Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3392

Chapter 466 – Twelve Wings of Heaven!

“Since you’ve already made up your mind, I will be taking the remaining drops, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Frey said, inwardly sighing in relief when she saw the determined look on Shi Feng.

Although Frey had no idea what use the potion and feather had, she knew that the two Extraordinary-rank Secret Treasures were of great importance to her. Each of them was easily more valuable than a Legendary Weapon.

The competition for the Red Dragon Nation’s Guild Leader position was extremely intense. Vice Guild Leaders would not only be tested on their administration and leadership capabilities, but they would also be tested on overall strength.

The strength here referred to individual combat power and background, but out of the two, individual combat power was of much greater significance. After all, if a Vice Guild Leader wasn’t sufficiently strong as an individual, it would be hard for them to get the Guild’s numerous powerhouses to acknowledge them and follow their orders.

Not to mention, as the Red Dragon Nation was a pseudo-apex power, the Guild’s Guild Leader would be under constant threat of assassination from hostile forces. If a Guild Leader ended up getting killed, it would greatly impact the Red Dragon Nation’s reputation and influence.

Therefore, individual combat power was the main criterion for the Red Dragon Nation when choosing a new Guild Leader.

Currently, Frey was still weaker than the veteran Vice Guild Leaders of the Guild. Yet, the time for the current Guild Leader to retire was growing closer and closer. So, she was in urgent need of improving her combat power.

If she could receive the bonuses of two Extraordinary-rank Secret Treasures, her chances of becoming the Red Dragon Nation’s next Guild Leader would increase substantially.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng simply chuckled when he saw Frey hurriedly collecting the two Secret Treasures. Then, he sat down to rest while he appraised the feather in his hand.

The Feather of Oath!

Also known as the Twelve Wings of Heaven!

While it might not be a Divine Artifact-ranked weapon or equipment, it was still a bona fide Divine Artifact. Moreover, it was a Divine Artifact whose value rivaled the Greater God’s Domain’s Ten Great Divine Weapons.

In the distant past, the Goddess of Space had created the Feather of Oath and relied on it to achieve a transcendental position among Ancient Gods. At one point, she was even suspected of already becoming strong enough to rival Primordial Gods.

However, very few people knew about the Feather of Oath in the current Greater God’s Domain. Shi Feng only knew about it because of a Primordial God Legacy he had obtained during his previous life. Through that Primordial God Legacy, he learned bits of information regarding the war of Ancient Gods.

During that war, the Goddess of Space had relied on the Feather of Oath to fight a Primordial God at the heart of the Greater God’s Domain. Although the Goddess of Space did not emerge victorious in that fight, she didn’t lose, either. Instead, she had fought the Primordial God to a stalemate. As a result of that fight, the Feather of Oath’s name spread across the Twelve Sanctuaries.

Meanwhile, the reason the Feather of Oath became known as the Twelve Wings of Heaven was its ability to summon twelve War Goddesses. It was with the help of these twelve War Goddesses that the Goddess of Space could hold her ground against a Primordial God.

So, when Shi Feng saw the Feather of Oath appearing among the items dropped by the Holy Ancestor, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

In less than a minute, the Feather of Oath’s information appeared before Shi Feng.

[Feather of Oath] (Fragmented Divine Artifact)

An item worn by the Goddess of Space. It is a treasure created using the souls of twelve heroes from before the Great Destruction. However, the Feather of Oath has suffered serious damage during a fight against three Holy Ancestors, and repairing it will require six World Sources. (Current number of World Sources absorbed: 0)

Additional Skill 1-

War Goddess Summoning: For every 1,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal expended, summon one War Goddess of the same tier(up to Tier 6). The War Goddesses summoned cannot exceed the summoner by ten levels. Every War Goddess summoned will last for three hours. Up to six War Goddesses can be summoned at the same time. No incantations required. No Cooldown.

Additional Skill 2-

Heroic Pledge: Expend one God Crystal to temporarily upgrade a War Goddess by one tier(up to Tier 6).

Duration: 30 minutes

Cooldown: 6 hours

A Fragmented Divine Artifact?! Shi Feng nearly failed to keep his mouth shut when he saw the Feather of Oath’s stats.

