Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3398

Chapter 472 – Becoming a Legend In One Battle

“They died?”

“Aren’t those four supposed to be able to use Silver Holy Arts?”

“Can someone tell me what just happened?”

Upon seeing Deathclaw’s group of four getting killed, the human players spectating from a distance were immediately dumbfounded.


Many of the human players present had conducted an investigation into the Holy Race, so they knew that Holy Race experts capable of using Silver Holy Arts could rival experts such as Mad Blade.

Previously, when Mad Blade died, everyone could still see how it happened. However, none of them managed to see how Deathclaw’s group died. All they saw was a bright flash. Then, the four experts were gone…



Bate found this situation even more unbelievable than the spectating human players. Even though he had clearly seen how Deathclaw’s group died, his mind still couldn’t accept this situation.

Experts capable of using Silver Holy Arts were top-tier existences even among the Holy Race’s experts. If Deathclaw’s group of four worked together, they could even hold their ground against a Tier 6 Holy God.

Yet, now, they failed to last even one move against a human NPC?

At this time, Frey and the others standing behind Shi Feng were likewise astonished by this development.

“Are Tier 4 War Goddesses supposed to be this strong?” Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but doubt his knowledge of God’s Domain as he looked at the spear-wielding War Goddess.

“No, that’s not right!” Seemingly noticing something, Frey promptly used an Identification Skill on the spear-wielding War Goddess. Then, she exclaimed, “Tier 5! She’s a Tier 5 War Goddess!”

“Tier 5?” Unrestrained Lionheart also hurriedly used his Identification Skill when he heard Frey’s claim. Then, with a look of disbelief, he exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”

Apart from Frey and Unrestrained Lionheart, those who had noticed that the spear-wielding War Goddess had risen to Tier 5 were also shocked by this development, and they couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in confusion.

“A Tier 5 War Goddess! How can he command a Tier 5 War Goddess?! Is he an NPC?!”

“Heavens! I must be dreaming!”

“Who is that Black Flame?”

Holy Race players might be unfamiliar with the existence of War Goddesses, but it was a different story for human players. It was especially so for the human experts present.

War Goddesses were existences that rivaled Dragons of the same tier!

For many of the Tier 5 experts present, a Tier 4 War Goddess might not be too big of a threat. However, if they had to go up against a Tier 5 War Goddess, that’d be no different than knocking on death’s door.

For players, a War Goddess of the same tier was essentially unbeatable. Unless, of course, a player had mastered a complete set of Gold Combat Techniques or were fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment. This was because a War Goddess had mastered the art of combat to the extremes, and every one of her moves was basically a Gold Combat Technique.

If the many Tier 5 experts present worked together, it would still be possible for them to survive a fight against a Tier 5 Dragon. They would even have hope of slaying it. However, if they had to fight a Tier 5 War Goddess, they would have zero chances of winning. All they could do was wait for death to claim them.

In the current Eternal Realm, a Tier 5 War Goddesses was absolutely invincible among players. Logically, it shouldn’t be possible for current players to wield such strength in the Eternal Realm.

Meanwhile, after a moment of silence, Shi Feng and the others quickly exited the basin with the help of the Tier 5 War Goddess’s frightening deterrence. Throughout this process, neither the human players nor the Holy Race players present dared to get close to Shi Feng and the others. Everyone simply stood aside and watched as the team left.

Even Bate, who commanded the two Holy Race powers, took the initiative to step aside, not daring to show any hostilities against Shi Feng’s team.

While Bate was confident he could survive against even a Tier 5 Dragon for some time, he did not think he could last even a moment against the Tier 5 War Goddess.

A Tier 5 Dragon might have vastly superior Basic Attributes than he did, but so long as he didn’t try to block any of the dragon’s attacks and relied only on evasion, he’d be able to hold out for quite some time. However, the Tier 5 War Goddess not only possessed greater Basic Attributes than him, but she also had an overwhelming advantage in technique standards. He simply stood no chance against such an existence.

When Shi Feng and the others finally disappeared from the basin, the players in front of the Courtyard of Space’s teleportation gate sighed in relief.

“I’m afraid we will have a hard time explaining ourselves to the Grand Elders now, Lord Moro…” Desert Web said, his mind at a loss on what to do when he saw Frey’s team disappearing.

Moro had borrowed many experts from the Red Dragon Nation’s Grand Elders for the sake of securing the Courtyard of Space’s loot. Yet, now, he had failed to obtain anything. There was no way the Grand Elders would spare him easily for wasting their subordinates’ precious development time.

Meanwhile, Parker was filled with regrets when he saw Frey’s team successfully escaping.

He would have been the number one expert working under Frey if he had chosen to stay with Frey. With the loot Frey obtained from the World Mode Courtyard of Space, she could significantly elevate her position in the Red Dragon Nation. At the same time, he could almost certainly become an Elder of the pseudo-apex power, and he wouldn’t have to bend his knees to the likes of Moro.

“Black Flame, is it?” As if he did not hear any of Desert Web’s words, Moro glared at the place where Shi Feng disappeared with eyes full of hatred. “A minor character like you with no background dares to foil my plans? I will let you know how foolish of a decision you’ve made for helping Frey today!”

“Are you thinking of reporting Black Flame’s information to the Grand Elders, Lord Moro?” Desert Web asked, a thought suddenly coming to his head when he heard Moro’s words.

“That’s right!” Moro sneered. “The Grand Elders want an explanation? In that case, Black Flame is the best explanation! Despite having no background, he has the ability to summon a Tier 5 War Goddess. Moreover, this ability likely came from the Courtyard of Space. Yet, Frey has given it to Black Flame instead of the Guild. What do you think the Grand Elders will think about this?”

Realization dawned on Desert Web when he heard Moro’s words.

It was true that Black Flame had created a legend today in the Corrosion Mountain Range. However, a treasure that could be used to summon War Goddesses wasn’t something a minor character with no background could obtain. The only explanation was that Black Flame had acquired it from the Courtyard of Space.

Logically, Frey should have contributed this treasure to the Guild. Yet, she had given it to an outsider. If the Guild’s Grand Elders were to learn of this, they would definitely be greatly dissatisfied.

Subsequently, Desert Web followed Moro’s instructions and conveyed everything that happened in the Corrosion Mountain Range to the Red Dragon Nation’s Grand Elders, making sure to put emphasis on the War Goddesses. He also spread this information to other powers.

For a time, news of Black Flame creating a legend with the help of a Tier 5 War Goddess quickly spread across the Eternal Realm, causing countless players to feel shocked and envious.

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