Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3447

Chapter 521 – Black Flame Returns

Upon overhearing One Step’s and Melissa’s exclamations, the restaurant’s rooftop dining area suddenly fell silent as everyone turned to look at the cloaked Swordsman in the plaza.

“Is he the Asura Sword Emperor, Black Flame?”

“Didn’t they say Black Flame disappeared in the World Passage long ago?”

“No wonder Asura is making such a huge commotion. With Black Flame’s return, a reevaluation of the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s strength will be necessary.”

In the current Greater God’s Domain, few people did not know the name of the Asura Sword Emperor Black Flame. This name was especially well-known among the various hegemonic powers.

More specifically, this was a name that the various hegemonic powers needed to remember.

While the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Luminous Glory List might only be prepared for Tier 4 players of the younger generation, the list encompassed the entire Greater God’s Domain. Even the simple feat of getting onto the list of 1,000 players was something the various hegemonic powers’ experts could only dream of accomplishing.

In a situation where the Asura Mercenary Alliance already had many titled experts under its command, the sudden addition of the Asura Sword Emperor could cause a qualitative change to Asura’s top combat power.

Meanwhile, following Shi Feng’s arrival, some of Asura’s members quickly recognized him.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

“Am I dreaming? Is Guild Leader Black Flame actually back?!”

“This is great! With this, our top combat power will see further improvement! Let’s see which hegemonic power will dare to provoke us in the future!”

“So, he’s the Miniature Ancient World’s former number one Swordsman?”

Many members of Asura were excited to see Shi Feng. It was especially so for the older members. They had personally witnessed Shi Feng’s astonishing accomplishments in the Miniature Ancient World, so they had a much better idea of what could come from Shi Feng’s return.

“You really guessed it, Reaver!” a young female knight in her late teens said excitedly to the female Swordsman next to her when she saw Asura’s older members recognizing Shi Feng.

Although Sound Reaver had previously guessed that the cloaked Swordsman was the Asura Sword Emperor Black Flame, it was only now that this conjecture had received confirmation.

The Miniature Ancient World’s number one Swordsman? While watching Shi Feng walk onto the elevated platform in the middle of the plaza, Sound Reaver’s eyes burned with determination. This title will be mine sooner or later!

After becoming Hidden Soul’s apprentice, Sound Reaver had come to learn of Hidden Soul’s unfathomable strength. Yet, even with such unfathomable strength, Hidden Soul continued to hold Black Flame in great esteem. This made Sound Reaver curious about Black Flame.

Only, after seeing Black Flame in person, Sound Reaver couldn’t help but be disappointed. This was because Shi Feng did not have as powerful and frightening of a presence as she imagined. She couldn’t even feel any pressure coming from him as she did with her master Hidden Soul.

“I wonder what Guild Leader Black Flame has gathered so many of us here for?”

“I heard from an executive that Guild Leader Black Flame seems to be planning to use the Hades Society to set an example!”

“Using the Hades Society to set an example? Doesn’t that mean we’ll be attacking the Hades Society?”

“Isn’t it a little too early for us to be attacking the Hades Society? I heard that they have fifth-floor experts. Even if Guild Leader Black Flame is back, we still can’t match the Hades Society’s fifth-floor experts in numbers. We’ll be at a disadvantage in top combat power.”

After learning of Shi Feng’s return, Asura’s members began speculating why Shi Feng had gathered so many Tier 5 experts. And when they spoke about the possibility of attacking the Hades Society, they couldn’t help but think that Shi Feng was acting a little too recklessly.

It was indeed good news for Asura that a fifth-floor expert such as Shi Feng had returned. But the current Miniature Ancient World was no longer the same as in the past. Simply being a fifth-floor expert could no longer guarantee one a spot among the Miniature Ancient World’s top ten players.

This was because every upper-ranking hegemonic power that had entered the Miniature Ancient World had multiple fifth-floor experts under its command, and there were easily more than ten upper-ranking hegemonic powers operating in the Miniature Ancient World.

While Asura’s members were talking among themselves, both the executives of Asura and the various powers present suddenly started receiving messages and call requests.

“Did something happen, Soul?” Shi Feng asked when he noticed a sudden change in Hidden Soul’s expression.

“Something big happened!” Hidden Soul said grimly. “Just a moment ago, we received news that the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe have secretly gathered most of their Tier 5 experts at the Boundary Sea. Their numbers exceed 50,000, and their Tier 6 combatants exceed 60. They moved very secretively, and they had already appeared within ten kilometers of Abyssal Star City when we discovered them…”

“Dammit! These three upper-ranking hegemonic powers must have joined forces long ago! All the conflicts they had with each other were nothing but acts to deceive us into letting our guards down! Now that they heard that we’ve gathered most of our Tier 5 experts in Abyssal Star City, they must be planning to wipe us out once and for all!” Liu Wusheng cursed under his breath after reading the latest intelligence report he received. He never thought the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers would band together.

Before anybody could say anything else, Abyssal Star City’s alarm for battle suddenly rang, and numerous Magic Mirrors appeared above the city. Meanwhile, displayed in these mirrors was the image of several thousand ships. Among them were hundreds of Bronze Ships and above, and every player riding these warships was at Tier 5.

At a glance, the Tier 5 players aboard these ships numbered in the tens of thousands, and the sight of all these Tier 5 experts was shocking to even the battle-hardened experts in Abyssal Star City. Many experts had even forgotten how to breathe.

Apart from the thousands of ships sailing across the sea, there were also three thirty-meter-long wyverns flying in the sky. Each of these wyverns carried twenty or so Tier 5 experts, and just the sight of these experts struck fear into the fourth-floor experts present in Abyssal Star City.

Tier 6 combatants!

This was the term that the various fourth-floor experts instinctively thought of.

However, compared to the several dozen Tier 6 combatants, everyone was more terrified by the sight of the three experts helming the wyverns. Of these three experts, two were men, and one was a woman. All three looked rather young and did not look like they were even 25 years old. Yet, the sight of these three experts had given everyone the illusion three deities had just descended onto the mortal world.

At this moment, even the various hegemonic powers’ experts who were in Abyssal Star City to watch the show had fallen silent, all of them wearing looks of disbelief.

Sacred Glory experts!

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