He had long expected the Feather of Oath to be in a damaged state. After all, even if they were talking about the rewards for a World Mode Team Dungeon’s First Clear, the chances of a Legendary item appearing were relatively low. Hence, when he picked up the Feather of Oath, he had already mentally prepared himself to see it being at the Legendary rank only.

Yet, now, not only was the Feather of Oath at the Fragmented Divine Artifact rank, but it even allowed him to summon up to six War Goddesses simultaneously! This was simply insane!

These were War Goddesses they were talking about! Moreover, these weren’t just any War Goddesses, but War Goddesses from before the Great Destruction!

While War Goddesses only possessed Life Rating on par with six-winged Valkyries, they were existences who had reached the extremes of contemporary combat. Hence, they were titled as War Goddesses.

What did it mean to reach the extremes of contemporary combat?

It meant achieving the standard of Gold Combat Techniques in every movement!

Simply imagining an existence with the Life Rating of a six-winged Valkyrie executing a Gold Combat Technique with their every move sent shivers down Shi Feng’s spine. Yet, now, he could summon six of such existences…

Subsequently, time passed bit by bit. After the fallen members of the team were resurrected and everyone rested for about ten minutes, Unrestrained Lionheart followed Frey’s instructions and began paying the team’s foreign aid their promised compensation.

Every foreign aid was given two Eternal Gold Coins. In the current Eternal Realm, where most experts only made several dozen Eternal Copper a day, a payout of two Eternal Gold was undoubtedly a fortune.

When Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja each received two Eternal Gold from Unrestrained Lionheart, they couldn’t help but be at a loss for words. After all, they had already received an immense harvest from the Courtyard of Space. They didn’t think they would receive two Eternal Gold on top of that.

“Brother Black Flame, please have our share of the compensation. It is only because of you we could secure the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear. It is also thanks to you that we had the fortune to join this team. If we keep this compensation on top of enjoying all these benefits, I’m afraid we will be too ashamed to even look at you in the future.”

“Indeed. We are already satisfied with being able to enter the Courtyard of Space and obtain a Goddess Treasure Chest, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

After exchanging looks with each other, Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja came to a silent agreement with each other and simultaneously shoved the Eternal Gold Coins they received to Shi Feng, giving him no chance to even refuse the coins.

At this time, Unrestrained Lionheart also approached Shi Feng and handed him a small pile of coins with a smile, saying, “Here is the remuneration Vice Guild Leader Frey promised and the payment for the 100 bottles of Compounding Potion, Mr. Black Flame. Your total comes to 14 Eternal Gold.”

After a slight pause, Unrestrained Lionheart continued, “By the way, the Blood Hell Mountain Range will soon activate. Would you be interested in joining us to explore it, Mr. Black Flame? We can split the city entrance tokens we obtain evenly.”

After accepting the coins, Shi Feng shook his head and said, “Thank you for the offer, Brother Lionheart. However, I have other matters to tend to, so I’m afraid I cannot join your exploration.”

With the standard of Frey’s team, he would benefit greatly if they evenly split the city entrance tokens they obtained. However, now that he had 20 Eternal Gold Coins in hand, he could accomplish many matters he previously couldn’t even dream of accomplishing. Meanwhile, those matters were of far greater importance than a couple of city entrance tokens.

“Very well, then.” Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Even so, he didn’t insist on the matter.

“We should be careful once we leave the Dungeon, Brother Lionheart,” Shi Feng said when he saw that Frey was preparing the team to leave the Courtyard of Space. “We might have secured World Mode’s First Clear, but the Dungeon has already attracted a lot of attention. The people outside are unlikely to let us leave without a fight.”

“You can rest assured, Mr. Black Flame.” Confidently, Unrestrained Lionheart said, “Vice Guild Leader Frey has long prepared for such an eventuality. Anyone who dares try anything funny will meet a swift end!”

Shi Feng nodded, unsurprised by this revelation.

As a Vice Guild Leader of a pseudo-apex power, Frey must have long grown accustomed to getting attacked at the entrance of Dungeons, so there was no way she came to a Dungeon as important as the Courtyard of Space unprepared. He only offered them a reminder so they didn’t grow complacent after securing the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear. After all, nobody could tell how crazily the various powers would react to the first World Mode Team Dungeon’s First Clear.

Meanwhile, after everyone was rested and ready to go, they stepped into the teleportation gate in the middle of the hall and exited the Courtyard of Space.

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