Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3444

Chapter 518 – Show of Force

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, time seemingly became frozen as the whole conference room fell completely silent.

A moment later, Liu Wusheng stood up with an excited look and asked, “Guild Leader Black Flame, you’re not joking with us, are you?”

Ever since the Myriad Worlds’ Descent expansion pack went live, all native players came to learn that whether it was the Miniature Ancient World or the God’s Domain they previously fought on, both were merely an insignificant part of the Greater God’s Domain.

The world outside their God’s Domain was not only much vaster but also more exciting. It also provided players with better development opportunities.

However, now that the various foreign powers had blocked off the Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage, native players had no hope of entering the Greater God’s Domain.

While everyone in this conference room was aware that Shi Feng had the ability to travel out of the Miniature Ancient World, the fact that Shi Feng could do so didn’t mean they could as well. After all, it wasn’t easy to get past the World Barrier.

At this time, Galaxy Past, Crimson Heart, Lin Yaoyue, and Zhuo Yalin also looked toward Shi Feng. Although none of them said anything, their eyes exposed their desires.

“I’m serious about what I said,” Shi Feng explained, unsurprised by Liu Wusheng and the others’ skepticism. “Glimmer’s and Purple Light’s members can attest to this.”

Hearing Shi Feng’s words, Liu Wusheng and the others turned to look at a middle-aged knight and a three-meter-tall muscular man sitting in the corner. The middle-aged man was the Purple Light Trading Firm’s Commander Echoing Judgment, while the three-meter-tall man was the Glimmer adventurer team’s Acting Commander Kasio.

“We can indeed confirm this.” Echoing Judgment nodded. “More specifically, that’s how we arrived in the Miniature Ancient World in the first place.”

With Echoing Judgment and Kasio’s confirmation, Liu Wusheng and the others felt a shiver run through their bodies. At the same time, unprecedented excitement appeared in their eyes.

If it was true that Shi Feng could bring others out of the Miniature Ancient World, Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance would achieve prosperity in the Miniature Ancient World, even if they didn’t want to.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that every native player currently operating in the Miniature Ancient World wished to enter the Greater God’s Domain.

Once the Miniature Ancient World’s native players find out that Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance could extend their reach into the Greater God’s Domain, the number of players seeking to join Zero Wing and Asura would reach unprecedented levels.

After a short pause, Shi Feng continued, “Currently, the number of people I can bring each time is limited. Aside from allocating one slot to every power, I also plan to allocate two slots for the talented newcomers trained by the Asura Mercenary Alliance.”

“We only get one slot each?” Liu Wusheng grew a little disappointed.

There were so few slots available that there were barely enough to even divine among the executive members of Zero Wing and Asura. This meant they wouldn’t have any additional slots to use to tempt players to join Zero Wing and Asura.

“We shouldn’t be too greedy. Having even one slot is already good enough,” said Crimson Heart from the Hundred Flower Palace said calmly. “None of the other native powers can send even one player out of the Miniature Ancient World.”

“That’s true.” Galaxy Past nodded in agreement with Crimson Heart’s statement. While Shi Feng could only provide a limited number of slots to leave the Miniature Ancient World, it was still better than nothing. Not to mention, the number of players they could have in the Greater God’s Domain would add up over time.

At this time, Hidden Soul suddenly spoke up, “While it is good that we can head outside, the foreign powers that have invaded the Miniature Ancient World remain a problem. I don’t think they will give us much time to grow.”

“Indeed. According to the information I’ve gathered, we are in a very precious situation,” Su Qianliu concurred. “There are currently three upper-ranking hegemonic powers eyeing our settlements and fortresses. These three powers alone have gathered over 70,000 Tier 5 experts in the Miniature Ancient World, while all of us added together don’t even have 10,000. Even if we abandon all but one of our territories, we will still have difficulty fending them off…”

Su Qianliu’s reminder poured a bucket of cold water over everyone’s heads, bringing them back to reality.

The three upper-ranking hegemonic powers targeting them had 70,000 Tier 5 players. Even if all of these Tier 5 players were only at the third-floor standard, they were still enough to sweep away Zero Wing’s and Asura’s forces.

“You don’t need to worry about this,” Shi Feng calmly said in response. “Which of the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers is currently the strongest?”

He was well aware of the strength of upper-ranking hegemonic powers thanks to his previous life’s experiences. If an upper-ranking hegemonic power didn’t need to have a certain number of players defending its settlements and fortresses in the Greater God’s Domain, it could easily mobilize an army of several hundred thousand Tier 5 players into the Miniature Ancient World.

After inspecting her data, Su Qianliu answered, “Of the three, the strongest is the Hades Society. Currently, it has nearly 30,000 Tier 5 players in the Miniature Ancient World.”

“Nearly 30,000? That’s quite a lot.” Shi Feng nodded. “Where are they gathered?”

“The Hades Society is mainly gathered in Withered Sea City, not far from the world channel,” Hidden Soul answered with an unpleasant expression. “Withered Sea City was originally a monster city that we captured, and it served as a resting place for us in the Dead Ash Sea. But on the first day after the new World Passage opened, the Hades Society took it from us…”

“A city that was taken away?” Shi Feng laughed when he heard this. “In that case, we’ll make a show of force using the Hades Society.”

“A show of force?”

Su Qianliu and the others looked at Shi Feng with some confusion.

“Mhm.” Shi Feng nodded and stood up. Then, he commanded, “Gather all available Tier 5 experts in Abyssal Star City’s central plaza immediately!”

With the current strength of Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance, stopping the various foreign powers’ invasion would be impossible. If they wanted to develop peacefully in the Miniature Ancient World, they would need to let the various foreign powers know that Zero Wing and Asura were not opponents to be trifled with.

Meanwhile, eliminating the Hades Society was undoubtedly the best way to prove this!

After Shi Feng issued his command, although everyone present failed to understand what he was trying to do, they still executed his orders accordingly.

Immediately, Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance issued a call to assemble, and a large number of Tier 5 experts suddenly gathered in Abyssal Star City’s central plaza. In no time, over a thousand Tier 5 experts had gathered, and the number continued to increase as time passed, the sight of so many Tier 5 experts gathering sparking the curiosity of Abyssal Star City’s players.

At the same time, news of Zero Wing and Asura gathering their Tier 5 experts quickly reached the Miniature Ancient World’s various powers.

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