Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3429

Chapter 503 – Three Golden Masters?

“Alright! Lure them here!” Ink Qilin commanded through the team chat upon seeing the Shield Warrior and Guardian Knight, who had gone to lure the Graystone Battle Apes, entering positions. “Blaze Eye, keep an eye out for any Battle Apes trying to break away from the group! We cannot let any of them leave to call for reinforcements!”

Battle Apes were highly intelligent monsters. Upon reaching the Tier 4 Mythic rank, their intelligence could already closely rival players. Not only did they know how to fight in a coordinated group, but they also knew how to seek help from nearby Battle Apes. There were many instances where players would underestimate Mythic-ranked Battle Apes and unknowingly find themselves surrounded by an army of thousands of Battle Apes.

When thousands of Battle Apes joined together to form a battle array, even if all of them were only at the Tier 4 Mythic rank, they could take on a Tier 6 player. Moreover, there was a high chance the Tier 6 player in question would get whittled down and ultimately die from exhaustion.

Hence, when facing highly intelligent monsters like Battle Apes, there were two things players must do. Firstly, players needed to ensure they had the ability to kill a small number of Battle Apes within a short period of time. Secondly, players needed to ensure no Battle Apes could escape and call for reinforcements.

Once the size of a Battle Ape army reached 10,000, even bona fide Tier 6 players would have to flee, let alone Tier 5 players.

“Don’t worry, Big Sis Qilin. I won’t let any of them get away!” a Ranger youth named Blaze Eye responded confidently.

Subsequently, when Ink Qilin and the others saw the Graystone Battle Apes getting closer and closer, they couldn’t help but grow nervous.

By now, the group of 100-plus Graystone Battle Apes had already formed a battle array, allowing every one of them to closely rival Tier 5 Legendary monsters in Strength and speed. Combined with the strengthening effect of Holy Power, even someone like Ink Qilin, who wielded a Legendary Weapon and Shield, could only afford to tank about a dozen Graystone Battle Apes at a time.

If any other Shield Warrior or Guardian Knight tried to tank the Graystone Battle Apes without a Legendary Weapon and Shield, they could, at most, take on four at a time. Should they try to take on ten or more, they would die in a matter of seconds, even with healers healing them.

With less than 20 players on their team, if they couldn’t isolate these Graystone Battle Apes into groups in time using magic barriers, it wouldn’t take more than ten seconds for their whole team to suffer annihilation.

In reality, there was also the option of approaching the group of Graystone Battle Apes and launching a sneak attack instead of luring the group over. However, considering that there were other Battle Apes operating in the surroundings, Shi Feng felt that it was safer to lure the monsters over.

200 yards…

150 yards…

80 yards…

“Take action!” Shi Feng commanded when he saw that the Graystone Battle Apes had already moved within 100 yards of him. At the same time, he unleashed his World Creation.

Immediately, with Shi Feng as the center, mana as dense as metal began to spread and envelop every player and monster on the battlefield.

Mana! My mana isn’t suppressed anymore! River Light was greatly surprised when he sensed his body regaining the ability to radiate mana to the surroundings.

Previously, even though he had a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body, he couldn’t even manipulate the mana within his body, let alone letting it out of his body. As a result, he could only use Tier 3 and Tier 4 Healing Spells, drastically reducing his healing potential.

However, in his current state, he felt that he could utilize 100% of his mana. This performance was even better than he could normally achieve in the Eternal Realm.

“Quick, look! The Battle Apes’ battle array has crumbled!” Blaze Eye excitedly stated as he fired arrows at the Graystone Battle Apes from the top of a large tree.

“What a powerful Mana Domain…” Ink Qilin exclaimed.

Not only did Shi Feng’s Mana Domain weaken the Battle Apes, but it also allowed everyone on the team to recover their original combat power. With these changes, their team could take on hundreds of Graystone Battle Apes with ease, let alone a measly hundred or so.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng crushed the Graystone Battle Apes’ battle array with his World Creation, the several commanding Battle Apes quickly realized the severity of the situation and let loose several roars.

“Not good! Don’t let them get away!” Gentle Snow hurriedly charged forward when she heard the roars of the commanding Battle Apes.

As mentioned before, Battle Apes were highly intelligent monsters. Should they realize they were at a disadvantage, their first course of action would be to call for reinforcements. However, if the disparity between them and their opponents was too large, they would choose to split up and escape without hesitation. This was also the biggest problem players faced when fighting Battle Apes.

The Underground Crystal Palace’s fourth floor had a forest terrain. It was the perfect terrain for Battle Apes to operate at peak performance. If a group of Mythic-ranked Battle Apes decided to flee, trying to stop them from fleeing would be an absolute nightmare.

When Ink Qilin saw the Graystone Battle Apes scattering like startled birds, she couldn’t help but experience a headache. Although everyone on the team could now fight at full strength, the majority of them could only pin down three or four Battle Apes at a time. After all, not much had changed regarding their speed.

Not to mention, Shi Feng’s Mana Domain only had a 100-yard radius. For Tier 4 monsters, crossing such a distance would take no more than a second. But one second was far from enough for them to activate their magic barriers…

However, unlike everyone else, Shi Feng remained unfazed even after seeing the Battle Apes choosing to flee. Instead, he quickly advanced to the center of the fleeing Battle Apes and calmly said, “Fury, Leroja, Cross, I’ll leave them to you!”

In response to Shi Feng’s words, Desolate Fury calmly looked at the fleeing Battle Apes and said in a slightly excited voice, “Is it finally our turn to make a move?”

“I thought I would only get to spectate from the side throughout this entire operation,” Cross said, laughing.

“Alright, enough talking. Hurry up and get to work!” Leroja said, smiling as she grabbed the great bow she carried. Then, she vanished into thin air and reappeared over a hundred meters above the forest.

At this time, Leroja was like an empress overlooking a battlefield as she stood in the sky. Whether it was the Battle Apes running through the forest or jumping on treetops, every one of them was clearly presented in her eyes.

Subsequently, Leroja drew the bowstring and released it. Then, over a hundred arrows scattered from her bow and accurately struck all of the fleeing Graystone Battle Apes, causing their movements to freeze momentarily and their HP to fall by over ten million.

At the same time, Desolate Fury and Cross swiftly traversed through the forest. While doing so, not only did their feet stay off the ground, but they could also make sharp turns without relying on trees for leverage. Even though the Graystone Battle Apes were already plenty agile as they jumped from tree to tree, Desolate Fury and Cross were even more agile.

In the blink of an eye, many of the fleeing Graystone Battle Apes were knocked off course and sent crashing to the ground, giving the Scarecrow Fox members on the ground an easy time to intercept them.

“Heavens! They’re moving in the air! They’re Golden Masters!”

“Three Golden Masters?”

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