Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3409

Chapter 483 – Legendary Mana Body’s Might

When Abyss Water unleashed his Miniature World, both the players on the battlefield and the spectators outside were shocked by the scene before them.

“Incredible! This is simply incredible! So, this is how strong the Twelve Sanctuaries’ peerless paragons are?”

“The second form of World Creation! Many Tier 6 magical class experts can’t even reach this realm, yet he managed to do it as a Tier 4 Assassin!”

“Crap! If he can use World Creation’s second form at Tier 4, isn’t he practically invincible in the finals?!”

When everyone saw the illusory world that had appeared on the battlefield, emotions of envy, admiration, and worship filled their eyes. It was especially so for the magical class experts present. They couldn’t help but wish they could burn the sight of Abyss Water’s Miniature World in the depths of their minds.

For most expert players, just achieving World Creation was already their lifelong limit. As for casting the second form, it was a technique exclusive to Saints. Even so, the supposed minimum requirement for Saints to achieve World Creation’s second form was to reach Tier 5. This was because the Mana Body of a Tier 4 player was incapable of providing enough mana to support World Creation’s second form.

Yet, at this moment, Abyss Water had cast World Creation’s second form with the stats of a Level 120, Tier 4 player. Seeing this, everyone present couldn’t help but wonder exactly how powerful Abyss Water’s Mana Body was.

Was it an Advanced Epic Mana Body?

Or could it be a Legendary Mana Body?

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Xia Qingying, Invincible Swallow, and Xuanwu Chisha quickly halted their offensive and took a defensive stance as soon as they saw Abyss Water’s Miniature World.

“Are we not going to help, Boss Paths?” the young Shield Warrior belonging to Untold Paths’ group asked when he saw Untold Paths suddenly stopping.

“Now that all of us are suppressed to the Tier 4 standard, he’s essentially invincible on this battlefield,” Untold Paths said, his eyes flashing with a trace of frustration. “Unless he dismisses his Miniature World, it won’t matter how many bodies we throw at him. All of us will die!”

Most of the players present had probably seen Miniature World, World Creation’s second form, in action a few times thus far. This might even be the first time for some players. Hence, their understanding of it would naturally be limited.

However, it was a different story for Untold Paths. As an expert on the Divine Glory List, Untold Paths had fought many opponents who were capable of casting Miniature Worlds, so he knew exactly how tricky it was to fight against an opponent like Abyss Water.

Once a player’s World Creation reached the second form, they could turn the ambient mana around them into a part of their mana, and this came with many benefits. For starters, they could also extend their attack range by a significant margin. Besides that, they could increase their maximum mana capacity. They could also improve their destructive power and Physique.

Most importantly, World Creation’s second form would have a drastically stronger mana suppression effect toward enemies. Unless the opponent could similarly use World Creation’s second form, they shouldn’t consider using any ambient mana around them once caught in a Miniature World.

When fighting someone capable of using World Creation’s second form, if one could not similarly cast a Miniature World, their only option was to fight through super-long-range attacks and turn the fight into a battle of attrition. After all, even World Creation’s first form already took a lot of mana to maintain. Needless to say, the cost of maintaining World Creation’s second form would only be even more frightening.

The problem was that everyone on Dark Star was suppressed to the Level 120, Tier 4 standard. Meanwhile, Tier 4 players had very limited ways to attack from a great distance. Not to mention, the battlefield only had limited space for players to maneuver around, and it was even shrinking as time passed. With Abyss Water’s capabilities, he could easily reach every corner of the battlefield in the blink of an eye, so it would be impossible to keep their distance from him.

As expected of Abyss Water! Even a Divine Glory expert like Untold Paths dare not get close to him!

Outside the battlefield, Wu Duanhen watched the clash between Abyss Water and Xia Qingying’s group with great excitement. Now that he had latched onto Abyss Water’s ship, the stronger Abyss Water was, the greater his position in the Eternal Chamber of Commerce would become in the future.

Meanwhile, the ability to use World Creation’s second form at Tier 4 was undoubtedly an incredible feat. Even among Eternal’s Grand Elders, most likely, only a few could replicate it.

