Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3390

Chapter 464 – Astonishing Rewards

Outside the Courtyard of Space…

“World Mode got cleared?”

“Nobody has even seen God Mode’s Final Boss yet, so how is it possible that someone has already cleared World Mode? Could World Mode actually be easier than God Mode?”

“No way. I heard from some people who had entered World Mode, and they say that even the fodder monsters there are Legendary-ranked Earth Dragons. There are also countless spatial blades randomly flying about the courtyard, and every spatial blade can easily kill Tier 5 players. The difficulty of fighting Legendary monsters in such an environment is simply ridiculous. That’s vastly more challenging than what players have to face in God Mode.”

“Easier than God Mode? What nonsense are you talking about? I’ve entered World Mode, and I can tell you that titled experts can’t even survive ten seconds without working together in groups of ten or more.”

When everyone outside the Courtyard of Space received the system announcement, they couldn’t help but look at the now-sealed teleportation gate in a daze.

Many of the players present had entered the God Mode Courtyard of Space, so they knew how challenging the Team Dungeon was. It was unlike any God Mode Team Dungeons found outside the Eternal Realm. Hence, they couldn’t help but find it unbelievable that someone had conquered the Courtyard of Space’s World Mode, which was supposedly a greater difficulty setting than God Mode.

How can the Dungeon’s World Mode get conquered? The Rockspear Saint Parker was in utter disbelief as he stared at the system announcement displayed before him.

“This is bad, Lord Moro. We don’t even know which team has conquered the Dungeon right now…” the Wind Saint Desert Web said to Moro.

In order to secure the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear, Moro had recruited the help of the experts working under the Guild’s Grand Elders. However, as these experts were operating in different regions in the Eternal Realm, Moro had to make many promises to the Grand Elders to get these experts to abandon their ongoing tasks to come and help him.

Yet, now, someone else had conquered the World Mode Courtyard of Space before these experts could even enter the Dungeon. Once the Grand Elders learned of this, they would definitely reprimand him for this failure.

The Red Dragon Nation’s current Guild Leader was about to conclude his term. As the Red Dragon Nation was a pseudo-apex power, the position of Guild Leader came with a lot of precious resources and influence in the Greater God’s Domain. Hence, every Vice Guild Leader was eyeing the position, resulting in intense competition.

Now that Moro had wasted the precious development time of many of the Guild’s experts in the Eternal Realm, the Guild’s other Vice Guild Leaders would definitely use this opportunity to make trouble for him. They might even snatch his authority in the Eternal Realm.

However, contrary to Desert Web’s assumption, Moro did not explode into a flying rage. Instead, he remained very calm, behaving as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

“What are you panicking for?” Moro nonchalantly said. Then, he turned to look at the teleportation gate, his expression darkening a little as he smiled and said, ” Even until now, Frey’s team has yet to come out of the Dungeon. Don’t you find this situation very interesting?”

“Do you mean to say that…” Desert Web’s mouth gradually widened in disbelief as he processed Moro’s words. “Vice Guild Leader Frey’s team secured World Mode’s First Clear?”

“Otherwise, how do you explain this situation?” Pointing at the teleportation gate, Moro said, “According to the general rules of Dungeons, so long as a team gets annihilated in a Dungeon, the whole team will get resurrected outside the Dungeon. Seeing as Frey’s team has yet to come out even until now, it goes without saying that they are the ones who have secured World Mode’s First Clear.”

Frey’s team secured World Mode’s First Clear? When Parker overheard Moro’s words, he held his head with both hands and instinctively denied Moro’s claim. Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!

Parker knew better than anyone what kind of standard Frey’s team members possessed. The number of fifth-floor experts on Frey’s team didn’t even amount to half of the fifth-floor experts on Moro’s team.

If Moro’s team couldn’t even conquer the God Mode Courtyard of Space, how could Frey’s team possibly secure the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear?

This was the First Clear of a World Mode Team Dungeon they were talking about!

Currently, the World Mode Courtyard of Space was receiving a lot of attention from the Red Dragon Nation’s Grand Elders. Whoever secured the World Mode Dungeon’s First Clear was bound to receive more support from those Grand Elders, which would, in turn, increase their chances of winning in the competition for the position of Guild Leader.

Meanwhile, so long as Frey became the Red Dragon Nation’s next Guild Leader, the experts under her would have a very bright future ahead of them. At that time, even the Guild’s Elders would have to behave respectfully around them…

“If that really is the case, what should we do next, Lord Moro?” Desert Web asked anxiously.

If Frey did secure the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear, it went without saying the Guild’s Grand Elders would give their support to her. At that time, how was Moro supposed to compete against her for the position of Guild Leader?

“Don’t worry. Frey securing the First Clear is good news for us,” Moro said, suddenly smiling.

“Good news?” Desert Web revealed a confused expression.

“Look at the other players here, including the Holy Race’s players.” Smiling, Moro asked, “Do you think they’ll spare Frey’s team? This is the Greater God’s Domain’s first World Mode Team Dungeon we are talking about. The rewards for the Dungeon’s First Clear are bound to be incredible. If Frey wants her team to leave this place alive, she’ll have no choice but to rely on us.”

Desert Web scanned their surroundings when he heard Moro’s words. Then, realization quickly dawned on him.

When the system announcement first appeared, everyone was indeed shocked by the news. Now, though, only greed existed on everyone’s faces.

Items obtained from a Dungeon would drop on death in the first two hours. Meanwhile, once a Dungeon’s Final Boss was killed, players could only stay in the Dungeon for an additional 30 minutes. Afterward, they would be forcibly teleported out of the Dungeon.

Hence, so long as they sealed off the Dungeon’s entrance and killed the players who came out of the Dungeon, they would be able to obtain the Dungeon Boss’s loot.

“All we need to do is stand aside and watch the show,” Moro said as he walked to a corner to rest.

At the same time, the members of the various powers gathered outside the teleportation gate started to act. Even the Holy Race’s players had taken the initiative to establish cooperation with the various human powers.

Meanwhile, inside the Courtyard of Space…

Less than thirty figures sat slumped on the floor of an ancient hall, their eyes lighting up in surprise and joy as they looked at the system notifications before them.

“We did it!”

“We got the First Clear!”

“This is the First Clear reward for World Mode?!”

Thousand Scars, Desolate Fury, and the others couldn’t help but shout out in excitement when they saw the Holy Ancestor disappearing completely.

System: Congratulations! You have received a Goddess Treasure Chest for completing the Goddess of Space’s Seal Event.

The reward is so generous?

Unrestrained Lionheart was greatly shocked as he looked at the treasure chest in his hand. Although he didn’t know what rank of treasure chest the Goddess Treasure Chest belonged to, seeing as it was made entirely of Seven Luminaries Crystals, its value must rival Legendary Treasure Chests.

It should be known that Legendary Treasure Chests were extremely rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Even God Mode Team Dungeons would only occasionally drop one.

Yet, now, the World Mode Courtyard of Space had awarded every team member with one Goddess Treasure Chest. Moreover, this was in addition to the items gradually descending from the ceiling. The rewards were so lucrative that it felt as if they had just raided 100 God Mode Team Dungeons.

However, unlike everyone else, Shi Feng’s attention wasn’t on the Goddess Treasure Chest. Instead, his gaze was focused on items descending from the ceiling, a flash of surprise appearing in his eyes when he saw what the Holy Ancestor had dropped.

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