Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3393

Chapter 467 – Grand Gathering

Outside the Courtyard of Space…

Following the appearance of numerous bright flashes, the figures of 88 players appeared in front of the cordoned teleportation gate.

“They’re out!”

“Look quickly! Those people finally came out!”

A burst of noise instantly turned the originally calm basin lively.

At this time, over 50 thousand human and Holy Race players could be seen gathered around the teleportation gate. These players formed a tight encirclement around the teleportation gate, and the instant they saw the team of 88 players appearing in front of the gate, excitement and greed colored their eyes. It was as if they had just seen the most tempting treasure in existence, and they couldn’t help but get the urge to charge forward and claim this treasure for themselves right away.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng and the others appeared outside the Courtyard of Space and saw the scene before them, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Although it was already nighttime in the Corrosion Mountain Range, they could still see that players crowded their surroundings. They could also feel the gazes of all these players focusing on them. In a situation where most of these players were fourth-floor experts and above, their deterrence was greater than even that of Tier 6 Divine monsters.

“Are you kidding me?” Death Omen’s eyes twitched a little when she saw how many players were surrounding them.

“This is probably what it feels like to be universally condemned…” Desolate Fury commented with a wry smile.

At this time, even Unrestrained Lionheart, who had been full of confidence just a moment ago, had become surprisingly quiet.

As a core member of a pseudo-apex power, Unrestrained Lionheart was no stranger to battles involving hundreds of thousands of players. After all, such battles were a common occurrence in the Greater God’s Domain. Not to mention, there were even specific battlefields in God’s Domain that allowed any player to join to experience battles of epic scale.

However, while he might have felt some pressure when participating in those large-scale battles, it was nothing compared to what he felt from being stared at by tens of thousands of fourth-floor experts and above.

If a person didn’t possess a strong will, they’d probably experience a mental meltdown and collapse on the spot if they were put in a similar situation.

Meanwhile, after a moment of silence, Shi Feng and the others quickly noticed that the players surrounding them were split into four camps; two for the human players and two for the Holy Race players. After seeing their team exit the Dungeon, these four camps each sent several representatives to meet them.

“Greetings, Vice Guild Leader Frey. I have heard many great things about you. I am Mad Blade, the representative of the four conglomerates gathered. On behalf of the four conglomerates, I would like to congratulate you for securing the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear and bringing honor to the human race,” a Level 142, Tier 5 Tigerkin Berserker from the human players’ side said with a smile.

Following the Tigerkin Berserker, a Level 141, Tier 5 Giant carrying a shield on his back also offered his congratulations to Frey, saying, “I am Moving Mountain. On behalf of the seventeen Guilds gathered, congratulations on conquering the World Mode Courtyard of Space, Miss Frey.”

Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but gasp when he heard the two people’s introduction.

“Why are they here?” Unrestrained Lionheart muttered in disbelief, sweat rolling down his forehead as he looked at Mad Blade and Moving Mountain.

“Are they famous, Senior Lionheart?” Thousand Scars asked, her curiosity piqued when she saw Unrestrained Lionheart’s behavior.

“They’re more than just famous.” On behalf of Unrestrained Lionheart, White Owl nervously answered, “They are legends who have risen to prominence over a century ago. Both of them are experts who had entered the Luminous Glory List’s top three when they were young. After reaching Tier 6, they have even fought against many old monsters belonging to the various apex powers without dying even once.

“Around two decades ago, they were tasked with guarding two large-scale Saint Camps situated at the northern ruins. At the time, anyone who dared to attack them could last no more than ten moves. Even Saints were no exception… I never thought they would show up in this place.”

Thousand Scars, Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja nervously gulped when they heard White Owl’s introduction.

Saints belonged to the strongest category of players in the Holy World. Yet, even Saints couldn’t last more than ten moves against Mad Blade and Moving Mountain? Just what standard had these two individuals reached already?

It should be known that a Saint could easily fight against multiple fifth-floor experts without losing. If Mad Blade and Moving Mountain had the strength to kill a Saint in under ten moves, just one of them could probably annihilate their entire team…

At this time, two experts from the Holy Race stepped forward, the approach of these two individuals causing Mad Blade and Moving Mountain to back away a little. Hints of fear had even appeared in Mad Blade’s and Moving Mountain’s eyes when they looked at the two Holy Race experts.

Both of these Holy Race experts looked middle-aged. One looked serious and sharp, while the other was brimming with fighting spirit. However, unlike Mad Blade and Moving Mountain, these two Holy Race experts did not take the initiative to greet Frey. Instead, they simply looked at her indifferently.

“Hurry up and use the Tier 5 Group Teleportation Scroll, Lionheart!” Frey anxiously whispered to Unrestrained Lionheart as she kept her eyes on the four experts in front of her. Although she had made ample preparations to fight against even a force of several Saints and several hundred fifth-floor experts, she wasn’t the least bit confident that her preparations could have any use against these four experts.

Others might not know exactly how strong Mad Blade and Moving Mountain were, but Frey did.

Not only were the two Saints, but they had also created a complete set of Exclusive Absolute Techniques.

Typically, most Saints and fifth-floor experts who had created Exclusive Absolute Techniques for themselves would only be limited to one of three types: offensive, defensive, or movement. However, Mad Blade and Moving Mountain had created a complete set of Exclusive Absolute Techniques. So, unlike other Saints and fifth-floor experts, Mad Blade and Moving Mountain weren’t just strong in one aspect but all aspects instead. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they had no weaknesses, at least when it came to combat techniques.

However, even more importantly was that both Mad Blade and Moving Mountain were in possession of Legendary Weapons. If a Saint with no Legendary Weapons like Parker were to fight them, the fight would end as soon as it began…

“Lionheart?” Frey couldn’t help but grow confused when she saw no response from Unrestrained Lionheart.

Meanwhile, after a long silence, Unrestrained Lionheart whispered back, “I’ve been trying to use it the instant they showed up, but the scroll hasn’t shown any reaction even until now…”

“It’s not responding?” Frey quickly scanned her surroundings when she heard Unrestrained Lionheart’s words, but doing so only confused her even more. “But there’s no magic barrier here!”

Based on her knowledge, a teleportation scroll would only fail to activate if the surrounding space was sealed. Meanwhile, a magic barrier was required to seal the space of an area. However, she couldn’t even feel any mana fluctuations in the area right now, let alone see a magic barrier.

“You can stop searching, Miss Frey. Magic barriers aren’t the only way to lock down space. You can achieve a similar feat if you have a Mana Domain of a sufficiently high standard,” Moving Mountain said, chuckling.

Frey and the others went pale when they heard Moving Mountain’s explanation. Although they had long known that Saints were individuals who had mastered certain aspects of mana to the extreme, they had never heard of any Saint having the ability to lock down space with their Mana Domain…

Following Moving Mountain’s explanation, Mad Blade said, “Vice Guild Leader Frey, I am sure you understand why we have surrounded you here. For your own sake, hand over all your gains from the Courtyard of Space. Otherwise, things won’t end with you and your team simply dying once!”

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