Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3420

Chapter 494 – A Transportation Firm That Has an Owner?

Crystal City of Secrets, Underground Secret Palace:

Four beams of light descended on the plaza in front of the Underground Secret Palace, the lights fading to reveal Shi Feng and his three party members. However, the sudden appearance of Shi Feng’s group did not attract the attention of the many players nearby, their behavior making it seem as if the sudden appearance of players on the plaza was commonplace.

Dizziness assaulted the minds of the party of four when they first arrived in the city, and it took a moment for them to recover and get a clear look at the scene before them.

“So, this is the Crystal City of Secrets?”

Desolate Fury, Leroja, and Cross were in awe when they saw how many players there were walking on the streets around them.

Although Pharos Town had quite a large player population, it was nothing compared to the Crystal City of Secrets. Not only did the Crystal City have a significantly larger player population, but its players also possessed astonishingly high levels and powerful backgrounds.

At first glance, most of the players walking the Crystal City’s streets were above Level 150. That was much higher than the three of them, who were still stuck at Level 145. Moreover, going by the Guild Emblem these players wore, every one of them came from an upper-ranking hegemonic power, at the very least. Some of them even wore the Guild Emblems of pseudo-apex powers. In contrast, only a small portion of Pharos Town’s player population came from upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

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As players originating from ordinary hegemonic powers, Desolate Fury, Leroja, and Cross couldn’t help but feel out of place in the Crystal City of Secrets.

Shi Feng, on the other hand, didn’t think much of the scene around him. During his previous life, the Crystal City of Secrets was one of the Eternal Realm’s Seven Great Cities. Every one of these seven cities could rival an entire Realm on its own. Although access to the Crystal City had only become available to players recently, its potential was already clear for all to see. Hence, it was only natural for so many powers to gather here.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are we really going to stay here from now on?” Cross couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng, feeling a bit nervous.

After spending some time together in the Eternal Realm, Shi Feng’s strength became evident to the three of them. In their eyes, he was no different than a legendary existence. Hence, the three of them had already decided to follow Shi Feng. They had even joined the Asura Mercenary Alliance that Shi Feng mentioned.

However, even though the three of them had successfully learned a Gold Combat Technique, as individuals originating from hegemonic powers, they knew that upper-ranking hegemonic powers were not opponents to be trifled with. After all, a player’s strength wasn’t determined solely by their combat standards and combat techniques. There were also other factors, such as weapons, equipment, Skills, Spells, etc.

In a city where so many upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers were concentrated, “independent” players like themselves would have difficulty surviving, even if they were highly skilled.

After all, upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers were in command of many experts. How were solo or small groups of players supposed to compete against these powers in searching for crucial resources such as weapons and equipment, high-ranking quests, and high-tiered Skills and Spells? Before solo players could get their hands on any of these resources, the various powers would have long secured them with their vast manpower.

“I don’t see any problem settling down here. For loosely grouped players like us, everywhere in the Eternal Realm is pretty much the same. We might as well choose a place where it’s easy to obtain Secret Treasures.” Leroja said, her eyes full of fighting spirit as she looked at the experts of powerful origins around her.

Back in the Starlight Realm, although they were considered peerless paragons of kingdoms and empires, they never had any opportunities to compete with the experts of the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and pseudo-apex powers.

Now, though, not only would they get such an opportunity, but they could also compete with these experts on the same starting line. This had been Leroja’s wish for many years.

“You’re right.” Cross nodded, his heart similarly brimming with fighting spirit. “Now that we’ve learned a Gold Combat Technique, I refuse to believe we can’t make a name for ourselves here!”

“Don’t worry too much.” Shi Feng looked at the trio and smiled. “Since I plan to develop in this city, I naturally have some confidence.”

After saying so, Shi Feng led the trio to the Crystal City’s City Hall.

Crystal City of Secrets, City Hall:

Logically, as the Eternal Realm’s various city maps had just been unlocked, there shouldn’t be many powers capable of affording the various NPC Cities’ shops and lands. However, the Crystal City of Secrets’ City Hall was unexpectedly crowded with players, and these players were frantically fighting over the city’s lands and shops.

“I’m buying Plot No. 96!”

“I’ll take this small shop worth 42 Gold!”

“Dammit! Who bought the plot I had my eye on?!”

There were more than ten counters on the City Hall’s first floor, and there was a long line in front of every counter. The sight was so grand that even Shi Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you planning to buy a shop or a plot of land?” Desolate Fury asked as he turned to look at Shi Feng in surprise.

Just by listening to the conversations in the first-floor hall, Desolate Fury could already tell that the Crystal City’s properties were incredibly expensive to purchase. Even a random property located in the city’s outskirts was being sold for several dozen Eternal Gold, while properties located in the city center were sold for over a hundred Eternal Gold.

Even ordinary hegemonic powers wouldn’t have the money to afford the Crystal City’s properties, so Desolate Fury found it hard to imagine that Shi Feng, by himself, could have so much money.

“No.” Shaking his head, Shi Feng said, “I’m here to buy the transportation firm.”

“The transportation firm?” Desolate Fury was stunned for a moment.

Even Leroja and Cross couldn’t help but think they had misheard Shi Feng.

Could transportation firms be bought?

However, Shi Feng did not bother clarifying the trio’s confusion. Instead, he made his way to the third floor.

The City Hall had three floors. The first floor was prepared for ordinary customers interested in purchasing the city’s shops and lands. The second floor was prepared for VIP customers, and one could purchase valuable shops and lands not available to ordinary customers.

As for the third floor, it was a place where few players would set foot on. This was because the third floor specialized in selling the city’s various industrial buildings.

“Greetings, dear customer. How may I be of service to you today?” When Shi Feng arrived on the third floor, he was led into a private room where a Level 200, Tier 5 Elf greeted him with a beautiful smile. Then, the female elf continued. “We specialize in selling large properties to wealthy customers such as yourself, and we will ensure your satisfaction.”

After saying so, the elven beauty took out a thin brochure. The lands and shops recorded in the brochure could not be found even on the second floor. It was a list specifically designed for players carrying a large amount of Eternal Gold.

However, Shi Feng didn’t even look at the brochure, opting to ask directly, “How much for the Secret Crystal Transportation Firm?”

“Are you sure you want to buy the Secret Crystal Transportation Firm?” The elven beauty looked at Shi Feng with great surprise. “Although the Secret Crystal Transportation Firm is only located in the suburbs and occupies a small area, purchasing it will still cost you 850 Gold. In addition, you need to pay a weekly management fee of 300 Gold. As the population of this city continues to grow, the management fee will also increase. Payment delays will not be tolerated, either. If you fail to make payment for even a week, we will repossess the transportation firm.”

Upon hearing the elven beauty’s words, Desolate Fury, Leroja, and Cross couldn’t help but gasp.

The price of 850 Eternal Gold was probably something even pseudo-apex powers couldn’t afford right now. Not to mention, there was even a weekly management fee of 300 Eternal Gold. This was extortion at its finest!

“I’m sure,” Shi Feng said without hesitation. “Here’s 850 Gold. Let’s go through the procedures now.”

Upon seeing the coins Shi Feng placed on the table, Desolate Fury and the others were utterly stupefied, and they couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng as if they were looking at a monster.

850 Eternal Gold!

How could anyone have this much money right now?

As soon as Shi Feng completed the handover procedures and obtained the transportation firm’s management rights, the players who were currently browsing for quests in the transportation firm were forcibly teleported out of the building. At the same time, the sound of a system notification entered their ears.

System: The Secret Crystal Transportation Firm is now a player’s private property. Players without permission are not allowed entry.

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