Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3445

Chapter 519 – Surpassing Expectations

Abyssal Star City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

Ever since Abyssal Star City got promoted into an Advanced City, Zero Wing’s Residence had become one of the city’s iconic sites. Not only did it occupy an area of two sports stadiums, but it also had a 50-floor Guild Hall that was over 200 meters tall. Apart from the Primordial Tower, no other building in the city could match Zero Wing’s Guild Hall in height.

Currently, a long line of players could be seen waiting to enter Zero Wing’s Guild Residence. Among them, young men and women made up the majority, and all of them were eagerly talking about Zero Wing.

“Something big seems to be going on in Zero Wing. So many of its Tier 5 experts have suddenly gathered. I wonder what Zero Wing is planning to do?”

“I recall that the last time Zero Wing conducted a major operation was two months ago, when it was attacking a monster nest in the Dead Ash Sea. Back then, the various hegemonic powers only had around thirty Tier 5 experts, yet Zero Wing had mobilized over a hundred Tier 5 experts and over a hundred ships to capture that nest. That nest also became the location for the Dead Ash Sea’s first fortress afterward and solidified Zero Wing’s place as the number one Guild in the Miniature Ancient World.”

“That’s right. It was also around that time I thought of joining Zero Wing. It’s a pity Zero Wing’s requirements are so high. I’ve never passed the test even once until now. Thankfully, Zero Wing suddenly loosened the requirements for players under 20. I must pass the test today!”

“Indeed. Zero Wing’s recruitment conditions are extraordinarily high. Even after Zero Wing has loosened its requirements, newcomers like us still need to reach the Refinement Realm and Truth Realm at the very minimum. Even with all the changes that have taken place in the Miniature Ancient World, not many players can meet these conditions.”

When the youngsters waiting in line to take Zero Wing’s recruitment test spoke about the loosened conditions to join Zero Wing, they couldn’t help but feel a little exasperated. Out of all the native powers operating in the Miniature Ancient World, Zero Wing’s recruitment conditions were without a doubt the highest.

To this day, the Five Great Super Guilds remained existences that corporations in the real world had to do their best to befriend. Yet, even the Five Super Guilds only required players to reach the Half-step Refinement Realm standard to become normal members.

Yet, players needed to reach the Refinement Realm and the Truth Realm to become normal members of Zero Wing.

But even with such stringent requirements, everyone still sought to join Zero Wing.

This was because Zero Wing’s member benefits were unquestionably the best. Particularly, if players could get promoted to an elite member, they would gain the opportunity to train in the Primordial Tower, rapidly improving in all aspects and increasing their chances of creating a high-ranking Tier 5 Mana Body.

Inside the Guild Leader’s Office in Zero Wing’s Residence…

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be a little surprised as he read a detailed report on Zero Wing’s current situation.

Even with the Miniature Ancient World’s current excellent conditions, few players could get promoted to Tier 5. The average superpower only had several hundred Tier 5 experts. Moreover, the majority of them had only created a Tier 5 Silver Mana Body.

Yet, Zero Wing currently had 3,216 Tier 5 experts!

This was already comparable to what the various Super Guilds had on the main continent.

Not to mention, out of these 3,216 Tier 5 experts, 70% had created a Tier 5 Gold Mana Body, and 15 had created a Tier 5 Epic Mana Body.

Of the 15 players, apart from Shi Feng’s early companions, such as Su Qianliu, Rampant Blade, Happy Snow, and Firecloud, there were also Zero Wing’s rookie geniuses, such as Wu Xiaoxiao, Midsummer, and Jun Luosha, and those who joined Zero Wing later on such as Wordless Ember and Sleeping Quicksand.

Even in the Greater God’s Domain, few hegemonic powers possessed so many high-quality Tier 5 experts.

Currently, most ordinary hegemonic powers in the Greater God’s Domain only have several dozen Tier 6 experts under their command. Meanwhile, the reason these hegemonic powers had so few Tier 6 experts was that few of their experts could create a Tier 5 Gold Mana Body.

Players would undergo a massive qualitative transformation when going from Tier 5 to Tier 6. Meanwhile, to accomplish this qualitative leap, players would not only need a large amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals, but they would also need to be able to create a Divine Body.

However, the process of creating a Divine Body was challenging even to titled experts. This was because players’ technical skills had little to no influence over the creation of a Divine Body.

There were only two factors that could affect the success of a Divine Body’s creation. Firstly, Concentration. Players needed to have their Concentration at the Basic Tier 6 standard at the very minimum. Secondly, Mana Body. The higher the rank of one’s Mana Body, the lower the difficulty one would face in creating their Divine Body.

Because of these two factors, even though the Greater God’s Domain was a place rich in resources, few players could ever reach Tier 6.

Meanwhile, so long as players managed to create a Tier 5 Gold Mana Body, depending on the quality of their Legacies, their chances of creating a Divine Body ranged between 5% to 30%.

Currently, even assuming that all of Zero Wing’s Tier 5 experts with Tier 5 Gold Mana Bodies only had a 5% chance of creating a Divine Body, Zero Wing could still potentially have more than 110 Tier 6 experts in the future. Not to mention, Zero Wing was still continuously growing, Abyssal Star City had yet to reach the Main City standard, and the Primordial Tower’s third floor had yet to be unlocked.

The Primordial Tower’s third floor was the last and most crucial floor. If players could train there, they could undoubtedly achieve greater improvements than what they could achieve on the first two floors.

“Why did you gather so many Tier 5 experts, Guild Leader? Don’t tell me you plan on attacking Withered Sea City?” Blackie asked, sweating profusely as he looked at Shi Feng. “Withered Sea City has over 10,000 Tier 5 experts and several Tier 6 combatants defending it daily. The Hades Society can also recall all of its Tier 5 experts to Withered Sea City at a moment’s notice.

“At that time, we might have to face nearly 30,000 Tier 5 experts and 20 Tier 6 combatants…”

Although Blackie did not participate in the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s meeting, he had still heard from Su Qianliu that Shi Feng planned to make a show of force in the Miniature Ancient World. Hence, Shi Feng gathered all available Tier 5 experts in Zero Wing and Asura.

However, based on his understanding of Shi Feng, there was no way Shi Feng would bring so many experts to Withered Sea City just for the sake of putting on a simple show. The only reason Shi Feng would gather all of Zero Wing’s and Asura’s Tier 5 players was to capture Withered Sea City.

Hearing Blackie’s words, Su Qianliu also couldn’t help but grow anxious. In her opinion, it was simply ludicrous to attack Withered Sea City with their current forces.

Setting aside the fact that they would have to face nearly 30,000 Tier 5 experts, just the opponent’s twenty or so titled experts with Tier 6 combat power would be enough to give them a huge headache.

In the four months Shi Feng was away, Rampant Blade, Wu Xiaoxiao, Wordless Ember, and Sleeping Quicksand were the only ones in Zero Wing who could achieve Tier 6 combat power. As for Asura’s side, only Hidden Soul, Liu Wusheng, Crimson Heart, Galaxy Past, Echoing Judgment, and Kasio had achieved it. In total, Zero Wing and Asura only had ten Tier 6 combatants.

If they were on the defending side, it might be fine to have ten Tier 6 combatants go up against twenty, but it would be suicidal to do so when they were the attackers.

“You’ve guessed it.” Shi Feng calmly nodded while reading the report in his hand. “We might not be a match for them when it comes to numbers, but we won’t lose to them when it comes to top combatants.”

After saying so, Shi Feng took out a glass marble, a Secret Treasure he had obtained from the Underground Crystal Palace.

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