Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3404

Chapter 478 – Luminous Glory List’s Powerhouse?

“Vice President Xia, you don’t have to worry about the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s test, even if that person doesn’t show up,” the short-haired young man standing next to Xia Qingying said. The young man was an Elementalist wielding a staff made of withered wood, and he wore a calm look as he leaned against the city wall. “I alone am enough to pass the test for you. You won’t need any other foreign aid.”

The other woman in the group was a long-haired beauty clad in silver heavy armor with a sword and shield on her back. When the woman heard the Elementalist’s words, she glanced at the other party before turning to Xia Qingying and indifferently saying, “Vice President Xia, regardless of whether your other foreign aid arrives, according to our agreement, so long as I pass the test, you will need to hand that item to me.”

“Naturally,” Xia Qingying answered, her mood growing complicated as she looked at the man and the woman before her.

The short-haired young man was Invincible Swallow, a peerless paragon the Green God Corporation had nurtured from childhood. He was a Tier 6 Mage God who could cast Spells as easily as he spoke. Even before reaching Tier 6, he was a paragon capable of transcending tiers and killing the various powers’ paragons as if slaughtering livestock.


Currently, Invincible Swallow’s status in the Green God Corporation had already risen to a point where only the corporation’s directors and above could command him.

As for the beautiful Shield Warrior standing next to Invincible Swallow, her name was Xuanwu Chisa. Her existence was akin to a legend in the God’s Domain under the Green God Corporation’s control. She had played a leading role in the establishment of a powerful empire, and all native players knew her as the Iron Valkyrie.

Once, in the Greater God’s Domain, Xuanwu Chisa had destroyed a fortress owned by an upper-ranking hegemonic power in the Void Sea. Unfortunately, as she wanted to avoid retaliation from the upper-ranking hegemonic power in question, she chose to hide her identity. So, very few people knew about her achievement.

Just as Xia Qingying finished speaking, a low voice entered her ears.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Vice President Xia.”

Following this voice, a cloaked Swordsman with somewhat messy hair approached the trio.

“You truly are a busy person, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Xia Qingying said when she saw Shi Feng. Had Shi Feng been a few more minutes late, he would have missed the start of the test. However, despite her complaint, Xia Qingying still felt joy and relief to see Shi Feng show up. “Let’s hurry inside. We’re going to miss the test if we don’t enter the city soon.”

At Xia Qingying’s words, Invincible Swallow and Xuanwu Chisa simultaneously turned their heads to scrutinize Shi Feng.

According to the original plan, they were supposed to participate in the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s test as a group with Xia Qingying. However, when the time for the test was fast approaching, Xia Qingying suddenly decided to have someone else take the test in her place, and this person was none other than the cloaked Swordsman currently standing before them.

Not much needed to be said regarding Xia Qingying’s strength. Not only was she a vice president of the Green God Corporation, but she had also spent quite some time operating in the Greater God’s Domain already. Thanks to the plentiful resources and opportunities she had access to, she was now one of the few fifth-floor experts in the Greater God’s Domain.

For this reason, both Invincible Swallow and Xuanwu Chisa wholeheartedly acknowledged Xia Qingying’s strength. Although the two of them were stronger than her in combat, because of her age and identity, they still regarded her as their equal, which was why they found it very surprising that Xia Qingying would let someone else take the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s test in her place.

“Black Flame?” Invincible Swallow suddenly thought of something when he heard the form of address Xia Qingying used for Shi Feng. “The Luminous Glory List’s 963rd-ranked Asura Sword Emperor?”

“So, you are the rising star of our God’s Domain’s new generation.” Xuanwu Chisa also came to a realization as she looked at Shi Feng.

Although a 963rd-ranked Luminous Glory expert was nothing in front of them, Xia Qingying was known for cherishing talents in the Green God Corporation. So, it made sense for Xia Qingying to relinquish her position in the upcoming test to allow their homeworld’s rising star an opporunity to experience the Greater God’s Domain’s grander stage.

After all, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s test could be regarded as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If luck was on this rising star’s side, he might be able to achieve significant growth from this experience.

“Yes, that’s me.” Shi Feng smiled and nodded. Both Invincible Swallow and Xuanwu Chisa could be considered old acquaintances to him. Though, neither of them knew him in this life.

“Alright, that’s enough talking. We don’t have much time left. You three can get acquainted after we enter the city and register for the test,” Xia Qingying said, feeling a little exasperated when she saw the three people before her beginning to introduce themselves to one another. Immediately, she led the trio to the city gate.

Upon arriving at the gate, Xia Qingying presented her invitation token, which she had received from an Elder of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce, to the captain of the gatekeepers.

“I’m sorry, but I will need you to wait here for a bit, Vice President Xia. Administrator Wu just received news that a VIP will soon be arriving in the city for the upcoming test, so he has registered the VIP in advance. Once the VIP has arrived and gets verified, we will begin your registration,” the gatekeeper captain nonchalantly said.

“Early registration?” Xia Qingying’s expression darkened as she looked at the gatekeeper captain. “Dark Star’s registration has always required a personal appearance. The person in question hasn’t even shown up yet, and you’re making us wait here.”

“Don’t be angry, Vice President Xia. We’ve already completed the registration procedures for the VIP, so you only need to wait a few more minutes,” the gatekeeper captain said without a shred of guilt. “Moreover, the other party is one of the Luminous Glory List’s top ten powerhouses. He is most likely to gain advanced membership in the test this time. He isn’t someone we can afford to offend.”

“A few more minutes?!” Xia Qingying immediately grew furious. “You know as well as I do that the test is going to start in a few minutes! How are we supposed to participate in the test if we wait until he is done registering?!”

“Girl, you sure have a hot temper. I’m just a little late to arrive. Is there a need to get so heated up?”

Suddenly, a sarcastic voice came from afar. Then, a young man could be seen approaching the gate. Although the young man’s actual tier in God’s Domain was only Tier 4, the aura he exuded caused many of the experts present to subconsciously step away from him.

“Crap! Isn’t he Solitary Madness?!”

“Sure enough, he is incredible! Even though I’m a Tier 6 player in God’s Domain, my heart still shudders in his presence.”

When the crowd lining up outside the city gate saw the Berserker youth, they quickly recognized him and opened a path for him.

“You’re finally here, Lord Madness! Please, head inside!” When the gatekeeper captain saw the approaching young man, he promptly walked over to welcome the other party with a big smile.


Xia Qingying’s anger surged even higher when she saw the gatekeeper captain ignoring her group. However, just as she was about to give the gatekeeper captain a piece of her mind, a pitch-black sword light suddenly flashed by her side, cutting out a spatial tear that extended over a thousand yards.

The spatial tear disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. However, when everyone present saw the aftermath of the sudden attack, they couldn’t help but fall silent.

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