Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3433

Chapter 507 – Mutated Floor Master

Underground Crystal Palace’s fourth floor:

In less than ten minutes, Shi Feng, Ink Qilin, and the others arrived in the middle of a valley surrounded by a lush forest.

“Big Sis Qilin, over here!” Blaze Eye called out when he saw Ink Qilin arriving in the valley with the rest of the team. Then, he reported, “I have already set up multiple Fog Barriers in the area. I have also scouted the surroundings, but I haven’t spotted any other players aside from those on our team.”

Ink Qilin scanned the surrounding fog for a moment before nodding. Then, she asked, “Where is the Mutated Floor Master?”

The Fog Barrier covered a very large area. Not only did it work to obscure vision, but it also weakened the effects of perception-type Skills and Spells. Even if Assassins and Rangers got close to the fog generated by the Fog Barrier, they would have difficulty identifying the presence of monsters within the fog.

It was also unlikely someone would suspect the fog covering the valley was the product of Fog Barriers, since it was common for large maps to have fog. It was why it was common for players to set up Fog Barriers in advance when fighting Boss monsters out in the wilderness.

“It’s just ahead in the nearby corpse site. That Mutated Floor Master’s perception is very strong, so I dare not get too close,” Blaze Eye said with lingering fear in his eyes. “Big Sis Qilin, be careful later. That Mutated Floor Master feels off. Even though I was using Eagle Eye to observe it from over a thousand yards just now, I felt it noticing me. Yet, it showed no intention to attack me and simply focused on devouring monster corpses…”

“Its perception is that powerful?” Ink Qilin was a little surprised.

It was common for mutated monsters to devour other monsters since they had already shaken off many of the restrictions the Main God System imposed on monsters. Meanwhile, the more players and monsters a Mutant devoured, the stronger it would become.

However, even if a Floor Master had mutated, it was still impressive that it could perceive Blaze Eye from over a thousand yards away.

Thus far, even the Tier 5 Legendary monsters they had encountered on the Underground Crystal Palace’s fourth floor only had a perception range of up to 300 yards. In comparison, the Mutated Floor Master’s perception range could be said to have reached the standard of Tier 6 Divine monsters already.

Subsequently, under Blaze Eye’s guidance, Ink Qilin and the others arrived at a place littered with corpses. These corpses covered a radius of over a thousand yards. The stench of blood in the air was so intense that even the battle-hardened members of Scarecrow Fox couldn’t help but feel suffocated.

Aside from monster corpses, many player corpses could also be spotted in this area. It was evident that the Mutated Floor Master had gone around killing quite a few of the player teams that had arrived on the fourth floor and gathered their corpses here.

“Not good!” When Ink Qilin saw the humanoid figure standing in the center of this corpse site, she instinctively shouted, “Retreat! Quickly!”


Trembling fear!

At this moment, the emotion of fear was vividly displayed on Ink Qilin’s face.

Unfortunately, before River Light and the others could react, a low and cold voice suddenly echoed in everyone’s minds.

“Not bad. So you did bring more food for me. I should be able to evolve with these additions.”

The moment this voice appeared in their minds, whether it was Scarecrow Fox’s members or Desolate Fury’s group of three, unprecedented fear immediately colored their faces.

A Special Intelligent Lifeform!

The Floor Master before them had already evolved into a disaster that could make the entire Greater God’s Domain tremble with fear!

Before Ink Qilin and the others could even scatter and flee, the figure in the middle of the corpse site had already appeared in front of them as if it had been there from the beginning.

A human? Gentle Snow was a little stunned as she looked at the exquisite, doll-like beauty standing before their team.

Rather than a ferocious monster, what stood before them was a beautiful woman wearing a white one-piece dress. The woman had waist-length silver hair, and the smile she wore on her face was warm and enchanting. At first glance, Gentle Snow failed to sense any danger coming from the woman.

“Dammit!” Ink Qilin cursed out loud. Unlike Gentle Snow, Ink Qilin looked at the woman floating before them with a pale and terrified expression, as if she was not looking at a peerless beauty but a ferocious beast instead.

Special Intelligent Lifeforms. Such existences were exceedingly rare, even throughout the entire Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, a representation of what Special Intelligent Lifeforms could accomplish was the Twenty-Two Taboos.

[Mutated Floor Master (Tia)] [Special Intelligent Lifeform, Legendary)

Level 163

HP 2,000,000,000,000


Tia, the Mutated Floor Master before them, might not have reached the Tier 6 Divine rank, and even her level was only at 163, but she was already an undefeatable existence for Tier 5 players like them.

The reason for this was not simply because Tia possessed insurmountable Basic Attributes. Besides that, she also possessed Saint-level control over mana due to her being a Special Intelligent Lifeform and the ability to steal the Skills and Spells of the players she devoured. Combined with her computing speed that vastly surpassed that of players, her existence alone could rival an army of magical-class Saints.

The system really isn’t making things easy for me… Shi Feng wryly smiled as he looked at the Special Intelligent Lifeform before him.

Special Intelligent Lifeforms were existences that players should do their best to steer clear of in the Greater God’s Domain. Even though Tia was only a newly-born Special Intelligent Lifeform, she could already rival Dragons of the same tier and level in terms of overall strength.

“All of you, become my food!” Tia said as she waved a finger around in the air.

Suddenly, everyone present experienced a feeling of suffocation, and even Shi Feng was no exception. This was because the mana within a 1,000-yard radius had been drawn to form multiple magic arrays of massive size.

Tier 5 Spell, Dimensional Wind!

Over a dozen instances of Dimensional Wind appeared around the team simultaneously, one for every member of the team. In Tia’s hands, the triple- and quadruple-casting methods regarded by players as incredibly challenging were nothing but a joke.

Subsequently, over a dozen dimensional blades could be seen flying at every member of the team, each blade being several hundred meters in size.

Faced with these devastating dimensional blades, even the highly experienced members of Scarecrow Fox felt despair. After all, Dimensional Wind was originally already a large-scale Destruction Spell. A Tier 5 Saint-ranked Elementalist could, at most, silent-cast one instance.

Yet, Tia had cast over a dozen instances simultaneously. How were they even supposed to fight such an existence?

It seems a big investment is unavoidable. When Shi Feng saw the humongous dimensional blades targeting everyone in the team, he stopped withholding his cards and injected 6,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal into the Feather of Oath, summoning six Level 162, Tier 5 War Goddesses.

“Tier 5 War Goddesses?!”

When the six War Goddesses appeared, even Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja, who had previously seen Shi Feng summoning War Goddesses, couldn’t help but be stunned. The degree of shock they experienced from seeing the six Tier 5 War Goddesses was no less than what they experienced when they first saw the Mutated Floor Master.

Is this why Abyss Water apologized? When Ink Qilin saw the six War Goddesses, she suddenly realized why Abyss Water had so decisively apologized to Shi Feng despite being a Vice Guild Leader of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance.

Before Ink Qilin could snap out of her daze, the six War Goddesses had already started attacking the approaching dimensional blades using the various weapons they wielded.


In the blink of an eye, every dimensional blade was snuffed out of existence, the collision between the dimensional blades and the War Goddesses’ weapons drawing a dark curtain over the valley. At first glance, it looked as if someone had punctured a hole in the sky, the hole measuring over a thousand meters in radius.

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