Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3400

Chapter 474 – Legendary Mana Body

Collet Hotel, third-floor advanced suite:

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Shi Feng continuously waved his fingers across the space before him, his actions causing the room’s environment to change from normal to scorching hot to freezing cold and to windy as F*ck. It was as if he had become the room’s absolute overlord, and he could change the space’s environment however he wanted.

Shi Feng continued this experimentation for several minutes before finally stopping, excitement and joy coloring his eyes.

Incredible! The benefits of having Level 6 Mana Affinity are simply incredible!


Shi Feng was greatly shocked by the effects of having Level 6 Mana Affinity.

At this moment, no secrets could hide from his eyes, and it was as if the doors to a new world had opened for him.

The veil that previously obscured his view of the magic elements and their operations had vanished, and he could now see everything with perfect clarity. He didn’t even need to use his eyes to perceive the magic elements around him anymore.

However, even more surprising was that his control over the magic elements had undergone a qualitative transformation.

Normally, he would need to use his own mana to drive the magic elements of the world around him. However, he no longer needed to do that. Now, he could manipulate the magic elements within a 300-yard radius with just his thoughts. He could even use this method to make the magic elements operate in a unique pattern.

In other words, he could now achieve World Creation with just a thought.

It should be known that only a very small portion of Tier 5 NPCs could achieve World Creation. Moreover, most, if not all, of them needed to use their mana to guide the magic elements around them.

Yet, Shi Feng did not need to do so. With just a thought, he could make the mana within a 300-yard radius move only for him, essentially creating an independent world around himself. This was simply incredible.

His control became even greater when it came to the magic elements within a 50-yard radius. Within a 50-yard radius, he couldn’t simply manipulate them as if they were his own. They were his own. It was as if his body had expanded to cover a 50-yard radius, and the degree of control he could exert over this space was vastly greater than what he could achieve with World Creation.

World Creation only allowed him to change the operating rules of the magic elements around him, thereby achieving a suppressing effect on his opponents. But now, within a 50-yard radius, he couldn’t simply suppress his opponents’ ability to use external mana. Instead, he had absolute control over the magic elements, and he could use this absolute control to completely deprive his opponents’ ability to use external mana.

Not only that, but he could also have the ambient magic elements invade his opponents’ bodies, forcing them to use a portion of their mana to defend against these invading magic elements. And if his opponents chose not to defend, they would die once enough magic elements invaded their bodies. It was similar to the corrosion effect of the mysterious energy in God’s Domain.

At this time, Shi Feng doubted that anyone under the realm of Saints could use even a shred of their mana once they entered within 50 yards of him. If he didn’t permit them to use mana, they would most likely have to fight him using only their physical bodies.

I wonder how many Mana Gathering Arrays I can manipulate with my current level of mana control?

When Shi Feng looked at the surrounding mana flowing under his will, he couldn’t help but start constructing Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays.

Previously, when his Mana Affinity was only at Level 5, he could manipulate up to 64 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays simultaneously.


If other Great Grandmaster Magicians were to learn of it, they would definitely be given a fright. This was because the average Great Grandmaster Magician could only manipulate around 30 Great Grandmaster Arrays simultaneously, while stronger ones could manipulate around 40. With the ability to manipulate 64 Great Grandmaster Arrays, Shi Feng could already single-handedly operate a small-sized Great Grandmaster Barrier to trap a Tier 6 Legendary monster.

Unfortunately, even the ability to manipulate 64 Great Grandmaster Arrays wasn’t enough for Shi Feng to construct a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body.

Subsequently, Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays could be seen appearing around Shi Feng one after another.

10… 20… 30…

As if manipulating these Mana Gathering Arrays was no trouble at all for Shi Feng, their numbers rapidly increased.

In no time, Shi Feng had already created over a hundred Mana Gathering Arrays, and he could control all of them simultaneously. This result was vastly better than what he achieved when he only had Level 5 Mana Affinity.

I’m already at 122 Mana Gathering Arrays, but why does it feel like I’m only manipulating 40? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he felt how little strain from manipulating 122 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays. At this rate, even manipulating 180 Mana Gathering Arrays shouldn’t be a problem!

It should be known that 180 Great Grandmaster Arrays were enough to form a medium-sized Great Grandmaster Barrier. Meanwhile, such a barrier could kill a Tier 6 expert easily. In fact, many of the fortresses situated in the Void Sea were only using defensive barriers of such standard.

130… 150… 160…

As Shi Feng thought, he only reached his limit after creating his 188th Mana Gathering Array.

Looking at the 188 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays in the room, Shi Feng breathed a deep sigh of relief. Then, he began constructing his Mana Body.

Now that the number of Mana Gathering Arrays he could manipulate had drastically increased, he obviously could not use the same structure he used on his last attempt at creating a Tier 5 Mana Body.

Fortunately, Shi Feng developed many Mana Body structures during his time on the Hundred Refinement Building’s second floor. Among them were structures using over a hundred Mana Gathering Arrays. It was just that he couldn’t use these structures since he had limited mana control at the time.

Now, though, he could put those structures to use. Although he didn’t plan those structures to house as many as 188 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays, he should be able to put them to use so long as he made some minor modifications.

Time passed rapidly. After trying various modifications for more than ten hours, Shi Feng finally reached his ideal Mana Body structure.

It’s make or break now!

After taking one last look at his completed Mana Body structure, Shi Feng began guiding mana to activate it.

As he had a Tier 3 Legendary Mana Body, the strength of the Tier 5 Mana Body he created needed to reach 270% of his Tier 3 Mana Body. Previously, even with the help of the Hundred Refinement Building’s second-floor environment, he only managed to reach 255%, and increasing it by even 1% more was a huge challenge.

Currently, although Shi Feng had increased the number of Mana Gathering Arrays he could manipulate by nearly threefold, he still wasn’t particularly confident in creating a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body. After all, he had never even heard about Tier 5 Legendary Mana Bodies existing.

Subsequently, the Mana Gathering Arrays in the Mana Body structure activated one after another. At the same time, like a whale drawing water from its surroundings, the Mana Body structure instantly sucked away all of the mana in the room. Once the room became devoid of mana, the Mana Body structure even began to draw mana from the void.

After this process continued for roughly ten minutes, the sound of a system notification rang loudly in the depths of Shi Feng’s mind.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully constructed a new Mana Body. The constructed Mana Body’s strength is at 291% of your current Mana Body and has reached the Tier 5 standard. The created Mana Body is evaluated to be at the Advanced Legendary rank. Do you wish to replace your current Mana Body with it and get promoted to Tier 5?

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