Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3455

Chapter 529 – Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection

“A Transformation Skill? You have indeed become much stronger,” Nightmare Chaser said as he looked at Shi Feng’s enlarged body. “But so what? You still aren’t a Tier 6 player!”

As soon as Nightmare Chaser finished speaking, an illusory world suddenly formed around him, and his Divine Might started to cause the space within a 10,000-yard radius to tremble.

All Tier 5 players caught within Nightmare Chaser’s Divine Might froze as if their bodies were restrained, while most Tier 4 players fell into a daze. Only a very small number of strong-willed Tier 4 players could remain clear-minded. Along with the appearance of the illusory world, Nightmare Chaser’s Divine Might had undoubtedly undergone a qualitative transformation.

What a powerful Law Projection! Ink Qilin mentally exclaimed as she looked at Nightmare Chaser. She, too, had her mobility largely affected by Nightmare Chaser’s Divine Might. Was he not fighting seriously at all just now?

Apart from a difference in Life Rating and Basic Attributes, another major factor that set Tier 5 and Tier 6 players apart was the ability of Tier 6 players to use Law Projection via their Divine Bodies.

A Law Projection was like the Mana Domain of a Tier 4 player. Only, a Law Projection was formed with a Divine Body as its core, and it could rewrite the operating laws of a specific area with its own unique laws. So, a Law Projection was vastly stronger than a Mana Domain.

Even a Tier 5 player capable of using World Creation could only mitigate some of the effects of a Tier 6 player’s Law Projection.

Of course, not all Tier 6 players’ Law Projection was of the same strength. Weaker Law Projections could be completely neutralized by a Tier 5 player’s World Creation, while a strong and complete Law Projection could make it so that Tier 5 players couldn’t even use World Creation.

Meanwhile, Nightmare Chaser’s Law Projection was clearly very strong. This was because Ink Qilin could only mitigate a small portion of its suppressing effects with her World Creation, and her combat power was reduced by over 70%…

A Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection! As expected of Nightmare Chaser! Wraith Saint couldn’t help but be in awe when he felt the suppression coming from the formless laws around him. He has probably already mastered three Basic Laws to create such a powerful Law Projection. If he can perfectly combine all three, he’ll have a true Advanced Law Projection in his hands!

As a veteran Tier 6 expert in the Greater God’s Domain, Wraith Saint knew much more about Law Projections than Tier 5 and Tier 6 players of the younger generation. Not only did he know about the strength categories surrounding Law Projections, but he also had a detailed understanding of how players could develop their Law Projections.

“A Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection?”

Shi Feng also couldn’t help but look at Nightmare Chaser, feeling a little surprised when he felt the frightening pressure coming from his surroundings.

When players advanced to Tier 6, the Law Projections they could form would differ depending on the Laws they had learned. Over 90% of newly-promoted Tier 6 players wouldn’t have even one Basic Law mastered, so their Law Projections would be naturally formed by their Divine Bodies and considered the weakest variety. Such Law Projections could be completely neutralized by the World Creations of Tier 5 players.

As for Saints, they were individuals who had fully mastered the operating principles of at least one Basic Law. So, even if a Saint was newly promoted to Tier 6, they could create a powerful Law Projection that could easily suppress Tier 5 players’ World Creations.

As for Pseudo-Advanced Law Projections, their formation required complete mastery over three Basic Laws. The Saint-ranked experts who could accomplish such a feat were few and far between. Moreover, so long as these players could combine the three Basic Laws they mastered, they could form an Advanced Law Projection. At that time, they could even suppress the formation of newly-promoted Tier 6 players’ naturally-occurring Law Projections, let alone Tier 5 players’ World Creations.

Advanced Law Projections were so powerful that a Tier 6 player with an Advanced Law Projection and a Legendary Weapon could kill a Tier 6 God by themselves.

Although Nightmare Chaser’s Law Projection had yet to reach the Advanced standard, his achievement of reaching the Pseudo-Advanced standard was still one that many Tier 6 Saint-ranked experts could only dream of attaining.

“It seems you know quite a lot about Law Projections,” Nightmare Chaser commented when he heard Shi Feng accurately identify his Law Projection’s rank. Then, he proudly continued, “That’s right! I mastered my third Basic Law only a few years ago! You are the first person in this miniature world to have forced me to reveal this card, so you can die with pride!”

After saying so, Nightmare Chaser disappeared from everyone’s vision before reappearing behind Shi Feng, the Revenant Blade in his hand transforming into a streak of light as it targeted the back of Shi Feng’s neck. Nightmare Chaser’s speed was so fast that most of the Tier 5 players present couldn’t even react to his attack.


A loud explosion echoed throughout Abyssal Star City, and the resulting shockwaves reduced the city’s sturdy walls into rubble. In the direction of the Revenant Blade’s advance, a large fissure had also appeared on the ground several thousand yards away, the fissure causing the island that Abyssal Star City sat on to lose a small corner.

Amidst everyone’s shock, though, the Revenant Blade could be seen scraping against a sword, their friction causing sparks to fly in all directions.

“He blocked it?”

“How is this possible?!”

Everyone’s eyes bulged when they saw Shi Feng successfully stopping the Revenant Blade without taking any damage. Wraith Saint, in particular, couldn’t help but gawk at this sight.

Did I hold back too much?

Nightmare Chaser was a little confused when he saw how easily Shi Feng had blocked his attack. However, he didn’t fuss over it too much as he hadn’t been serious with his attack just now. After all, in his opinion, no Tier 5 player should be able to stop his attack when suppressed by his Law Projection.

Immediately, Nightmare Chaser began raining a series of attacks on Shi Feng with his Revenant Blade.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Countless explosions echoed throughout the entire island, the shockwaves of the explosions annihilating the Tier 4 players caught within a few thousand yards of the explosions’ epicenter. For a time, it looked like the Apocalypse had come for Abyssal Star City.

However, despite Nightmare Chaser’s rampant attacks, he failed to do a single point of damage to Shi Feng. The only thing he managed to accomplish was deforming the surrounding terrain and awe the surviving players down below.

“What did you do?” Nightmare Chaser’s emotions quickly went from calm to bewilderment after seeing Shi Feng block dozens of his moves without taking any damage. “Why aren’t you affected by my Law Projection?”

If both of them had similar Basic Attributes, it would be understandable for their clash to yield no results.

However, he had a Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection empowering him. Even a Tier 6 tank with similar Basic Attributes would have already fallen after blocking so many of his attacks, let alone a Tier 5 Sword Saint.

The only explanation Nightmare Chaser could think of for this situation was that Shi Feng was unaffected by his Law Projection.

But it was simply unheard of for a Tier 5 player to be able to ignore the effects of a Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection!

“Isn’t it just a Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection? Why are you making it sound like it cannot be resisted?” Shi Feng nonchalantly responded. Then, an illusory world formed around him, causing the surrounding space to collapse and distort.

A Pseudo-Advanced Law Projection?! How is this possible?! Nightmare Chaser became dumbfounded as he looked at the collapsed space around Shi Feng.

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