Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3424

Chapter 498 – Who Is That Guy?

Following the revelation of the Demon Cave Trio’s identities, an uproar occurred outside the Underground Crystal Palace’s entrance.

“Now that the Demon Cave Trio have made an appearance, Scarecrow Fox’s team is doomed.”

“Not only are they doomed now, but they can also forget operating in the Eternal Realm in the future. Coming to the Underground Crystal Palace to sightsee today was indeed a good idea. I didn’t think I would get to see three former Divine Glory List experts in action. Even if they have already retired from the frontlines, unless one of those peerless individuals shows up, none of Scarecrow Fox’s members should think of escaping the trio’s clutches.”

“No wonder the Scarlet Merchant Alliance chose to take such a strong stance. With the Demon Cave Trio here, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance can easily label itself the strongest power based in the Crystal City of Secrets.”

When the spectating players looked at the Demon Cave Trio, some were filled with excitement, some sighed helplessly, and some looked at Scarecrow Fox’s team with sympathy.

At the same time, everyone couldn’t help but think that Scarecrow Fox was truly unlucky.

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance had many old monsters, but the Demon Cave Trio was one of the top few existences that others wished to avoid encountering the most. Even the peerless individuals of apex powers would get a headache when targeted by the trio.

Currently, Ink Qilin was the only person among Scarecrow Fox’s team capable of standing up against one of the Demon Cave Trio in a one-on-one fight. Even then, it would only be limited to a direct confrontation. As for everyone else, they couldn’t even survive against the Demon Cave Trio in a direct confrontation.

“Friends of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, today we of Scarecrow Fox are in the wrong,” River Light hurriedly said with a smile. “How about this? We will cover your entrance fee as an apology.”

“You have a way with words,” the Elder of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance said, laughing. Then, he glanced at the alluring Ink Qilin and transcendental Gentle Snow and continued, “If you want to make amends, fine. We can forget this slight out of respect for your Great Commander, but you will have to let these two beauties accompany Vice President Abyss Water for a few days. Do that, and we will call it a day for today’s matter.”

“Don’t go too far! Snow is not one of Scarecrow Fox’s members!” Ink Qilin said angrily.

Ink Qilin had intentions of recruiting Gentle Snow into Scarecrow Fox. Unfortunately, Gentle Snow had turned down her invitation stating that she had already joined a Guild called Zero Wing and did not intend to join any other powers. Hence, Ink Qilin decided to bring Gentle Snow along with her team and help her grow, hoping that their time together could change Gentle Snow’s mind. After all, Gentle Snow possessed far greater talent than any paragon Ink Qilin had met thus far.

If Gentle Snow ended up getting humiliated because of Scarecrow Fox’s problem, Ink Qilin didn’t know how she could bring herself to face Gentle Snow in the future, let alone invite Gentle Snow to join Scarecrow Fox.

“Going too far?” Undying Shadow, the eldest of the Demon Cave Trio, sneered. “We are only allowing you to keep Vice Guild Leader Abyss Water company out of respect for your Great Commander. If you still refuse to accept our offer, we’ll have no choice but to eliminate you all from the Eternal Realm!”

“It seems you’re really set on using us to set an example.” Ink Qilin narrowed her eyes on Undying Shadow, vaguely understanding what was going on.

Scarecrow Fox was an adventurer team capable of rivaling conglomerates in the Greater God’s Domain. Under normal circumstances, even though the Scarlet Merchant Alliance had already reached the pseudo-apex power standard, it still wouldn’t try to butt heads with Scarecrow Fox for no valid reason. It was especially so in the Eternal Realm.

Yet, even though neither side had any big grudges against the other, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance seemed hellbent on making things difficult for Scarecrow Fox. The only reason Ink Qilin could think of was that the Scarlet Merchant Alliance was trying to prove to the various powers and players present that…

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance was the number one power in the Crystal City of Secrets!

Meanwhile, Scarecrow Fox’s demise would be the best evidence. If even a conglomerate-level adventurer team like Scarecrow Fox had to submit to the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, what could other powers possibly do?

“You have three seconds to consider,” Undying Shadow coldly said. “If you refuse, none of you can continue living in the Eternal Realm. We’ll have you die once every time you log in. And don’t think you can escape our pursuit. Us brothers all have Tracking Skills, and everyone has already been marked. The mark lasts for three days and won’t disappear even if you log out. The duration will only reduce if you are in God’s Domain.

“Also, don’t think you can just hide in the city. We can keep on placing new marks, so it won’t matter how long you stay in the city!”

Ink Qilin fell into despair when she heard this. She didn’t mind fighting to the very end, but Gentle Snow couldn’t afford to do so. This was because Gentle Snow had a special Legacy, and she would lose it if she were to start playing a new account.

Gentle Snow also understood there was no way to resolve the situation today, and Zero Wing might even get implicated because of her. And if it were just following the Scarlet Merchant Alliance into the Underground Crystal Palace for a few days, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Just as Gentle Snow was about to agree to the conditions proposed by the Undying Shadow, Shi Feng suddenly stepped forward and quietly looked at the Demon Cave Trio for a moment. Then, with a calm smile, he said, “The Scarlet Merchant Alliance is indeed as domineering as I’ve heard. However, Gentle Snow is a member of Zero Wing. If I, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, don’t show you any respect, what will you do about it?”

Is he crazy? Ink Qilin gaped in shock when she heard what came from Shi Feng’s mouth.

They were already having a headache resolving their current issue with the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. Yet, Shi Feng had taken the initiative to provoke the pseudo-apex power, creating even more trouble for them…

“Guild Leader?”

Gentle Snow’s beautiful eyes widened. Originally, this matter would have only needed her and Ink Qilin to resolve. But now that Shi Feng had intervened, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance would definitely start a fight to establish its dominance…


“Hahaha! Excellent! It’s been too long since I’ve seen a youngster with such courage.” Rather than getting angry at being provoked by the Guild Leader of some Guild he had never heard of, Undying Shadow laughed when he heard Shi Feng’s words. “It seems me and my brothers have been away from the frontlines for so long that people have forgotten about our exploits.”

At the same time as Undying Shadow finished speaking, the surrounding spectators promptly erupted with noise.

“Crap! This guy must be insane!”

“Look! Undying Shadow’s face is livid! This kid is dead for sure!”

“Who is this guy anyway? What gave him the courage to provoke the Demon Cave Trio?”

After a round of exclamations, the surrounding players couldn’t help but wonder about Shi Feng’s identity. After all, provoking the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Demon Cave Trio was no different than inviting death for a drink.

Meanwhile, standing among the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s team, Abyss Water had remained indifferent to the entire situation thus far. However, when he saw Shi Feng stepping out from Scarecrow Fox’s team, his expression instantly changed.

Why is he here?

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