Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3405

Chapter 479 – Sanctuary’s Inhabitant

“What just happened?”

“What an incredible strike! I can’t believe he actually killed that Solitary Madness!”

“This is crazy! That guy must be insane to take action on Dark Star! Is he not afraid of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce?”

Shortly after the pitch-black sword light disappeared, many of the players present turned to look at its origin with eyes full of shock and fear. After all, whoever had just killed Solitary Madness had done so in one move.

It should be known that even the minimum requirement for players to get into the Luminous Glory List was to be at the fifth-floor standard. Naturally, those capable of ranking among the list’s top ten were the best of the best among Tier 4 experts.

Although players would have their Basic Attributes and Physique fixed at the Level 120, Tier 4 standard when staying on Dark Star, which prevented them from exhibiting their full strength, it still wasn’t an easy task to kill a fifth-floor expert, much less an expert of Solitary Madness’s caliber. With Solitary Madness’s perception of danger, very few attacks could overwhelm his defensive and evasive capabilities.

More importantly, Dark Star was a trade hub created by the Eternal Chamber of Commerce. Taking action here was no different than slapping the apex power in the face.

“Now that the person you want to register is gone, can we begin our registration now?” Shi Feng calmly asked as he looked at the gatekeeper captain.

“You?!” The gatekeeper captain wore an incredibly ugly expression as he looked at Shi Feng.

A Saint?! Meanwhile, Xia Qingying couldn’t help but turn to look at Shi Feng in shock. She never imagined that not only would Shi Feng dare to attack Solitary Madness, but he would also kill Solitary Madness in one move.

Xia Qingying had long known that the man known as Black Flame was very strong and was suspected of having even mastered a Saint-ranked Mana Technique. She was certain that his strength was beyond the information published by the Seven Luminaries Alliance. This was also why she had invited him as a helper.


She never thought he would be this strong!

“You sure are quick to make a move!” Invincible Swallow said to Shi Feng, laughing when he recalled the attack Shi Feng had just executed. “You are indeed qualified to be a helper if you can kill Solitary Madness in one move.”

“What a busybody!” After glancing at Shi Feng, Xuanwu Chisha looked away in dissatisfaction as she returned the sword and shield wielded to her back.

Although Invincible Swallow and Xuanwu Chisha had varying reactions, it was clear to anyone with eyes that both of them supported Shi Feng’s behavior. In fact, even if Shi Feng didn’t take action against Solitary Madness, the two of them would have subsequently acted.

“Are they not afraid of angering the Eternal Chamber of Commerce?”

“You must be new to Dark Star, right? Although Eternal indeed controls Dark Star, this place is outside the city. So long as you don’t make a move inside the city, Eternal won’t care what you do.”

“That’s right. Moreover, the security personnel is obviously in violation of the rules. If they try to escalate this matter, they will be the ones to suffer instead.”

When the long-time guests of Dark Star waiting in line saw the nonchalant behavior of Xia Qingying’s group, none of them found the group’s reaction surprising. They even explained the reason for the group’s reaction to the players new to the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s Dark Star.

“Flying Scythe! Hurry up and register us! Or do you not plan on following the rules?” After snapping out of her daze, Xia Qingying looked at the time and loudly questioned the gatekeeper captain.

The average guest on Dark Star might behave respectfully to the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s gatekeepers, but she was a guest invited by one of Eternal’s Elders. Even the Chamber of Commerce’s administrators needed to show her respect. After all, such an invitation was not something money could buy. Money could only be used to purchase an entrance ticket to Dark Star.

Not to mention, should she pass the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s test and become an official partner, her status in Eternal would exceed even that of the Chamber of Commerce’s administrators. At that time, gatekeeper captains such as Flying Scythe would be obligated to greet her respectfully when they saw her.

When Flying Scythe heard Xia Qingying’s words, although his expression still looked incredibly ugly, he had no choice but to follow regulations and begin registering Xia Qingying’s group of four.

“Captain Scythe! Has our distinguished guest not arrived yet?”

Shortly after Flying Scythe finished registering Xia Qingying’s group, a short and chubby middle-aged man approached the gate from inside the city, a look of impatience on his face.

At the chubby man’s question, Flying Scythe’s expression turned even uglier. This was because the chubby man was none other than Wu Duanhen, an administrator of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce.

“The VIP you mentioned has already arrived, Administrator Wu,” Flying Scythe said in a low voice. “But he was killed before he could get verified…”

“Killed?!” Wu Duanhen immediately exploded into a rage when he heard Flying Scythe’s words. “Someone dares to lay their hands on my guest?!”

“Yes…” Turning to look at the distant backs of Xia Qingying’s group, Flying Scythe explained, “Vice President Xia’s group did it. They were in a hurry to enter the city, so they killed Solitary Madness since he was taking up their time.”

“Xia Qingying?!” Wu Duanhen’s face darkened as he turned to look at Xia Qingying’s distant figure. “She killed my distinguished guest simply because she couldn’t wait a moment longer?! Does she really think I can’t touch her because she has an Elder backing her?!”

“Administrator Wu, don’t forget that the one backing Xia Qingying is that Elder,” Flying Scythe quickly reminded Wu Duanhen when he heard the chubby man’s words. “If you try to lay your hands on her, both of us will suffer!”

“So what if that Elder is backing her?” Wu Duanhen sneered. “The person Xia Qingying offended this time isn’t just Solitary Madness but also that distinguished guest from one of the Twelve Sanctuaries! Not even that Elder can save her this time!”

“You mean that distinguished guest?” Flying Scythe’s eyes brightened.

The distinguished guest in question was a peerless paragon originating from one of the Twelve Sanctuaries. For the sake of recruiting him, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, a pseudo-apex power, had even promised him a Vice Guild Leader position. Besides that, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s executives had also prepared an additional advanced membership slot in the upcoming test specifically for him.

The reason for this was simple. The Greater God’s Domain’s Twelve Sanctuaries would rarely initiate contact with other Realms. As a result, even apex powers would have difficulty extending their roots deep into the Twelve Sanctuaries. As for weaker powers, it would be even more difficult for them to do so.

Normally, the various powers would try to befriend and recruit native paragons to better enter the Twelve Sanctuaries. It was especially so for peerless paragons. This was because every peerless paragon was bound to have an extraordinary origin. Meanwhile, even an apex power like the Eternal Chamber of Commerce could stand to benefit a lot from partnering with such an individual.

“Xia Qingying has been taking advantage of the fact that she has that Elder’s backing to disrespect me time and again. Now that she has made such a blunder, I’m going to let her know the consequences of offending me!” Wu Duanhen declared smugly as he looked at Xia Qingying’s distant figure.

The distinguished guest in question had specifically invited Solitary Madness to participate in the test this time because Solitary Madness was one of the Luminous Glory List’s few top ten powerhouses willing to become his follower. After all, the competition for the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Guild Leader position was intense, and securing it wouldn’t be possible without enough experts.

Now that Xia Qingying’s group had killed Solitary Madness, it was a direct slap in the face to that distinguished guest. Once the Elders hosting the upcoming test learned about this offense, they were bound to make Xia Qingying’s group pay!

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