Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3430

Chapter 504 – Secret Treasure Set

The sight of Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja fighting in the air stunned Gentle Snow and Scarecrow Fox’s members.

If it were outside the Eternal Realm, any Tier 4 player could easily achieve flight and combat in the air.

However, in the Eternal Realm where Holy Power was present in significant volume, even Tier 5 Saints could not fly. At most, they could leap and propel themselves to a great height by relying on mana.

Before reaching Tier 6, the only way players could achieve actual flight was by relying on Gold Combat Techniques. In other words, players would have to be Golden Masters.

“Three Golden Masters?” River Light couldn’t help but take a deep breath as he watched the three people fighting in the air. “This number is probably already on par with what the various apex powers’ have dispatched in their exploration teams, right?”

“No! Not even apex powers can take out such a lineup in the current Eternal Realm!” Ink Qilin said definitively.

As one of Scarecrow Fox’s vice commanders, Ink Qilin had access to a lot more information regarding the various apex powers than even the average executive of upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Golden Masters were essentially individuals who had reached the extremes of a particular field of techniques, and even the various apex powers only had a small number of such experts under their command. Every one of these experts was highly valued by the various apex powers, and not even Vice Guild Leaders had the authority to command them, let alone send several of them to the Holy World earlier on.

Hence, in the current Eternal Realm, it was impossible for any single apex power to form a team spearheaded by three Golden Masters.

Were they always this strong?

Similar to Scarecrow Fox’s members, Gentle Snow also wore a shocked expression as she looked at Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja. However, part of why she was surprised was for a different reason.

Gentle Snow was not a stranger to the trio. She had met them during Star Lake City’s city battle, and she had seen them displaying strength superior to the average titled expert.

However, it was also apparent that Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja had yet to reach the fifth-floor standard back then, as they were a lot weaker than Cheng Xin and Amber Soul, who were both fifth-floor experts.

So, how in the world did the three of them suddenly become Golden Masters?

“Stop staring and start erecting the barriers! The three of them can’t pin the apes down forever!” Shi Feng shouted when he saw that everyone was still idly watching the trio fight.

It was true that Gold Combat Techniques were powerful and could let players achieve extraordinary feats. However, using Gold Combat Techniques also put a massive toll on players’ Stamina and Concentration. Hence, these techniques were only meant to be used during crucial moments rather than continuously. Even Shi Feng, with his Advanced Legendary Mana Body and Tier 6 Concentration, could not afford to do so.

Ink Qilin was the first to snap out of her daze. Immediately, she commanded, “River, take action!”


Hearing this, River Light and several other Scarecrow Fox members unfurled the Tier 4 Magic Scrolls in their hands and began chanting an incantation.

In three seconds, multiple translucent barriers made of mana appeared across the battlefield and joined together to cover a 200-yard radius. These barriers isolated the Graystone Battle Apes into small groups, and unless they could break the barriers using force, their hopes of escaping would be dashed.

Upon seeing the magic barriers taking shape, Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja stopped using Flowing Space. Instead, with Desolate Fury at the front and Cross and Leroja attacking from behind, the trio began clearing out the trapped Battle Apes.

Because the Tier 4 Master Barriers were created via magic scrolls, they were a little weaker than Tier 4 Master Barriers personally created and maintained by players. Even so, these barriers would have no trouble keeping the Graystone Battle Apes trapped for two or three hours, which was more than enough clean-up time for the team.

Everyone on the team had already reached Tier 5. Although the Graystone Battle Apes had four billion HP each, every member of the team could easily deal over ten million damage with their Skills and Spells. If everyone focused their attacks on one particular Battle Ape, it wouldn’t take more than a minute for them to finish it.

Subsequently, in less than 15 minutes, every one of the 100-plus Graystone Battle Apes died at the hands of Desolate Fury, Ink Qilin, and the others. The speed at which they eliminated the group of Mythic monsters was so fast that even Ink Qilin, a highly-experienced monster hunter, couldn’t help but be shocked.

Due to the intelligence of Battle Apes, defeating them was a very troublesome task. Normally, even a 20-man team of Tier 5 experts would need at least two hours to eliminate a group of 100-plus Mythic-ranked Battle Apes.

Yet, now, thanks to Shi Feng’s group of four, their team was able to speed up this process by multiple times.

“This is so satisfying!”

“I know, right? Our grinding efficiency here is much faster than what we could achieve outside. I’m nearly at Level 153 after this wave.”

After the last Graystone Battle Ape fell, everyone was surprised to find that their experience bar had filled up by a small chunk.

In the current Eternal Realm, players’ levels and grinding efficiency were incredibly important. Not only could players equip higher-level weapons and equipment as their levels increased, but they could also afford to explore higher-leveled maps.

Meanwhile, in the Underground Crystal Palace, the speed at which players could defeat the monsters here was of utmost importance.

As players could only stay in the Underground Crystal Palace for a limited time, the faster they could defeat the monsters they faced, the more monsters they could kill during their three-day time limit. This, in turn, would increase their harvest from the secret land.

“Jackpot! We hit the jackpot!” River Light, who had gone to loot the Graystone Battle Apes’ scattered corpses, suddenly shouted.

“Jackpot? Did a Secret Treasure drop?”

“Crap! It really is a Secret Treasure! How are you so lucky today, Team Leader River?!”

Following River Light’s exclamation, the other members of the team who had gone to loot the Graystone Battle Apes, turned toward him with surprised looks.

It was true that the Graystone Battle Apes offered lucrative loot as they were Level 152 Mythic monsters. Aside from dropping a bunch of materials and Level 150-plus Dark-Gold Equipment, they also dropped God Crystal Fragments at a low probability. Even so, before River Light’s discovery, nobody thought the Graystone Battle Apes could drop Secret Treasures, the Underground Crystal Palace’s main attraction. Everyone was previously of the opinion that only Boss monsters could drop Secret Treasures.

How lucky of him. Shi Feng was also a little surprised by River Light’s discovery, though he had low hopes of such discoveries happening frequently.

The Graystone Battle Apes indeed had a chance of dropping Secret Treasures, but the probability of that happening was less than 0.1%. So, rather than grinding the Graystone Battle Apes for Secret Treasures, Shi Feng personally placed more importance on the EXP they provided.

Even after evenly splitting the EXP among everyone on the team, Shi Feng still saw his experience bar increasing by a visible chunk after defeating the group of Battle Apes. Moreover, that was after the God of Time’s curse had already reduced his EXP gain by 50%. At this rate, he could catch up to the average level of players operating in the Crystal City of Secrets by the time he concluded his three-day exploration of the Underground Crystal Palace.

While Shi Feng was estimating how many levels he could gain in the next three days, his attention was caught by a pale gray bead with incomplete Secret Runes engraved on it. Upon taking a closer look at the glass bead on the ground, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

A Secret Treasure Set?

Quickly, Shi Feng picked up the glass bead and took out a piece of Seven Luminaries Crystal to infuse into it.

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