Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3413

Chapter 487 – Seven Cities, Four Towers, Three Absolutes

“The biggest auction in recent years?” Xia Qingying’s interest was piqued when she heard Yan Hua’s claim. “Are you saying there’s going to be a Fragmented Divine Artifact up for auction?”

Even though she wasn’t an official partner of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce before today, she had visited the Dark Star Auction House numerous times in the past. However, due to her limited clearance, she could only participate in ordinary auctions held below the 200th floor.

Meanwhile, according to Yan Hua, the auctions on the 200th floor and above involved transactions of Legendary Weapons or top-tier Legendary Equipment at the very minimum. This was not something she had ever seen taking place below the 200th floor.

If today’s auction could be regarded as the biggest auction in recent years, it meant that a Fragmented Divine Artifact, which was known to occasionally appear in auctions held on the 200th floor and above, was likely to appear.

When Xia Qingying mentioned the words “Fragmented Divine Artifact,” Invincible Swallow and Xuanwu Chisha also showed signs of excitement.

Only the Dark Star of the Eternal Chamber of Commerce can offer players a worry-free trading experience without the fear of being tracked.

If players could get their hands on a Fragmented Divine Artifact, they could undergo a qualitative transformation that no Legendary Weapon or Legendary Equipment could provide. It was especially so if a Tier 6 player acquired one, as they would be able to unleash the Fragmented Divine Artifact’s full potential.

“Don’t be too hasty.” Yan Hua faintly smiled when he saw Xia Qingying’s excited expression. “Of course there won’t be any Fragmented Divine Artifacts for sale. Even the various apex powers treated these items like their babies, so there’s no way they would just casually take one out to sell.”

“If it’s not a Fragmented Divine Artifact, what is being auctioned?” Xia Qingying grew even more curious.

In response, Yan Hua chuckled and quietly asked, “Have you all heard of the Eternal Realm?”

Xia Qingying nodded. She was very familiar with the Eternal Realm as she had done a lot of research on it. If not for her not knowing the Eternal Realm’s exact location, she would have long traveled there already.

“My sources tell me that many things from the Eternal Realm will be available for auction this time. These things include the various towns’ properties,” Yan Hua patiently explained. “Even the rumored Secret Treasure will be available for auction.”

“Secret Treasure?”

Xia Qingying, Invincible Swallow, and Xuanwu Chisha’s eyes lit up when they heard this. Invincible Swallow even took the initiative to ask:

“Uncle, is it the rumored treasure that can enhance Mana Protection?”

“Yes.” Yan Hua nodded, “That’s the thing.”

“How many Star Coins will it cost?” Invincible Swallow asked excitedly, “Or what kind of weapon or equipment can be used to exchange for it?”

Xia Qingying and Xuanwu Chisha also pricked up their ears when they heard Invincible Swallow’s question, clearly interested in how the Secret Treasure would be sold.

“What are you thinking about, young man?” Yan Hua glanced at Invincible Swallow and said seriously, “That is a treasure that only drops in World Mode Dungeons. Do you think you can buy it with Star Coins? You can also forget about trading weapons and equipment for it. Unless, of course, you are planning to bid with a Fragmented Divine Artifact.

“While there are many Legendary Weapons and Equipment on the market, there is only a pitiful number of such Secret Treasures in existence for now. From what I heard, Frey from the Galaxy Conglomerate had to owe a huge debt of gratitude and pay an astronomical price just to protect the Secret Treasures in her possession. Can you imagine the value of these Secret Treasures?”

Invincible Swallow fell silent when he heard this, as did Shi Feng…

“But don’t be too disappointed, young man,” Yan Hua said with a slight smile. “I heard that this auction will be settled exclusively in Eternal Coins. As long as you have enough Eternal Coins, you can buy the Secret Treasure.”

Invincible Swallow was rendered even more speechless when he heard Yan Hua’s follow-up words. After all, only players currently present in the Eternal Realm could obtain Eternal Coins, while others could only buy from these players.

It should be known that Xia Qingying was one of the earlier players to start purchasing Eternal Coins. She had also hired players in the Eternal Realm to farm for Eternal Coins. Yet, even until now, she had only accumulated several Eternal Gold Coins. If even Xia Qingying had little success, it went without saying that he, who was only an Elder of the Green God Corporation, had fared even worse.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised by Yan Hua’s revelation. If the transaction could be settled using Eternal Coins, he might be able to get in on some of the action.

As Yan Hua continued to explain the auction rules, the elevator eventually stopped on the 210th floor.

The auction venue on the 210th floor could accommodate up to ten thousand people. Currently, though, the place was packed, and if not for Yan Hua having reserved a VIP room ahead of time, they might not even have had a place to sit.

The auction participants were either representatives of conglomerates or executives of upper-ranking hegemonic powers. It was normally difficult for players to see even one of these individuals, but now they were everywhere.

The auction had already been ongoing for some time when the group arrived, and the Eternal Realm’s town properties were currently being auctioned. Meanwhile, without exception, every property was bought at an overpriced price.

Even a shop in a small town’s outer area could go for ten Eternal Gold, while shops in the town center could go from anywhere between twenty to thirty Eternal Gold. When Shi Feng saw this, he instantly lost interest in participating in the auction.

In his opinion, any town property players could get their hands on in the current Eternal Realm should not be worth more than three or four Eternal Gold. After all, players in the Eternal Realm currently only had access to towns situated on Level 140 maps. In a few more days, the player population in these towns would plummet as everyone moved to higher-leveled locations. Unless these towns were situated near high-value resource nodes, their properties would quickly lose value.

Meanwhile, a fortune of twenty Eternal Coins was already enough to buy a piece of prime real estate in the central area of an NPC city.

Sometime later…

“Up next will be the star for today,” the beautiful auctioneer on stage said, pausing for a moment. “This next auction will be a special auction. The next auction item is not a town property but is something related to the upcoming Neutral NPC City, the Crystal City of Secrets!”

Upon hearing the auctioneer’s introduction, the audience held their breath in anticipation.

Previously, the town properties sold throughout the auction was of little economic value. The various powers were only buying these properties to prepare a place for their soon-to-arrive Tier 6 armies to familiarize themselves with the Eternal Realm’s environment and occupy parts of the Eternal Realm.

But it was a different story for a Neutral NPC City. That would be a place necessary for players to move around in the Eternal Realm. It was a place players could live in regardless of how high of a level they reached.

The Crystal City of Secrets? Shi Feng was also shocked as he looked at the holographic city model displayed on stage.

In the previous life, there was a common saying in the Eternal Realm that had spread across the entire Greater God’s Domain.

Seven Cities, Four Towers, and Three Absolutes.

The “Seven Cities” and “Four Towers” referred to the eleven most populated places in the Eternal Realm, while the “Three Absolutes” referred to three peerless players.

Meanwhile, these eleven locations and three individuals could rival an entire Realm in a literal sense.

Among them, the Crystal City of Secrets was one of the seven cities.

It was also known as the Secret Treasure Mine!

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