Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3399

Chapter 473 – Level 6 Mana

In the primeval forest outside the Corrosion Mountain Range…

“Will you really not consider joining us at White Sail Town, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Frey asked with a look of concern. “By now, news of you having the ability to summon a Tier 5 War Goddess should have spread. You will be on your own if you continue developing in Pharos Town. Even if you can summon a Tier 5 War Goddess, you can’t have her summoned by your side all the time.

“I strongly suggest you move to White Sail Town. My forces are operating from there, and the town is also situated close to the Blood Hell Mountain Range. We can offer you a lot of help.”

Upon hearing Frey’s offer, Thousand Scars, Death Omen, and White Owl turned to look at Shi Feng with hopeful eyes.


Although there were some conflicts and hostility between them and Shi Feng in the past, they were currently under orders by Nameless Blade to join Zero Wing. Shi Feng’s performance in the Courtyard of Space also allowed them to see just how powerful of an expert he was.

As it so happened, the three of them were using White Sail Town as their base of operations. So, if Shi Feng moved his base of operations to White Sail Town, not only could they have a greater chance at fulfilling Nameless Blade’s mission, but they could also hopefully learn a thing or two from Shi Feng.

However, Shi Feng shook his head in response to Frey’s offer, saying, “Thank you for the offer, Miss Frey, but I have already spread my roots too deeply into Pharos Town. I also have many ongoing affairs in Pharos Town. I can no longer afford to move my operations to other towns.”

There were many opportunities available in the Eternal Realm, especially during the early exploration stage. Of these opportunities, a major one would be transportation.

Because of the Eternal Realm’s restrictions, players couldn’t use any Land Mounts for travel. They could only rely on their feet or Flying Mounts at the Extraordinary rank or higher. And even if players had an Extraordinary Flying Mount, they could only use it for roughly four hours a day. This greatly restricted players’ ability to develop rapidly in the Eternal Realm.

However, Flying Mounts weren’t the only mode of transport available to players during the Eternal Realm’s early stages.


Sky Ships!

Sky Ships were flying vehicles that traveled between the Eternal Realm’s various NPC Cities and NPC Fortresses. Even after the early exploration stage ended, Sky Ships remained the primary mode of transport for players to travel and transport cargo across great distances.

Hence, any NPC City or NPC Fortress that had an airport was highly coveted by players and powers, their lands being worth their weight in gold.

Currently, access to the Eternal Realm’s NPC Cities remained closed off to players, but access to NPC Fortresses was already open. The only problem was that these NPC Fortresses were situated in dangerous high-leveled maps, and these were not players that current players could casually set foot into.

Fortunately, Shi Feng knew of a Medium NPC Fortress situated nearby Pharos Town.

The Lightless Fortress!

In addition to being an NPC Fortress situated near Pharos Town, the Lightless Fortress was also the only safe haven situated on the path leading to the Level 160 World-ranked Regional Map, the Hundred Eyes Canyon. Meanwhile, the Hundred Eyes Canyon was a place where Secret Treasures dropped.

During Shi Feng’s previous life, even upper-ranking hegemonic powers were erased from existence amidst the struggle for hegemony over Hundred Eyes Canyon. As for the Lightless Fortress, the value of its lands had skyrocketed thousands of times. Players could make a fortune simply by renting out the fortress’s lands.

Before the Courtyard of Space raid, Shi Feng was only a Tier 4 Sword Emperor with hardly any money to his name. Even if he had the Mutated Frostflame Dragon to aid him, he still didn’t have any ideas on how he could afford the Lightless Fortress’s lands.

However, not only did he have 20 Eternal Gold Coins on hand now, but he also obtained the Divine Spatial Potion. With the potion, he could attempt ascending to Tier 5. So long as he could successfully create a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body and get promoted into a Tier 5 Sword Saint, he could try to reach the Lightless Fortress.

“Can’t you at least humor me and consider my offer for a moment?” Frey shook her head and sighed when she saw Shi Feng rejecting her offer without hesitation. “Fine, suit yourself. I will have someone transfer the 200 million Star Coins I promised to your account soon. If you come into any trouble in the future, feel free to find me at White Sail Town. So long as it’s not trouble on today’s scale, I can more or less give you some help.”

“I will have to thank you in advance then, Miss Frey,” Shi Feng said, finding Frey’s offer surprising. He didn’t think the woman would be so generous.

Subsequently, Shi Feng parted ways with Frey’s team and returned to Pharos Town with Desolate Fury’s group of three.

Pharos Town, Alchemist Association’s VIP room:

While Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja had left for the town’s training center to study the Flowing Space combat technique, Shi Feng paid a visit to the Alchemy Association to collect the Earthen Magic Flowers he had commissioned the Association to purchase.

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the NPC receptionist before him taking out bag after bag of Earthen Magic Flowers.

In less than two days, all of the money he had left with the Alchemy Association was used up, and he ended up with over 40,000 Earthen Magic Flowers. Because of his actions, though, many other players had also started purchasing Earthen Magic Flowers, while some were stalking the players purchasing these flowers. Evidently, all of these players suspected that there might be some great use for these flowers.

However, Shi Feng did not mind this situation. With the Sacred Phantom Ring’s disguise, most players would have no way of tracking him, let alone finding out the true purpose of the Earthen Magic Flowers.

After Shi Feng placed another commission to purchase Earthen Magic Flowers and put in a deposit of one Eternal Gold, he quickly returned to the Collet Hotel.

Inside an advanced suite on the Collet Hotel’s third floor…

Divine Spatial Potion, don’t disappoint me! Shi Feng mentally prayed as he took out a bottle made of Seven Luminaries Crystal from his bag.

Theoretically, the Divine Spatial Potion could forcibly increase a player’s affinity with their power system by one level. However, whether it could actually raise his Mana Affinity to Level 6 was uncertain. After all, he had only ever heard about the Divine Spatial Potion. Never had he used it before.

Meanwhile, in the Greater God’s Domain, individuals with Level 5 Mana Affinity were already as rare as a phoenix’s feather. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that anyone who had reached this standard would be a Great Grandmaster Magician or higher.

As for the rumored Level 6 Mana Affinity, he had never heard of anyone reaching it during his previous life.

Currently, it was necessary for him to create a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body if he wanted to reach Tier 5 without failing his Legendary Quest. However, if he followed the orthodox way of improving his mastery over magic arrays, it would take him a long time before he could achieve any significant improvements. If he wanted to do so quickly, his only option would be to improve his Mana Affinity.

After calming his anxious heart, Shi Feng removed the lid on the Divine Spatial Potion and consumed the bright red liquid in the bottle.


As soon as the bright red liquid flowed into his stomach, Shi Feng felt an indescribable sense of heat spreading across his entire body. Immediately afterward, he felt as if the mana within his body was set ablaze.


His mana had become incomparably violent!

Even with his bountiful combat experience, Shi Feng still nearly lost consciousness due to the scorching pain coming from all over his body.

After Shi Feng endured this pain for more than ten minutes, the pain finally subsided. Then, peace returned to his world.

“Is this…what Level 6 Mana feels like?”

When Shi Feng looked at the slightly messy room around him, it was as if the world around him was laid bare before him. At this time, no secrets could hide from his senses.

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