Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3427

Chapter 501 – Lord of War Goddesses

Crystal City of Secrets, Underground Crystal Palace’s entrance:

“What’s going on? Why did the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Vice Guild Leader apologize?”

“I heard that Abyss Water is a vicious person. Now that he has become a Vice Guild Leader in the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, it’s unlikely he’ll back off even if Scarecrow Fox’s Great Commander shows up in person. What kind of origin does that Black Flame guy have?”

“Could that guy be the son of some apex power’s big shot?”

After Shi Feng accepted the map of the Underground Crystal Palace and entered the secret land with Scarecrow Fox’s team, a commotion immediately occurred in the entrance plaza.

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance was known for its domineering behavior. After suffering such a huge slight, it would already be a miracle for the pseudo-apex power not to retaliate with all its might, let alone apologize and offer compensation. Such a situation was utterly unbelievable.

“What is the meaning of this, Vice Guild Leader Abyss?” After getting back on his feet, Undying Shadow looked at Abyss Water with a questioning gaze. “If we don’t teach that brat a lesson after suffering such an insult, we won’t be able to establish a foothold in the Crystal City of Secrets in the future.”

The average Elder in the Scarlet Merchant Alliance might be of lower standing than Vice Guild Leaders like Abyss Water, but Undying Shadow was a long-standing Elder who had contributed greatly to the Guild, so he did not need to behave cautiously when dealing with the Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders. On the contrary, many Vice Guild Leaders would treat him with respect so as to rope him to their side.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the Guild Leader’s command, Undying Shadow would have never chosen to follow Abyss Water.

At this time, Undying Shadow wasn’t the only person with questions. Burning Cliff and the other Guild Elders present also looked at Abyss Water for answers. If not for their status in the Guild being lower than Abyss Water, a paragon personally appointed to the position of Vice Guild Leader by the Guild Leader, they would have long taken action against Shi Feng instead of letting him go.

Shi Feng might be powerful for being able to overwhelm the Demon Cave Trio, but he was still only one Tier 5 player. He still didn’t have the qualifications to behave arrogantly in front of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance.

“Can’t establish a foothold?” In response to Undying Shadow’s question, Abyss Water indifferently asked, “Who says so?”

Undying Shadow immediately went quiet.

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance was one of the top two powers operating in the current Crystal City of Secrets. If the Scarlet Merchant Alliance wished to establish a foothold in the city, who would dare say anything about it?

“But after this scene…” Undying Shadow quickly calmed his anger when he understood Abyss Water’s point. “It’s going to be difficult for us to recruit new members in the city. After all, which expert would be willing to join a Guild that backs away from a lone Swordsman?”

“That’s right, Vice Guild Leader.” Burning Cliff nodded in agreement. “It might be fine if Black Flame is a famous figure in the Greater God’s Domain, but he’s just a bottom-ranked Luminous Glory expert. We’ll get a bad name if this news spreads…”

“A bottom-ranked Luminous Glory expert?” Turning to Burning Cliff, Abyss Water questioned, “Do you think a bottom-ranked Luminous Glory expert can single-handedly suppress the Demon Cave Trio? Since when has the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Luminous Glory List become so prestigious?”

Burning Cliff fell silent at this response. As for Undying Shadow, his expression turned somewhat ugly.

If a genius ranked at the bottom of the Luminous Glory List could single-handedly suppress the Demon Cave Trio, the Luminous Glory List in question wouldn’t be the same Luminous Glory List they knew. After all, not even the top-ranking geniuses of the current Sacred Glory List could accomplish such a list, much less a bottom-ranked genius on the Luminous Glory List.

“Could you be familiar with Black Flame, Vice Guild Leader?” Burning Cliff asked out of curiosity. Of course, even if Abyss Water answered ‘no,’ Burning Cliff wouldn’t believe him.

It should be known that even after witnessing Shi Feng overpowering the Demon Cave Trio, Burning Cliff was confident he and the other Elders present could kill Shi Feng nonetheless. Yet, Abyss Water had intervened without hesitation and even offered the precious map, which they had gone to great lengths to obtain, as compensation. If Abyss Water had done all this without knowing anything about the Swordsman known as Black Flame, there was no way he would make such an unintelligible move.

Meanwhile, Undying Shadow, Myriad Shadows, and Thousand Shadows quickly understood Burning Cliff’s point and turned toward Abyss Water, curious to learn who Black Flame was.

“I do know him. Moreover, I can clearly tell you that it’s inadvisable for us to provoke him now,” Abyss Water said. Then, he shared a document through the team chat and continued, “This is the information I collected on Black Flame. You can take a look, but never leak it to others!”

After his defeat on Dark Star, Abyss Water promptly utilized his connections to investigate Shi Feng.

After all, there was no way a genius ranked at the bottom of the Luminous Glory List could defeat him, a paragon originating from one of the Twelve Sanctuaries. He absolutely refused to believe such a thing could be possible. Not to mention, even after his defeat and subsequent departure from Dark Star, the Eternal Chamber of Commerce did not offer him any responses. It was as if the Eternal Chamber of Commerce never really cared whether he became one of its partners, and this situation confused him greatly.

However, after paying a great price, he finally dug out a piece of information that many powers had tried their best to hide about Black Flame, the Asura Sword Emperor.

“Inadvisable for us to provoke him?”

“Aren’t you putting Black Flame on too high of a pedestal, Vice Guild Leader?”

When Burning Cliff and the other Elders of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance saw how seriously Abyss Water spoke of Shi Feng, they couldn’t help but feel as if the latest addition to the Guild’s rank of Vice Guild Leaders was inexperienced.

While unverifiable through the Greater God’s Domain’s historical records, there were many stories of legendary and mythical individuals single-handedly destroying entire major powers. There were even stories of individuals going up against an entire apex power by themselves, and these stories served as inspirations for and were worshiped by countless experts.

However, as veterans who had experienced countless storms and tides, Burning Cliff and the others knew that even if these miracles were real, the people behind these miracles should all be at Tier 6. Moreover, they would be existences who had walked to the very limits of Tier 6 Lifeforms.

As for Tier 5 Lifeforms? If there even existed stories of Tier 5 Lifeforms accomplishing any of the aforementioned feats, they would be just that. Stories.

Of course, Burning Cliff and the others wouldn’t dare outright say such a thing to Abyss Water’s face. Despite their skepticism, they still chose to read the document Abyss Water shared. After all, Abyss Water was officially a Vice Guild Leader of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. Apart from the Demon Cave Trio, everyone else would be asking for trouble if they tried to disrespect him. Even if he couldn’t outright dismiss them from the Guild, he could assign them to a position that was far from the Guild’s central power.

However, after Burning Cliff and the others read through the shared document, a wide variety of emotions quickly colored their originally indifferent expressions.

He summoned War Goddesses to fight several dozen powers?

A Tier 5 War Goddess?! Can such a thing be summoned by players?!

The Demon Cave Trio broke into a cold sweat after watching the battle video attached to the document. It was especially so when they saw the Tier 5 War Goddess in the video obliterating so many Holy Race experts.

The pinnacle of techniques!

The true pinnacle of techniques!

The Tier 5 War Goddess in the video was an existence no Tier 5 player should even dream of challenging. Even though the Scarlet Merchant Alliance had a couple of trump cards in the Eternal Realm that could be used to easily dispose of Tier 5 players, all of them would be nothing but a joke in front of a Tier 5 War Goddess. It was no wonder Abyss Water had intervened and even apologized.

The Lord of War Goddesses!

This was the new title the various powers, who had participated in the battle outside the Courtyard of Space, had designated for the Asura Sword Emperor.

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