Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3397

Chapter 471 – The Zenith of Techniques

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four experts on Mad Blade’s caliber


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five experts on Mad Blade’s caliber

“Is this the Holy Race’s strength?”

“Didn’t our reports say they only have thirty Bronze Holy Art users?”

“Dammit! These bastards have been hiding their strength! How are we supposed to contest for the loot now?!”

The human players present were greatly shocked when they saw the composition of the Holy Race team charging Frey’s team.

Saint-ranked experts were extremely rare in the Greater God’s Domain. Even among the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers, Saints would be put into core executive positions at the very minimum.

Of the human powers present, even if the seventeen Guilds and four conglomerates joined forces, they wouldn’t have more than twenty Saints. Yet, now, it was revealed that the Holy Race’s powers had over 50 Saint-ranked experts…

With such a huge disparity in numbers, many of the human players present couldn’t help but suspect whether they could even get any of the items dropped by Frey’s team.

“Lord Moro, the Holy Race’s strength…” After looking at the 50-plus Holy Race experts charging Frey’s team, Desert Web couldn’t help but turn to Moro worriedly. “Hasn’t it exceeded our expectations by too much?”

According to their investigation, the Holy Race’s two powers should, at most, have thirty experts who rivaled human Saints. They had also prepared to assist Frey’s team escape under this assumption. Now that it was revealed that there were more than fifty Saint-ranked experts on the Holy Race’s side, if they proceeded with their plan to help Frey’s team escape, not only was there a high risk of their plan failing, but they would also risk getting themselves killed.

At this time, Moro’s complexion had turned incredibly gloomy.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Originally, he thought he could safely play the role of the oriole. Yet, the mantis he was looking to prey on turned out to be a lion. If he insisted on third-partying in this situation, he and his team were bound to face certain death.

After a quick deliberation, Moro hurriedly said to Desert Web, “Contact Moving Mountain. Tell him I have a way for us to secure the Courtyard of Space’s loot, but I want half of it!”

“Understood!” Hearing Moro’s command, Desert Web hurriedly ran over to Moving Mountain.

While Desert Web was rushing toward Moving Mountain, Frey, who was originally filled with the hope of escaping, revealed a bitter smile.

“It seems you won’t get to earn that 200 million, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Frey jokingly said to Shi Feng. “Instead of the entire team, I hope you can safely get Crest out. I will pay you 50 million Star Coins if you succeed.”

Frey did not hold any hopes of her escaping safely since she knew she was everyone’s primary target. However, it might be possible for Crest to escape since nobody was paying any particular attention to him.

When Unrestrained Lionheart overheard Frey’s words, he promptly instructed everyone in the team to provide cover for Crest’s escape. Likewise, he, too, understood that there was no way for their team to escape from this place in one piece.

It should be known that the Holy Race’s powers had five experts on Mad Blade’s caliber. Meanwhile, three were enough to keep Shi Feng’s War Goddesses distracted, while the remaining two could keep Frey pinned. Without Frey and the six War Goddesses, the Holy Race’s remaining 50-plus Saint-ranked experts could easily slaughter the rest of their team.

“Don’t worry, Miss Frey. I will collect those 200 million Star Coins from you,” Shi Feng calmly said with a smile. “I will open a path afterward, so try to keep up as much as possible.”

“You will open a path?” When Frey heard Shi Feng’s words, she couldn’t help but switch her gaze between Shi Feng and the 50-plus Holy Race experts in confusion, thinking that Shi Feng must be joking with her.

This was an encirclement formed by more than fifty Saint-ranked experts they were talking about. In a situation where less than 300 yards separated both sides, their team’s chances of breaking through the encirclement were practically zero. Even if they tried to break through from one specific direction, they would have to face a minimum of twenty Saint-ranked experts and three Holy Race experts of Mad Blade’s caliber.


However, Shi Feng did not give Frey and the others any time to think. Immediately, he charged forward in the direction of the Corrosion Mountain Range’s exit.

Seeing this, Frey gritted her teeth and signaled Unrestrained Lionheart and the others with her eyes. Then, everyone quickly followed Shi Feng.

Do they want to go down fighting? When Bate saw the actions of Frey’s team, he looked toward the four male Holy Race players nearby and said, “Deathclaw, Heavy Fist, you four gather at my location! We’ll eliminate them in one fell swoop!”


Had Frey’s team chosen to split up and try to break through from multiple directions, he would have had to split his forces to prevent anyone from slipping through. However, now that Frey had chosen to concentrate her team’s strength, he could gather the four other experts capable of using Silver Holy Arts, and the five of them could work together.

“Got it!”

The four Holy Race men with presences as powerful as Mad Blade nodded and quickly congregated at Bate’s location.

Although Shi Feng and the others moved very quickly, the Holy Race experts who had mastered Silver Holy Arts were even quicker. Before Shi Feng and the others could get within 50 yards of the encirclement, Bate and the others had already grouped up.

“You four take care of that summoner! I’ll take care of the woman!” Bate said as he swept his gaze across the War Goddesses. He did not intend to take any risks. Since the six War Goddesses were summoned creatures, they would disappear if their summoner died. In that case, killing Shi Feng would be the most efficient way to eliminate them.

Upon hearing Bate’s arrangement, Deathclaw and the others charged at Shi Feng without hesitation, their bodies vanishing on the spot.

As experts capable of using Silver Holy Arts, they benefited much more from their Holy Aura than other Holy Race experts. As a result, they could move even faster than Mad Blade when they got serious.

So fast! Frey was greatly shocked when she saw Deathclaw and the others disappearing from her sight.

Even though her attention was on Deathclaw and the others this entire time, they moved so quickly that she only managed to catch a glimpse of their advance. As for everyone else on her team, they probably didn’t even catch a glimpse.

When Unrestrained Lionheart saw Deathclaw’s group disappearing, he promptly shouted, “Black Flame, dodge!”

Although Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t keep up with the speed of Deathclaw’s group, even a fool could tell that the four experts were targeting Shi Feng. Unfortunately, apart from shouting a reminder, there was nothing else he could do to help Shi Feng.

It might be the smartest decision for you to target me, but it’s a pity you have no idea what you are facing, Shi Feng thought, smiling when he saw Deathclaw’s group disappearing.

Heroic Pledge!

With just a thought from Shi Feng, one of the God Crystals in Shi Feng’s bag space merged with the Feather of Oath.

Immediately, a ripple of power spread across the entire battlefield, causing everyone present to shudder involuntarily. Meanwhile, the origin of this ripple was a spear-wielding War Goddess.

“Something’s not right! Retreat!” Bate shouted at Deathclaw and the others through the team chat. Although he had no idea what had suddenly changed, his instincts warned him of grave danger.

Deathclaw and others also instinctively felt something was amiss, the alarm bells in their minds blaring at full volume. Without a second thought, they promptly fled in the direction they came from.

However, the instant Deathclaw and the others began to retreat, a spear-wielding woman exuding a sacred aura suddenly appeared in their path. Then, this woman split into four identical copies of herself and executed three attacks against them. Although they had tried to defend themselves against the spear-wielding woman…

The first attack tore down their defenses, the second attack pierced their bodies, and the third attack disintegrated their bodies!

The three attacks happened slowly in the perception of the players nearby. However, in reality, the entire process happened in an instant, and those watching from afar only saw a bright flash enveloping Deathclaw’s group. Then, when the flash faded, only a spear-wielding War Goddess could be seen standing where Deathclaw’s group originally stood, the woman radiating an aura that caused even the Tier 4 players to stand over a thousand yards away to tremble in fear.

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