Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3454

Chapter 528 – Unrivalled

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dead souls -> lost souls

The hundreds of lost souls summoned by Nightmare Chaser emitted piercing screams above Abyssal Star City’s magnificent city walls, causing the Tier 5 players within a 1,000-yard radius to fall into a daze. As for those beneath Tier 4, they fainted on the spot and were forcibly logged out of the game. Evidently, everyone caught within range of the piercing screams had suffered a significant mental blow.

“What kind of footwork is that?! How is he moving so quickly?!”

“Is Black Flame crazy? He’s really trying to block that kind of attack?”

“Isn’t it common sense that souls cannot be physically touched? Does he not even know that?”

Everyone couldn’t help but be confused by Shi Feng’s actions when they saw him taking the initiative to meet the lost souls in battle. After all, souls in God’s Domain did not have a physical form, meaning they couldn’t be touched. This, in turn, made it difficult for players to harm souls.

Meanwhile, when Nightmare Chaser saw Shi Feng trying to block his attack, he couldn’t help but get the urge to laugh.

Soul Slaughter was his trademark move, and he had killed many Tier 6 experts with it. Some of these targets were even Tier 6 Saints who were proficient with soul attacks. Yet, all of them had died to this move without exception.

The lost souls he summoned might seem like they could only launch soul attacks, but every one of them also carried a saber light. In other words, anyone targeted by his Soul Slaughter would not only have to face several hundred soul attacks, but they would also have to face several hundred physical attacks simultaneously.

So, for a Tier 5 Sword Saint to try to defend against the lost souls was no different than suicide.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thundering explosions echoed throughout Abyssal Star City, one after another. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the hundreds of lost souls did not phase through Shi Feng’s swords. Instead, the moment they came into the spiraling rivers of stars, they vanished out of existence like flames getting extinguished. As for the saber lights the lost souls carried, they behaved as if they had collided with an impenetrable wall, and they were the main cause of the explosions that echoed throughout the city.

After several hundred explosions, all of the lost souls disappeared, and Shi Feng could be seen standing tall in mid-air.

A Golden Master! He’s a Golden Master as well!

Guild Leader Black Flame is a Golden Master?

Daylight and the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ other members subconsciously gasped when they saw Shi Feng hovering in mid-air. Even Liu Wusheng and the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s other members reacted in a similar manner.

Previously, they still didn’t understand the significance of being able to fly in the current Miniature Ancient World. Now, though, they knew that only Tier 6 players and players who had mastered a Gold Combat Technique of the footwork variety could accomplish such a feat.

Meanwhile, it should be known that Golden Masters were apex existences in the Greater God’s Domain. The fact that the Asura Mercenary Alliance had three Golden Masters was already very astonishing. Yet, now, it was revealed that Asura had a fourth Golden Master.

Not to mention, unlike the three other Golden Masters, Shi Feng was a native player of the Miniature Ancient World. Once he got promoted to Tier 6, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he’d become an invincible existence in the Miniature Ancient World. At that time, no foreign power would be able to do anything about him.

“I see! So that’s why that little girl spoke so highly of you!” When Nightmare Chaser saw Shi Feng hovering at the same elevation as he was, he quickly remembered the words Ink Qilin had previously said to him and came to a realization. But, then, a hint of madness appeared on his face as he said, “But so what if you’re a Golden Master? It still doesn’t change the fact that you’re only at Tier 5. Today, I’ll teach you the difference in tiers!”

As soon as Nightmare Chaser finished speaking, the intensity of his aura skyrocketed, and his body rapidly grew in size until he became a five-meter-tall giant. In this state, his every movement caused the surrounding space to collapse, and the Divine Might he exuded caused everyone apart from Wraith Saint to have difficulty moving.

Tier 6 Legacy Skill, Spirit God Transformation!

He’s fully recovered to his peak state! When Wraith Saint felt Nightmare Chaser’s aura, he couldn’t help but grow a little envious.

Spirit God Transformation was a Legacy Berserk Skill that enhanced Nightmare Chaser’s Basic Attributes by 220%, Physique by 100%, five senses by 100%, and reaction speed by 100% for one minute. With the assistance of this Berserk Skill, Nightmare Chaser could even out the powerful suppression he faced from the Miniature Ancient World and exhibit the combat power of a normal Tier 6 player.

With the combat power of a normal Tier 6 player and the Legendary Weapon Revenant Blade supporting Nightmare Chaser, not even a Tier 5 Golden Master could survive against him.

Subsequently, Nightmare Chaser could be seen casually swinging the Revenant Blade in Shi Feng’s direction. Immediately afterward, hundreds of Tier 5 players positioned within a thousand yards of Nightmare Chaser were sent flying and losing more than one-third of their maximum HP.

As for Shi Feng, the actual target of Nightmare Chaser’s attack, he was sent flying over a thousand yards away, and his HP fell by over 50%. The two swords he wielded also trembled violently as he held them up before him.

The difference in strength was obvious at a glance. The two of them were not on the same level at all.

“You’re still alive?” Nightmare Chaser was a little surprised to see Shi Feng still standing after taking an attack from his normal state. Unable to help himself, he said in a tone of admiration, “I have to say that your Defense is really something. However, it’s time to end this farce. With the difference in our tiers, you won’t survive a second attack from me!”

“You are right. As a Tier 5 player, I stand no chance against you.” After taking a look at the trembling swords in his hands, Shi Feng suddenly sheathed the Shadow Incinerator. Then, he looked at Nightmare Chaser and calmly said, “But it’ll be a different story if I reach Tier 6.”

“If you reach Tier 6?” Nightmare Chaser smirked at Shi Feng’s comment. “Do you think it’s that easy to reach Tier 6?”

There were indeed many ways for players to forcibly elevate their tiers in God’s Domain, but most of these methods could, at most, elevate players to Tier 5 or grant them combat power at the Tier 6 standard. If players wished to forcibly elevate their tiers to Tier 6, they would need to rely on a Fragmented Divine Artifact at the very least.

But how rare were Fragmented Divine Artifacts in the Greater God’s Domain?

“Reaching Tier 6 is indeed difficult, but I can get infinitely close to it,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Then, he expended a God Crystal to use Ancient Dragon’s Power to upgrade the Winter of Eternal Night to the Legendary rank.

Holy Mana’s Shadow!

Immediately, a vast amount of Holy Power and Mana flowed out of the Winter of Eternal Night and into Shi Feng’s body. Then, these two types of energies began reconstructing Shi Feng’s body, increasing its size.

Three meters… Five meters… Nine meters…

Shi Feng’s body kept growing until it reached twenty meters in height. At the same time, holy patterns appeared all over his body, and complex magic arrays that emitted a sacred glow appeared in his eyes. At first glance, it looked as if a deity from ancient times had descended onto the mortal world.

“Now, let’s start the second round!”

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