Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3436

Chapter 510 – One-Star Heroic Mark

As soon as Shi Feng activated Heroic Pledge, the shattered rocks scattered across the valley began to float into the air. Immediately afterward, a terrifying aura descended from the sky, causing these floating rocks to fall back onto the ground.

Subsequently, a spear-wielding War Goddess, the origin of the terrifying aura, rose into the air. Then, the spear she wielded transformed into numerous beams of light that collided with the Tier 5 Curses descending from the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the beams of light and Tier 5 Curses collided, blinding light spread from the sky above the valley, and the sound of explosions echoed for tens of thousands of yards. The earth also trembled, and fissures measuring thousands of yards formed.


Before the explosions even ceased, the spear-wielding War Goddess appeared in front of Tia and swept her spear at the Mutated Floor Master.


A dark void encompassing a radius of over a hundred yards formed in the sky as Tia blocked the spear with her forearms. However, she failed to neutralize the force behind the War Goddess’s spear, and she ended up getting sent flying dozens of yards backward and losing a visible chunk of her HP.

Not giving Tia any time to reorient herself, the spear-wielding War Goddess followed up her attack with an unrelenting assault. Even though Tia had already recovered to her peak state, she could just barely defend herself using Tier 5 Defensive Curses. Even then, her HP still continued to decline.

5%… 4%… 3%…


Shi Feng couldn’t help but be amazed when he saw how Tia was forced into a passive state.

Even though Tia was only at the Tier 5 Legendary rank, her being a Special Intelligent Lifeform allowed her to fight Tier 6 Divine monsters in a direct confrontation. In fact, the average Divine monster would find themselves on the losing end if their level was the same as Tia’s.

Yet, in front of a Tier 6 War Goddess, Tia performed no better than a child trying to fight an adult.

Even with the ability to cast dozens of Tier 5 Defensive Curses simultaneously, Tia failed to adequately defend herself against the Tier 6 War Goddess’s assault.

Meanwhile, after executing a series of several dozen attacks, the War Goddess’s spear suddenly trembled amidst the void. Then, the weapon transformed into a river of stars that obliterated everything in its path.

Tier 6 Skill, Galaxy Burst!

The river of stars crashed into Tia one time after another, each collision plundering 1% of her HP. On the third collision, Tia’s HP fell to zero, and her body fell out of the sky and crashed into the valley below…


“…Is she dead?”

Everyone fell into a daze when they saw Tia suddenly falling out of the sky and the numerous magic arrays in the sky fading out of existence.

It should be known that only a few seconds had passed from when the War Goddess rose into the air to block all of Tia’s Tier 5 Offensive Curses to when the War Goddess killed Tia.

Tia’s strength was evident to all. Even a Tier 5 Dragon would not be her match.

Yet, the Mutated Floor Master was thoroughly outclassed by the Tier 6 War Goddess!

Who is this person? River Light was at a loss for words as he looked at Shi Feng standing in the distance.

A Tier 6 War Goddess!

A combatant of such caliber could rank amongst even the Greater God’s Domain’s apex existences, let alone the Eternal Realm. Not even pseudo-apex powers would want to provoke such an existence.

At this time, Ink Qilin also wore a complicated expression as she looked at the Tier 6 War Goddess in the air.

Originally, she thought that their two groups were in a mutualistic relationship. She felt that while Shi Feng’s group might be powerful, they still needed Scarecrow Fox’s help in the Underground Crystal Palace. However, by the looks of things, it seemed she was sorely mistaken. With the help of the Tier 6 War Goddess, Shi Feng could easily sweep through the entire Underground Crystal Palace’s fourth floor.

Of course, what Ink Qilin did not know was that the Tier 6 War Goddess had a short duration of thirty minutes. Thirty minutes might be enough to finish off a near-death Tia, but it would be a different story if Tia was still at full HP.

Regardless, following Tia’s death, everyone on the team received enough EXP to level up at least once. Then, a series of system notifications rang in their ears.

System: Congratulations! You have slain a Floor Master. Rewarding 50 Crystal City of Secrets Reputation Points and 10 Free Legacy Skill Points.

System: Congratulations! You have secured the First Kill of the fourth floor’s Floor Master. You have received the “Underground Crystal Palace Explorer” title. All Basic Attributes will be increased by 3% when you enter the Underground Crystal Palace in the future.

Although the First Kill rewards were attractive, everyone couldn’t help but turn their gazes toward Tia’s loot.

Setting aside Tia’s status as one of the Underground Crystal Palace’s Floor Masters, just her status as a Special Intelligent Lifeform already made it impossible for anyone present to guess what kind of loot she could drop. After all, not even apex powers could kill the Greater God’s Domain’s taboo existences.

As expected of a Special Intelligent Lifeform. These drops are simply astounding. Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astounded by the 18 items Tia dropped.

Normally, the Floor Master of the Underground Crystal Palace’s fourth floor would only drop several items when killed, and the best loot it could drop was Combat-ranked Secret Treasures. Moreover, only a maximum of one could drop each time.

But now, Tia had dropped 16 Secret Treasures, of which nine were Combat-ranked, and seven were Common-ranked. In addition, among the Combat-ranked Secret Treasures dropped, there was even the Ice Crystal Set, which was famous throughout the Eternal Realm during Shi Feng’s previous life.

Similar to the Graymoon Set, the Ice Crystal Set was a six-piece set. However, unlike the Graymoon Set, the Ice Crystal Set offered two set effects when all six pieces were collected. The first set effect increased all Basic Attributes by 15%, while the second set effect increased the user’s Mana Protection by 50%.


Meanwhile, Tia happened to drop a complete Ice Crystal Set, while the remaining three Combat-ranked Secret Treasures were individual pieces. As for the Common-ranked Secret Treasures, five of them were the missing pieces Shi Feng needed to finish his Graymoon Sets. With this, he now had three full Graymoon Sets.

However, rather than the Secret Treasures, Shi Feng placed more attention on the two remaining items Tia dropped.

Of the last two items, one was a tattered ancient book, while the other was a scroll made of ancient parchment.

Both items looked and felt incredibly old but also emitted a faint aura of eternity. At a glance, they did not look like items that belonged to this world.


When Shi Feng finished appraising the two items, his heartbeat accelerated.

The ancient book recorded the design for the Secret Crystal Teleportation Scroll, and it allowed players to teleport down by one floor in the Underground Crystal Palace when used. Although it had a one-day cooldown, it was an indispensable treasure for players looking to develop in the Underground Crystal Palace.

As for the ancient scroll, it was the Heroic Mark. However, this Heroic Mark was not just any ordinary Heroic Mark. Instead, inscribed on the scroll was a One-star Heroic Mark, which could be used to upgrade a Basic Trading Firm to an Advanced Trading Firm and unlock one of the trading firm’s hidden advanced functions.

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