Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3394

Chapter 468 – Madman Black Flame

Mad Blade’s words were akin to whispers from hell, causing Frey and her team members to feel as if their feet were entangled in thorny vines, and the only thing they could do was wait for death to claim their lives.

“Mad Blade, Moving Mountain, you two best not go too far! Aren’t you afraid of the Red Dragon Nation’s retaliation?!” Unrestrained Lionheart bellowed in an attempt to shake away his anxiety.

Following Unrestrained Lionheart’s words, all of the players surrounding Frey’s team laughed as if they had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Afraid? Of course, we’re afraid!” Chuckling, Moving Mountain said, “That’s why we’ve all formed alliances. On my side, there is the Hundred City Alliance made up of 17 upper-ranking hegemonic powers. On Old Blade’s side, there is the Conglomerate Alliance made up of four cross-realm conglomerates. Do you think the Red Dragon Nation is a match for our two alliances?”

Unrestrained Lionheart’s and Frey’s expressions turned even grimmer when they heard Moving Mountain’s words.

As for White Owl, Desolate Fury, and the others, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by this revelation.

An alliance between seventeen upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

An alliance between four cross-realm conglomerates.

Even when a Divine Artifact had appeared in the past, such large and powerful alliances had never been formed. Back then, the alliances formed by the various powers would, at most, consist of five or six upper-ranking hegemonic powers or two conglomerates. If seventeen upper-ranking hegemonic powers and four conglomerates banded together, they could probably put up a fight against even a bona fide apex power.

Yet, all these upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates had banded together just to deal with their team of 88?

“Are these people insane?” Thousand Scars despaired over this situation. “It’s not like we’re trying to monopolize the Eternal Realm. All we did was get the First Clear of a World Mode Dungeon.”

Is this what Zero Wing’s members felt when going up against the Paimon Conglomerate? Death Omen wryly smiled in this situation, and she couldn’t help but resonate with Shi Feng’s situation when the Paimon Conglomerate targeted him in the Miniature Ancient World.

At this time, only Shi Feng was unsurprised by the terrifying scene before him.

This was also why Shi Feng had given Unrestrained Lionheart a reminder before they exited the Dungeon.

Whether it was Thousand Scars or Frey, they had severely underestimated the importance of the World Mode Courtyard of Space’s First Clear in the various powers’ eyes. More specifically, they had underestimated the desire of the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates to improve their standings in the Greater God’s Domain.

At present, the power structure in the Greater God’s Domain was already fixed. Unless upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates could produce a heaven-defying individual, they would have no choice but to submit to the various apex powers and pseudo-apex powers for the rest of their continued existence.

However, the emergence of the Eternal Realm created an opportunity for the various powers to elevate their status. Be it apex powers or small Guilds, everyone would have the same starting point in the Eternal Realm. It was akin to playing on the launch day of a new God’s Domain. In a situation where everyone understood the significant impact God’s Domain had on the real world, which power wouldn’t go crazy over the Eternal Realm?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that so long as there was an opportunity to gain an advantage, every player and power in the Eternal Realm would do everything they could to secure it.

Meanwhile, the rewards of a World Mode Team Dungeon could undoubtedly provide the various powers with a massive advantage. Not to mention, this was also a good opportunity to eliminate a powerful competition. So, there was no way the various powers would give up on such an opportunity.

While Frey and the others had fallen into despair and hesitation, a team of several hundred Tier 5 experts was quietly spectating the situation from a distant corner. Meanwhile, standing among these experts was Moro.

“All of our forces are here, Lord Moro. Should we act now?” Desert Web asked. “If we’re too late to act, the four alliances might get away with the items.”

“Don’t worry. We still have plenty of time,” Moro said, smiling. “Frey’s a stubborn woman. If we want to reap more profits from her, we’ll have to wait until she starts to lose team members. If we wait until more than half her team is gone, she might even agree to hand over all of the loot to us in exchange for the rest of her team’s survival. If I can get my hands on all the loot, we’ll see if any of the Grand Elders will side with her.”

Parker secretly nodded in agreement with Moro. He also couldn’t help but admire Moro’s insight. Originally, he thought they were finished, and all the glory would be taken by Frey alone. But now, thanks to Moro’s brilliant plan, Frey had become their stepping stone instead.

In front of the Courtyard of Space’s teleportation gate…

After scanning the tens of thousands of experts surrounding them, Frey took a deep breath and whispered to Shi Feng, “I’m afraid we won’t be making it out of here alive, Guild Leader Black Flame. However, their primary target is me. It is my fault for not preparing sufficiently, so I will figure out a way to open a path for you and your friends. At that time, use that opportunity to flee. So long as you can break out of the spatial lockdown’s radius, escaping shouldn’t be difficult.”

At this point, Frey was already certain that neither Mad Blade nor Moving Mountain intended to let her and the Red Dragon Nation’s members leave. With how many experts there were surrounding them, there was no way the Red Dragon Nation’s members could break out of the encirclement and escape, either. The only thing they could do was keep all these experts occupied and hopefully create an opening for those not belonging to the Red Dragon Nation to escape.

“Would you be willing to make a deal with me, Miss Frey?” Instead of answering Frey’s suggestion, Shi Feng nonchalantly smiled and offered her a different proposal. “I can safely get your team out of here in exchange for two hundred million Star Coins.”

Shi Feng’s words immediately stunned Frey.

Death Omen and Thousand Scars also couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in utter surprise. They couldn’t believe that Shi Feng was still in the mood for jokes despite the situation they were in.

“Are you sure you’re not joking with me, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Frey asked, wondering if Shi Feng had lost his mind.

They were basically at a dead end right now. Moreover, it was one that would result in them getting disqualified from the Eternal Realm.

At this moment, she would gladly pay even one billion Star Coins if she could avoid this dead end, let alone two hundred million. But could there really be a way out of this situation?

“Of course not. I’m very much serious,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Frey took a long look into Shi Feng’s eyes and saw that the man, indeed, wasn’t joking with her. This led her to remember all the impromptu agreements she had made with Shi Feng thus far and how much Shi Feng seemed to love money. Honestly, she had no idea whether she should be grateful or angry at him. Although Shi Feng was always there to help her in a pinch, he would always ask for large sums of money in return.

However, considering their relationship was primarily that of business partners and little of anything else, Frey ultimately sighed and smiled, saying, “Fine. If you can bring us out of here, I’ll transfer two hundred million to your account as soon as we’re safe!”

“Good! That settles it!” Shi Feng smiled. With this, he would finally have enough money for his training center.

At the same time as Shi Feng and Frey reached an agreement, Mad Blade and Moving Mountain also overheard their conversation, and they couldn’t help but be incensed by what they heard. Shi Feng’s behavior clearly showed that he thought nothing of them!

Moreover, rather than a business talk, it looked more like Shi Feng and Frey were flirting!

“Good! Very good! I want to see how long you can stay arrogant, kid!”

Mad Blade was both angry and amused by Shi Feng’s behavior. Immediately, he charged toward Shi Feng with his greatsword stirring up a storm.

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