Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3448

Chapter 522 – A Sacred Glory Expert? I’ve Long Stopped Being One

“The Hades Society must be crazy!”

“Is this the true strength of the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers?”

Asura’s members were filled with astonishment and worry when they saw the three individuals helming the three wyverns.

As for executives such as Liu Wusheng, they started to feel as if their previous belief that Asura could defend Abyssal Star City so long as they concentrated their forces was nothing but a joke.


Meanwhile, Asura’s members weren’t the only ones who despaired at the sight of the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe’s combined army of Tier 5 experts. The various hegemonic powers’ executives who had come to Abyssal Star City to investigate Asura’s activities similarly felt suffocated at this sight.

While it was true that the Asura Mercenary Alliance was an enemy of the various hegemonic powers, none of the various hegemonic powers’ executives could bring themselves to feel delighted over Asura’s predicament. On the contrary, they felt a sense of camaraderie with Asura’s members.

“Worldbreaking Axe, Heratis! Myriad Spears, Daylight! Unsleeping Death, Death Stride!” One Step was greatly shaken when he saw the three individuals helming the wyverns. “Is this a celebrity battle organized by the Seven Luminaries Alliance? Why are there three Sacred Glory experts here?”

“It seems the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers plan to eliminate Asura once and for all,” Melissa said, sighing.

The three ranking lists published by the Seven Luminaries Alliance across the entire Greater God’s Domain were known by all. They were also often the focus of discussion for many people.

With the exception of the Luminous Glory List, players capable of entering the Sacred Glory List or Divine Glory List were publicly recognized as powerhouses in the Greater God’s Domain. Even the fifth-floor experts regarded as core combatants by the various hegemonic powers were nothing but a joke in front of these powerhouses, let alone titled experts like themselves.

Meanwhile, Heratis, Daylight, and Death Stride were not only ranked among the Sacred Glory List, but all three of them were also ranked within the top 500.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that just one of them was enough to wipe the floor with any hegemonic power operating in the Miniature Ancient World.

Normally, the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers would never send such precious combatants into a miniature world. After all, these experts could accomplish much greater things in the Greater God’s Domain. Yet, now, three of these experts were mobilized just to target the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

Such a shocking scene could rarely be seen even in the Greater God’s Domain, so it was mind-blowing that it had happened in a miniature world.

Before the players in Abyssal Star City could come back to their senses, faint laughter came from above the city.

“Black Flame! I heard you want to use the Hades Society to set an example! I wonder how you feel now?” asked a fair-skinned young girl of the giant race. The girl was one of the three individuals helming the wyverns, and she spoke in a teasing tone. “If you hand over Abyssal Star City and beg for mercy now, I might decide to be merciful and let you go!”

“You sure know how to tell a joke, Heratis,” said a rigid and short young man who was similarly helming a wyvern. Then, the young man laughed unreservedly and said, “Since when has the Worldbreaking Axe spared anyone who has begged for mercy? If I remember correctly, you annihilated the soul of the last guy who begged for mercy.”

“Stride, you didn’t have to expose Heratis like that,” said a savage-looking man with messy hair. “You should give our Brother Black Flame some hope. That way, we wouldn’t have to waste as much energy taking over Abyssal Star City.”

“You might think of it as troublesome, but not me,” the short young man named Death Stride said, sneering. “It won’t be anything more than a little exercise. What trouble could there be? You are simply bringing shame to your title of Myriad Spears, Daylight.”

Glaring at Death Stride and Daylight, the giant girl named Heratis said in dissatisfaction, “Can you two give this newbie here a little chance? He is a Luminous Glory expert, after all. Who knows? I might very well decide to be merciful.”

The three cannon fodders helming the wyverns ran their mouths one after another, none of them taking Shi Feng seriously. Even the 8,000-plus Tier 5 experts of Asura were no different than ants in their eyes.

However, the trio’s contempt did not provoke any ridicule or anger from the players in Abyssal Star City. On the contrary, everyone shuddered at their words.

“It seems they really intend to wipe us out,” Hidden Soul solemnly said as she looked at the three trio talking and laughing in mid-air.

If the three individuals talking were insignificant nobodies, their words could be dismissed as a joke. But all three of them were on the Sacred Glory List. So, their arrogant words sounded more like a predator wanting to have some fun with their prey before killing it.

As a former commander of the Flower of Seven Sins, Hidden Soul had seen many individuals behaving as such before.

While everyone in the Abyssal Star Plaza was watching on in silence, a woman stepped up from behind Shi Feng and said:

“Are Sacred Glory experts so noisy nowadays?”

These words were not spoken loudly, but in the silent plaza, they sounded like they were amplified countless times. Hence, everyone in and around the plaza heard these words clearly, and this included One Step and Melissa.

The woman who spoke had an elegant look, and she carried a silver spear and shield on her back. Although she had reached Tier 5 already, she was only at Level 156, which was quite low compared to the various hegemonic powers’ experts.

Apart from those in and around the plaza, the players riding on the three wyverns in the sky also heard the elegant woman’s words loudly and clearly. Immediately, the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ Tier 6 combatants couldn’t help but shudder, though not because of the woman but because of the aura emanating from Heratis.

“It seems you are eager to be the first to die, old hag!” Heratis said, her gaze growing colder and colder as she looked at Ink Qilin. “Since you’re in such a hurry, I’ll grant you your wish!”

After saying so, Heratis reached for the five-meter-long axe she carried on her back and threw it at Ink Qilin.

When the axe separated from Heratis’s hand, it traveled across the air without making any sound. Yet, the weapon traveled at the speed of lightning, and it easily penetrated Abyssal Star City’s defensive magic array and struck Ink Qilin.

The sight of this unimpressive attack caused everyone in Abyssal Star City to gasp. It was especially so for Asura’s members.

Abyssal Star City’s defensive magic array had stood strong against numerous attacks from hegemonic powers and sea monsters. The defensive magic array could even block attacks that had reached the Tier 6 standard. Yet, it behaved as if it did not exist against Heratis’s attack…


Following a deafening explosion coming from the plaza, everyone in the city gasped once more.

This was because, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Ink Qilin had stopped Heratis’s frightening axe. More specifically, she had caught the giant weapon with one hand, and she neither moved nor lost any HP in the process.

“Are you also a Sacred Glory expert?!” Heratis was greatly shocked when she saw Ink Qilin catch her attack without taking any damage. In her opinion, apart from Sacred Glory experts, no other expert of the same tier could stop her attack without taking damage.

“A Sacred Glory expert?” After tossing the giant axe aside, Ink Qilin reached for the spear on her back. Then, she threw the weapon at Heratis and indifferently said, “I’ve long stopped being one.”

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