Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3449

Chapter 523 – Tier 6 Appears

Like a shooting star, a streak of light shot through the sky above Abyssal Star City and disappeared. Following it, a scream echoed throughout the city.

She couldn’t resist it?

Daylight and Death Stride widened their eyes in disbelief when they saw one of Heratis’s arms getting obliterated. They could neither believe nor fathom how this had happened.

Heratis, the Worldbreaking Axe, was known for her abnormally high Strength Attribute. When comparing Strength, she could rank among the Sacred Glory List’s top 100. Her Guild had even assigned her the Legendary-ranked Titan Battle Axe because of her dispatch to the Miniature Ancient World this time.

In her current state, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Heratis’s Strength had reached the average standard of Level 160, Tier 6 Berserker Gods.

Yet, even though Heratis had used her axe to block Ink Qilin’s attack, her axe still got sent flying, and one of her arms was obliterated…


Madness and disbelief filled Heratis’s eyes at the loss of her arm. Blinded by rage, she waved her remaining hand and recalled the Titan Battle Axe. Then, she slashed down in Ink Qilin’s direction.

Absolute Technique, Heavenly Might!

Space warped along with the descent of the Titan Battle Axe, and many of those standing in the way of the Legendary Weapon found themselves robbed of their ability to move.

However, while many had found themselves immobilized by Heratis’s Heavenly Might, Ink Qilin remained unaffected. Not only that, but Ink Qilin had thrown the spear she recalled with even greater speed, the weapon splitting into more than a dozen copies of itself mid-flight.

Absolute Technique, Compounded Shadow!

Spear after spear struck the warped space. When the fifth spear struck, space shattered, and the remaining spears continued onward to Heratis. Seeing this, Heratis was forced to cancel her attack and brandish her axe to defend herself.

One strike… Two strikes… Three strikes…

Every strike caused Heratis to lose a chunk of her HP. When the eighth spear struck the Titan Battle Axe, Heratis’s HP fell to zero, and her body fell lifelessly from the sky.

Suddenly, silence enveloped Abyssal Star City as everyone stared at Ink Qilin as if they had just seen a ghost.

Heratis, the Worldbreaking Axe and 439th on the Sacred Glory List, had died…just like that?

How is this possible?!

Not even the top 30 Sacred Glory experts can kill Heratis so easily! Who is that woman?!

As individuals who were similarly ranked within the Sacred Glory List’s top 500, Daylight and Death Stride couldn’t help but be shocked and frightened by Ink Qilin’s strength.

As for the players standing in the Abyssal Star Plaza, they were dumbfounded by this unexpected turn of events. Liu Wusheng, Zhuo Yalin, and the other executives of Asura, in particular, felt like they were dreaming.

“Where did you find such an expert, Guild Leader?! Isn’t she a little too strong?!” Blackie exclaimed, his mouth having difficulty staying shut.

Logically, an expert on the Sacred Glory List should be able to dominate the entire Miniature Ancient World single-handedly. Yet, now, a Sacred Glory expert had just been killed in seconds. The clash between Ink Qilin and Heratis was so one-sided that Blackie couldn’t help but suspect that the Worldbreaking Axe he had just seen getting killed was an impostor.

As for One Step and Melissa, they couldn’t help but scrutinize Ink Qilin.

Could this woman be the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s true owner?

This was the thought that came to the minds of One Step and Melissa. Unlike Blackie, they had met Heratis in the Greater God’s Domain before, so they knew that the Heratis that had just been killed was the real deal.

Meanwhile, in God’s Domain, the person in control of an organization would typically be the strongest player in the entire organization. Seeing as Black Flame was only a genius on the Luminous Glory List, One Step and Melissa couldn’t help but suspect that Ink Qilin was the true owner of the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

“Ink Qilin? I saw this name among the Sacred Glory List’s top 10 over a decade ago. Could this woman be that Ink Qilin?”

“She’s a former top-10 Sacred Glory expert? No wonder Heratis is no match for her.”

“Could she be Zero Wing’s mysterious backer?”

Some of the older players present quickly recognized Ink Qilin. And upon discovering Ink Qilin’s identity, they no longer found it surprising that Ink Qilin could kill Heratis so effortlessly.

It was true that Heratis was amazing for being able to rank among the Sacred Glory List’s top 500. However, there was a qualitative difference between someone ranked in the top 500 and someone ranked in the top 30.

So, it wasn’t all too unbelievable for a former top 10 Sacred Glory expert to kill the current 439th-ranked Sacred Glory expert in one exchange.

However, of those present, only Shi Feng, Gentle Snow, Desolate Fury, Leroja, Cross, River Light, and Blaze Eye knew the only reason Ink Qilin could kill Heratis so effortlessly was because she had multiple Secret Treasures equipped. There were even Combat-ranked Secret Treasures among them.

Be it Basic Attributes or Mana Protection, Ink Qilin was far above Heratis. Hence, it was only natural for Heratis to lose to Ink Qilin in a clash of Absolute Techniques.

Of course, had Heratis chosen to fight by evading, even Ink Qilin would have needed some time to kill her. The fight wouldn’t have ended so quickly and decisively.

While everyone was immersed in silence, Shi Feng collected the item Heratis dropped and turned his gaze toward Daylight and Death Stride.

“It seems your plan to take over Abyssal Star City isn’t going as smoothly as you expected. Will you two beg for mercy now or choose to continue fighting?” Shi Feng nonchalantly asked.

An ugly look appeared on Daylight and Death Stride when they heard Shi Feng returning their previous provocation to them.

“Black Flame! Don’t get cocky just because you have Ink Qilin backing you!” Not only did Daylight not panic after realizing Ink Qilin’s identity, but he even sneered and said, “Do you really think we have no way to deal with her?”

“With just you two? You’re still not qualified for that,” Shi Feng said disdainfully.

Whether it was the Hades Society, Primal Empire, or Sacred Tribe, he had never regarded any of them as his actual opponents. This was because upper-ranking hegemonic powers lacked the qualifications to be his opponent.

However, a second after Shi Feng finished speaking, a powerful voice echoed throughout Abyssal Star City.

“Is this old man qualified, then?”

Following this question, an indescribable pressure swept through Abyssal Star City, forcing all players below Tier 5 to their knees. Many Tier 5 experts also felt their movements becoming stiff.

Suddenly, a lean old man appeared mid-air, his body staying suspended in the air without any support as he overlooked Abyssal Star City.

“Divine Might! This is real Divine Might!”

“This is a lie! This must be a lie!”

“Tier 6?! He’s a Tier 6 Berserker God?!”

Shock and fear filled the eyes of Asura’s members as they looked at the old man. They never expected someone from the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers to get promoted to Tier 6 already.

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