Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3446

Chapter 520 – Shocking All Sides

Zero Wing’s Residence, Guild Leader’s Office:

When Su Qianliu and Blackie finished inspecting the Secret Treasure’s stats, their breaths immediately grew heavy.

“Where did you get such a treasure, Guild Leader?!” Blackie’s eyes were full of shock as he looked at the Secret Treasure on the table.

When players raised their tiers, it wasn’t only their Basic Attributes and Physiques that would receive a qualitative increase. They would also see a significant improvement in their Mana Protection. The difference in Mana Protection was also why players of a lower tier would usually have difficulty damaging players of a higher tier.

However, unlike Basic Attributes and Physique, there weren’t any weapons, equipment, or tools that increased Mana Protection. As far as what was currently known in God’s Domain, the only way players could increase their Protection was by raising their tier.

Yet, the Secret Treasure on the table had broken this norm. When equipped, it would increase the user’s Mana Protection. This was simply unbelievable.

“If even one article can increase Mana Protection by this much, you can probably become invincible among players of the same tier if you have three articles equipped,” Su Qianliu commented. Then, she looked toward Shi Feng and asked, “Do you have a lot of these Secret Treasures, Guild Leader?”

One could say that Mana Protection was the foundation of tier suppression in God’s Domain.

At first glance, the term “Mana Protection” would lead one to think that it increased players’ resistance toward Mana. However, according to research conducted by many Lifestyle players, the essence of Mana Protection was the total volume of mana contained within a player’s body.

When players raised their tiers, the size of their mana pool would also increase accordingly. Meanwhile, players having more mana in their body would be akin to them being in an environment rich in mana, while players having less mana in their body would be akin to them being in an environment lacking in mana.

Hence, the higher a player’s Mana Protection, the bigger their mana pool would become, and the better the “mana environment” that would surround them. With greater Mana Protection, not only would players receive less damage from attacks, but they would also see a rise in their destructive power. This was also why, even if two players of different tiers had similar Basic Attributes, the performance of their normal attacks, Skills, and Spells would be different.

“Not a lot.” Calmly, Shi Feng said, “I only have 92 of these things on me right now.”

Excluding the Graymoon and Ice Crystal Secret Treasure Sets, his group had only received 92 Common Secret Treasures from the Underground Crystal Palace based on the system’s allocation. As for the Combat Secret Treasures dropped by Tia, the Mutated Floor Master, he had given them all to Scarecrow Fox.


Blackie and Su Qianliu were promptly dumbfounded.

They had never even heard of any items being able to increase players’ Mana Protection before today. In their opinions, the value of a Secret Treasure was no less than that of a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, and it would be fortunate if Shi Feng could take out even ten Secret Treasures.

But 92?

With this many Secret Treasures, they could form a 20-man team of invincible Tier 5 players!

“Anyway, you two pick a few Secret Treasures for yourselves first. Afterward, find a group of trustworthy Tier 4 players and distribute the rest to them. It’s best if they are fourth-floor experts. Make absolutely sure news of these items doesn’t get out,” Shi Feng said as he looked at the two stunned people before him. Then, he took out all of the Secret Treasures in his bag and placed them on the table.

He still had no intentions of letting the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s folk know about Secret Treasures. After all was said and done, Asura was merely a loose organization with few restrictions. Meanwhile, Secret Treasures were extraordinary items. If the outside world came to know that there were Secret Treasures in the Miniature Ancient World, nobody could guarantee the safety of the Miniature Ancient World.

“Leave it to us,” Su Qianliu responded, an excited expression appearing on her face when she snapped back to her senses. “We’ll make sure everyone who receives a Secret Treasure signs a God’s Domain Contract. Nobody should even think of leaking this secret!”

Blackie also nodded, his heart beating with excitement as he looked at the Secret Treasures on the table. They would be able to create a 20-man team with Mana Protection rivaling Tier 6 players with all these Secret Treasures, and once this team made its debut, it would absolutely shock the entire Miniature Ancient World.

Following this, Su Qianliu and Blackie quickly carried out Shi Feng’s instructions, distributing the Secret Treasures to Zero Wing’s fourth-floor experts, such as Firecloud, Midsummer, Happy Snow, Jun Luosha, and others. Meanwhile, when these individuals received their Secret Treasures and saw their effects, they couldn’t help but grow ecstatic.

Three hours later, over 8,000 players gathered in Abyssal Star City’s central plaza following Shi Feng’s command. These were all Tier 5 players of Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

When these 8,000-plus Tier 5 players gathered in the central plaza, many passersby couldn’t help but stare at them. Many executives of the various powers even went out of their way to come here when they heard that so many of Zero Wing’s and Asura’s Tier 5 experts had gathered.

On the rooftop dining area of a high-end restaurant next to Abyssal Star Plaza…

“What the heck is the Asura Mercenary Alliance trying to do by gathering so many Tier 5 players?” One Step, the Titan Sword of the Divine Hunters Guild, said in displeasure as he swayed the glass of wine in his hand. Currently, One Step was already a Level 157, Tier 5 Berserker.

“Are you worried they’ll target Divine Hunters?” the Level 158, Tier 5 female Elementalist sitting across One Step said with a faint smile. “I heard that Divine Hunters has been fighting Asura over a Seven Luminaries Crystal vein in the Dead Ash Sea recently. Maybe Asura has finally gotten fed up and decided to put an end to the fighting once and for all?”

Glancing at the female Elementalist, One Step disdainfully said, “You speak as if Morning Light has never provoked Zero Wing before. If my memories serve me correctly, your people stole a Large Shipyard from Zero Wing while Zero Wing was busy defending a siege. Isn’t that why a big shot like you has come running all the way here now, Melissa?”

Dark Banner Melissa of the Morning Light Guild did not refute One Step’s words. Instead, she glanced at the various hegemonic powers’ experts that have gathered around the Abyssal Star Plaza because of the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s latest movement.

A force of over 8,000 Tier 5 experts was one that no hegemonic power in the current Miniature Ancient World could afford to ignore. It was especially so since the Asura Mercenary Alliance had quite a few Tier 6 combatants.

If Asura’s goal this time were to attack Morning Light, it would be an existential battle. At the very least, it would decide whether Morning Light could continue to operate and thrive in the Miniature Ancient World.

Following the collapse of the first World Passage, the Miniature Ancient World had entered a sealed state. During this period, the Asura Mercenary Alliance, with Zero Wing at its core, had achieved mind-blowingly rapid development.

Honestly, if not for the second World Passage opening, letting the various hegemonic powers mobilize more Tier 5 experts into the Miniature Ancient World, none of them would even have the qualifications to challenge the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

Even so, if the current Asura Mercenary Alliance were hellbent on targeting a specific hegemonic power, it would be a nightmare for said power. Hence, the Miniature Ancient World’s various hegemonic powers had promptly come running to Abyssal Star City as soon as they heard Asura gathering its Tier 5 experts.

While One Step and Melissa were ridiculing each other, a new group of players arrived at the plaza. When One Step and Melissa saw the cloaked male Swordsman walking at the front of this group, their eyes immediately widened in disbelief.

For most people, they wouldn’t have paid much attention to the cloaked Swordsman due to his lack of presence. However, for One Step and Melissa, the cloaked Swordsman was someone they would never forget.

“Black Flame!”

“He’s actually back?”

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