Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3425

Chapter 499 – Black Flame Takes Action

A moment after Undying Shadow finished speaking, the eldest of the Demon Cave Trio suddenly vanished from everyone’s sight. Then, before the noisy crowd could react, he had already appeared in front of Shi Feng and reached for Shi Feng’s shoulder with one of his shriveled palms.

Not good!

When Ink Qilin saw Undying Shadow’s action, she frowned and hurriedly charged forward to intervene.


Similar to the rest of the Greater God’s Domain, the Eternal Realm’s NPC Towns and Cities prohibited players from attacking others. Should players go against this rule, nearby NPC guards would not hesitate to apprehend or kill them.

However, it was a different story if an action taken was limited to only simple physical contact. In that case, the action would not be considered an attack, and the NPC guards would not pay any heed to it.

But even if players did not receive any quantifiable damage in God’s Domain, it was still possible for them to experience a certain degree of pain and suppression if they were subjected to a sufficiently great physical force.

Meanwhile, although Undying Shadow was an Assassin, he was in possession of the Crimson Shadow Warrior class, a hidden class that granted players a Berserker’s Strength and an Assassin’s speed.

Not to mention, Undying Shadow was Level 151. He also possessed the Desolate Shadow Set and the Dragon’s Chord Set, of which the former was a well-known Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set in the Greater God’s Domain, while the latter was a Magic Weapon Set that was close to rivaling Legendary Weapons. Even though Ink Qilin was in possession of a Legendary Weapon, she dared not say she could beat Undying Shadow when it came to the Strength Attribute.

So, how was a Level 145 Sword Saint supposed to match Undying Shadow?

Unfortunately, before Ink Qilin could get within ten yards of Undying Shadow, the latter had already placed his palm on Shi Feng’s shoulder. Gentle Snow grew anxious when she saw this, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Undying Shadow’s hand might not look like it was of any threat, but the downward force it exerted could be felt by even players standing over a hundred yards away. In fact, the force exerted was so great that faint cracks had even appeared in the surrounding space.

This Guild Leader of Zero Wing is too impulsive… River Light’s complexion turned unpleasant when he saw Undying Shadow’s hand clutching Shi Feng’s shoulder.

Originally, this matter could have been resolved by simply apologizing. However, thanks to Shi Feng’s provocation, this matter was unlikely to be salvageable even if Scarecrow Fox’s Great Commander showed up.

“What will I do about it?” Undying Shadow snorted as he looked at Shi Feng. Then, he applied even more force with his hand as he said, “Brat! I’ll have you kneel for me!”

As soon as Undying Shadow increased the force he used, the sound of bones creaking and space shattering could be heard. At the same time, many of the surrounding players experienced suffocating pressure. Some of the nearby Tier 5 experts even got the urge to kneel.

“Mental intimidation! His Concentration is at Tier 6!”

“Divine Might! He’s already reached the realm of Divine Might?!”

Many of the experts present couldn’t help but gasp when they experienced the oppressive feeling that constantly assaulted them.

Divine Might?

Ink Qilin also fell into a daze when he saw Undying Shadow had seemingly become the ruler of the space around him.

Divine Might!

Normally, this was a form of power that only Tier 6 existences could master. Meanwhile, once a player mastered Divine Might, all existences beneath Tier 6 would be no different than ants to them.

This was because one could greatly suppress those beneath Tier 6 by relying only on one’s Divine Might, greatly restricting the target player’s mobility and thought process. After all, if a player had to defend themselves from mental attacks constantly, there was no way they could fight at their full capacity.

While it was logically possible for players of a lower tier to master Divine Might, even Tier 5 players would have an extremely difficult time doing so as players needed to reach Tier 6 in their Concentration standard. This was also the biggest hurdle that prevented many experts from advancing to Tier 6.

In God’s Domain, apart from raising tiers, the only reliable way players could improve their Concentration was by honing their mental willpower. However, this was a very gradual process, and as Concentration was a Hidden Attribute that couldn’t be inspected like the several Basic Attributes, players wouldn’t know if their training method was effective until they made noticeable progress or no progress at all after a long time.

This was also why many experts were still stuck at Tier 5, unable to progress to Tier 6 despite having incredibly high combat standards.

And even if a Tier 6 player restarted a new account and climbed back up to Tier 5, it would still take them a long time to develop their Concentration to the Tier 6 standard. Hence, Undying Shadow’s possession of Tier 6 Concentration surprised everyone.

Meanwhile, when Ink Qilin thought about how Shi Feng was being subjected to the dual pressure of Undying Shadow’s Strength and Concentration, she could already picture the sight of Shi Feng kneeling in front of everyone.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

However, as the seconds went by, the plaza quickly grew eerily quiet as everyone looked at Shi Feng in confusion.

Contrary to Ink Qilin’s and everyone else’s expectations, Shi Feng did not kneel. Instead, he remained standing steadily as he quietly gazed upon Undying Shadow.

“You…” Undying Shadow was similarly surprised to see Shi Feng standing steadily before him. “…are fine?”

Ink Qilin also gaped in shock at this scene, her mind failing to comprehend what was going on.

Undying Shadow’s Strength was apparent to everyone present. If he could crack the Eternal Realm’s stable space with his hand alone, it meant his Strength was already nearing the Tier 6 standard. Not to mention, there was also the Divine Might he had abruptly unleashed. If caught unprepared, Ink Qilin doubted even she could react and adjust her body accordingly in time.

But what was up with Shi Feng’s reaction?

Shi Feng didn’t even flinch in response to Undying Shadow’s oppression, let alone adjust his body to defend against it. Whether it was Undying Shadow’s physical oppression or mental intimidation, Shi Feng behaved as if neither existed.

“Could it be that Undying Shadow was only joking around and never intended to do anything to him?”

“Do you have eyes?! Can’t you see how surprised Undying Shadow looks?!”

“Could there be some restriction placed on the Underground Crystal Palace’s entrance that prevents players from experiencing overly powerful Strength and Concentration? Is that why that guy’s behaving as if nothing happened? Otherwise, who could possibly withstand that kind of Strength and Divine Might?”

When the spectating crowd saw Shi Feng looking unaffected by Undying Shadow’s offensive, many players speculated that this might be because of the Underground Crystal Palace’s uniqueness. Hence, Shi Feng was able to avoid making a fool of himself in front of everyone.

However, just as everyone was starting to believe this to be so…

“Since you’re done playing your hand, it’s my turn now,” Shi Feng said as he looked at the confused old man before him. Then, he gently pressed his hand on Undying Shadow’s shoulder and said, “Kneel!”


Suddenly, a loud explosion, coupled with the sound of the ground cracking, echoed throughout the entire plaza.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd in the plaza, Undying Shadow knelt on the ground, one of his hands desperately holding onto Shi Feng’s arm while the other supported him on the ground. A pained expression had also appeared on Undying Shadow’s face.

However, even though Undying Shadow was desperately resisting to the point where the veins on his forehead had bulged, and his face had turned bright red, he still could not resist Shi Feng’s seemingly gentle touch as he ultimately fell flat to the ground…

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