On the battlefield, Xuanwu Chisha took a deep breath and said in a low voice through the team chat, “I have a way to push him back once and only once. As soon as it happens, use the opportunity to get out of his Miniature World!”

“Your Taboo Skill may not be enough, so let me help you,” Invincible Swallow quietly said. “I can trap him for a very brief period. Rather than knock him back, try to land a fatal blow.”

“Alright, you trap him, and I’ll finish him.” Xuanwu Chisha nodded without hesitation.

However, right after their brief conversation, Abyss Water’s figure suddenly blurred for an instant.

“Not good! That was a doppelganger!” Although Abyss Water’s figure had returned to looking solid, Xuanwu Chisha still noticed the brief change, deduced the cause for it, and promptly warned the others.

However, Xuanwu Chisha’s warning came a moment too late. Before Invincible Swallow could react, he heard Abyss Water’s voice suddenly coming from behind him.

“Did you all really think I’d be foolish enough to confront you directly and abandon an Assassin’s advantage?”

Without warning, Abyss Water had appeared behind Invincible Swallow like a ghost with two blood-red daggers held in a reverse grip. Then, he brought the weapons down onto the suppressed Tier 6 Mage God’s back. Even though Invincible Swallow’s brain was already alerted to Abyss Water’s attack, his body couldn’t keep up with the Assassin, who was empowered by his Miniature World.


A crisp metallic collision reverberated and echoed in the hearts of Invincible Swallow and Xia Qingying, who stood beside Invincible Swallow.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Abyss Water’s two blood-red daggers did not sink into Invincible Swallow’s back. Instead, they stopped three inches short of reaching the Mage God’s back, their descent hindered by a blue longsword.

“You can keep up with my speed?” Abyss Water looked at the owner of the blue longsword, surprise and disbelief in his eyes.

Aside from Abyss Water, Invincible Swallow and Xia Qingying also could not believe what they were seeing.

Setting aside whether a Tier 4 Swordsman could keep up with a Tier 4 Assassin’s speed, simply the fact that Shi Feng could match Abyss Water’s power was already mind-blowing. After all, the power Abyss Water could exert with the help of his Miniature World was not something most Tier 4 players could withstand.

Take Xuanwu Chisha, for example. Had her class not belonged to the tank category, Abyss Water would have incapacitated or killed her when she previously blocked his attack.

The combination of a tank class and a shield granted Xuanwu Chisha incredible durability. If she blocked an attack with her shield, she could mitigate 80% of the attack’s impact and reduce the damage she received to a great extent.

Not to mention, Xuanwu Chisha wasn’t just an ordinary Shield Warrior. She was also the owner of the Divine Warrior class, a unique class. When it came to tanking damage, she was significantly stronger than ordinary Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.

Yet, even under such circumstances, Xuanwu Chisha was still sent airborne and knocked several yards away. This was an indicator of the terrifying offensive power Abyss Water possessed.

In response to Abyss Water’s surprise, Shi Feng calmly said, “You’re not that fast, though?”


Abyss Water snorted and promptly tried to use his Exclusive Absolute Technique, Divine Dance. He developed the technique by combining an Offensive Absolute Technique and an Absolute Body Technique. It was his signature move, and its offensive capabilities were no different than that of a true Gold Combat Technique.

However, just as Abyss Water was about to swing his daggers, he suddenly felt a dense mana emanating from Shi Feng. Then, what happened next shocked him.

Mana! Why can’t I manipulate mana?!

TL Notes:

The “power(力量)” term I’ve used in this chapter is a representation of “Strength(力量)+other bonuses.” As World Creation/mana doesn’t directly increase the numerical value of the Strength stat, I felt that it would be inaccurate to say that so-and-so has “great Strength.”


Upper-cased “Strength” represents the “Strength stat” in God’s Domain, while lower-cased “strength” represents overall strength.

Also, 力量 – strength; power; force. The author uses 力量 for a lot of things, so I can never be sure what he is referring to unless he specifically mentions Strength Attribute(力量属性).

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