Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3418

Chapter 492: Terrifying Wealth

Silver Frost City, Green God Corporation’s branch headquarters:

“Vice Guild Leader, the Guild Leader of Three-Tailed Eagle suddenly contacted us, saying he wants to buy some Earthen Magic Flowers from us. He’s willing to buy them at one Eternal Copper per flower. He is even willing to negotiate if you aren’t satisfied with the price,” Lu Wen excitedly reported to Xia Qingying as she entered the office.

The Three-Tailed Eagle was an upper-ranking hegemonic power in the Starlight Realm. It was also one of the several dominant powers in the Silver Frost City. Normally, it would be impossible for them to even see the Vice Guild Leaders of the Three-Tailed Eagle. Yet, now, Three-Tailed Eagle’s Guild Leader was personally contacting them…

“It seems he has quite the sensitive ears. I guess we can sell him some as a favor,” Xia Qingying said, smiling. “But we can’t sell him too many. Tell him that we can only sell him 10,000 flowers and that we use for the rest.”

“Understood!” Lu Wen nodded.

After Lu Wen left the office, Xia Qingying carefully reviewed the communication records from Dark Star. Among them were Vice Guild Leaders and Guild Leaders of upper-ranking hegemonic powers and executives of conglomerates. All these people contacted her, hoping to purchase Earthen Magic Flowers. Meanwhile, every one of them offered to purchase the flowers for more than one Eternal Copper per flower.

No wonder he didn’t look worried. He can easily make over a thousand Eternal Gold from this endeavor, let alone five hundred… Xia Qingying couldn’t help but be amazed and impressed by Shi Feng’s capabilities as she looked at the list of communication records before her.

Personally, Xia Qingying considered having several dozen Eternal Gold Coins as already being wealthy beyond measure. After all, this was roughly how much an upper-ranking hegemonic power operating in the Eternal Realm currently possessed.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had so easily earned over a thousand Eternal Gold. Even she, who would only receive a 10% cut of the profits, could still earn over a hundred Eternal Gold. This fortune was already enough to rival the wealth of pseudo-apex powers.

Meanwhile, in a certain VIP lounge in the Dark Star Auction House…

“Old Yan, you are too much! We’ve been friends for so many years. Yet, now that you’ve struck a gold mine, you don’t even want to sell me a million Earthen Magic Flowers? It’s not like I’m refusing to pay you,” an imposing man who looked to be in his forties and wearing the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s Vice Guild Leader Emblem said indignantly as he looked at Yan Hua.

“Shoo! Shoo! A million Earthen Magic Flowers? You might as well rob me! Not even my precious daughter has asked me for so many!” Yan Hua said as he gave the imposing man a look of disdain. “Five million! That’s the most I can sell you! Also, it’s going to cost you 600 Gold! No negotiations!”

“Deal! Five million it is! You sneaky old bastard. What kind of luck do you have to have collected so many Earthen Magic Flowers? I bet you’re going to make a fortune this time,” the imposing man said. Then, he begrudgingly transferred 200 Eternal Gold to Yan Hua and continued, “This is a deposit. I’ll pay the remaining 400 Gold within three days.”

A fortune? Yan Hua didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard the imposing man’s comment.

Indeed, Yan Hua had made a profit, but it was only a paltry amount compared to Shi Feng’s share. At this time, Yan Hua deeply regretted not asking for ten or twenty percent more previously.

It should be known that he had collected over 30 million Earthen Magic Flowers. Going by current market conditions, he could easily earn 3,500 Eternal Gold from reselling them. After factoring in the flowers Xia Qingying collected and deducting the cost of the flowers and the 500 Eternal Gold they needed to pay for the auction, 10% of the profits could easily amount to 300 Eternal Gold or more. That was already comparable to the liquidity of an entire pseudo-apex power…

As time passed, and the intensity of battles between human players and Holy Race players in the various city maps continued to increase, the price of Earthen Magic Flowers reached three Eternal Copper per two flowers on the second day of the city maps’ activation. Even Shi Feng was surprised by the soaring demand for Earthen Magic Flowers.

He only had his stall open in Pharos Town for less than half an hour, yet he had already sold more than 200,000 Earthen Magic Flowers, receiving 36 shiny Eternal Gold Coins.

But even more astonishing were the profits made by Yan Hua and Xia Qingying. In just one day, they had already raised 500 Eternal Gold, completed the auction transaction, and received the five Underground Palace Emblems. Personally, Shi Feng had earned more than 800 Eternal Gold through a Dark Star transaction, and with the eternal gold coins earned from selling Earthen Magic Flowers, he now had a mind-blowing wealth of 903 Eternal Gold.

No wonder those alchemists in the past managed to secure so many properties, with some even having as many properties as hegemonic powers… Shi Feng fell into a daze as he looked at the Eternal Coins in his bag.

A fortune of 903 Eternal Gold was something even apex powers could not take out in the current stage of the Eternal Realm. He could buy an entire street in an NPC City with such wealth.

Even if it was a large NPC City like the Crystal City of Secrets, he could afford to purchase twenty to thirty properties with this amount of money. If handled correctly, the income these properties generated could make even upper-ranking hegemonic powers feel envy.

But Shi Feng soon shook his head and gave up these temptations.

I initially thought I wouldn’t have a chance, but now I can probably give it a try, Shi Feng thought, excitement coloring his eyes.

Certainly, the various NPC Cities’ shops and lands were of great value. It was especially so for the shops and lands of the Crystal City of Secrets, one of the Eternal Realm’s future Seven Great Cities. But owning a mere twenty or thirty shops in the Crystal City of Secrets was far from enough if one wanted to develop a power in the Eternal Realm.

While the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates might not be as wealthy as he was right now in the Eternal Realm, it should be known that their forces were scattered across the Eternal Realm’s various regions and developing in unison.

Their progress in the beginning might be slow, but as time passed, their development rate would only become faster and faster. At one point, simply the influence and trade channels they had in the various towns and cities would be enough to bring them tremendous wealth to surpass the income those twenty or thirty shops in the Crystal City of Secrets could generate.

Not to mention, Shi Feng could only make a fortune because he had taken advantage of the Holy Race’s invasion. After this, there would no longer be any more opportunities to make such a fortune.

If he wanted to continue to make a lot of money, he would have to follow in the footsteps of those powers in the previous life and pay a fortune to…

Buy an NPC City’s Transportation Firm!

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