’s Domain could let players resurrect on the spot, items that could let players avoid a true death were extremely rare and valued as much as Legendary Equipment. Even Frey had only received one such item from the Red Dragon Nation after rising to the position of Vice Guild Leader.

Meanwhile, when White Owl saw Shi Feng resurrecting above the ring he dropped, she couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. Others might not know where Shi Feng had gotten that death prevention tool from, but as one of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Ten Great Paragons, White Owl couldn’t be any more familiar with it.

The Sacred Phantom Ring!

It was a priceless treasure that could allow its wearer to avoid true death once a day. It was a top-tier treasure, even among the many lifesaving treasures in the Greater God’s Domain. Even though it was only a Fragmented Legendary item, its lifesaving capabilities were no weaker than a Legendary-ranked lifesaving item.

Originally, the Sacred Phantom Ring was a treasure the Paimon Conglomerate had prepared for the Divine Seal Saint. However, the Divine Seal Saint had given it to his youngest son Dira, who had ended up losing it to Shi Feng…

Good! It worked! After resurrecting, when Shi Feng saw Manoset’s chilling state, a look of joy appeared in his eyes. Immediately, he commanded, “Quick! Everyone attack the Boss now!”

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