Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3457

Chapter 531 – Sword God’s Sword

In the vast Greater God’s Domain, any Tier 6 player could be considered a powerhouse worthy of managing a stronghold. However, it was a different story for Tier 6 experts capable of ruling over a fortress in the Void Sea. These individuals were apex existences of their respective Realms, and the various powers would try to avoid provoking them as much as possible.

Because of this, Tier 6 experts who were capable of managing fortresses in the Void Sea would rarely get killed. Several years could go by without even one of these experts dying.

Meanwhile, the Hades Society’s Nightmare Chaser had been challenged by countless Tier 6 experts over the decades he managed the Hades Society’s Devil Fortress. However, not once had he ever been defeated, let alone killed. He was akin to a legend in the Hades Society.

Yet, now, this legend of the Hades Society had been killed in a miniature world. When the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members attacking Abyssal Star City saw this, all of them fell silent as they watched Nightmare Chaser’s body fall from the sky. For a time, they even forgot to continue fighting.

“Lord Chaser got killed?!”

“This must be a lie! Nightmare Chaser’s been undefeated for decades! How can he get killed, just like that?!”

The three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members couldn’t accept Nightmare Chaser’s death. It was especially so for the Hades Society’s members. They could accept Nightmare Chaser’s defeat, as there were countless experts in the Greater God’s Domain. Not to mention, situations where the younger generations surpassed the older generations often occurred.

However, what they couldn’t accept was Nightmare Chaser getting killed by someone of a lower tier.

He transcended tiers to kill Nightmare Chaser?! Did I just bear witness to the birth of a legend?! River Light of Scarecrow Fox was greatly shocked when he saw Nightmare Chaser’s corpse hitting the ground.

It could already be considered a legendary feat for a Tier 5 player to kill a Tier 6 player, let alone a Tier 6 player of Nightmare Chaser’s caliber. What Shi Feng just accomplished was already beyond legendary.

At this time, even Ink Qilin was at a loss for words.

Previously, Ink Qilin had only thought of getting closer to Shi Feng because of his ability to summon a Tier 6 War Goddess. After all, a Tier 6 War Goddess was an opponent that even pseudo-apex powers would not dare to provoke. The assistance of a Tier 6 War Goddess could also yield incredible results in the exploration of the Underground Crystal Palace.

Moreover, apart from having the ability to summon a Tier 6 War Goddess, Shi Feng also seemed to be more knowledgeable about the Underground Crystal Palace than even pseudo-apex powers. Hence, Ink Qilin resolved herself to form a connection with Shi Feng. At that time, Scarecrow Fox could purchase useful information from Shi Feng and secure some advantages in the competition over the secret land.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

But now, it appeared that Shi Feng’s potential far exceeded her expectations. Even without relying on the Tier 6 War Goddess, Shi Feng could easily secure himself a place in the Underground Crystal Palace just by relying on himself and the three Golden Masters he commanded. The four of them alone might even be able to compete with the various pseudo-apex powers.

“Guild Leader Black Flame is so strong, Reaver! Even that Tier 6 Berserker God is no match for him!” the young female knight standing next to Sound Reaver exclaimed. “Victory is on our side for sure now!”

Is this the strength of the former number-one Swordsman? Sound Reaver wondered as she stared at Shi Feng’s figure standing proudly in mid-air.

Previously, Sound Reaver had been confident she could catch up to Shi Feng. But now, she didn’t even know how long it would take her just to get to Nightmare Chaser’s standard, let alone catch up to Shi Feng.

Suddenly, Sound Reaver understood why, despite Shi Feng having missed the most important four months of development in Miniature Ancient World, Asura’s executives, such as Zhuo Yalin and Lin Yaoyue, would still hold him in such high regard.

At the same time, Zero Wing’s and Asura’s members cheered in celebration. After all, not only did Shi Feng’s victory signify their victory in this battle, but it also meant that Zero Wing would become officially recognized as a powerful Guild in the Miniature Ancient World. As for the Asura Mercenary Alliance, it would become capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

After this battle, Asura’s members would no longer have to fear the various foreign powers and could develop in peace in the Miniature Ancient World. After all, they had someone capable of slaying Tier 6 experts on their side. Unless the various foreign powers were willing to make big sacrifices, how many Tier 6 experts could they possibly afford to mobilize into the Miniature Ancient World?

“Dammit! Everyone, retreat to Withered Sea City immediately!” Wraith Saint commanded with gritted teeth when he saw Nightmare Chaser’s fall.

Hearing this, Daylight, Death Stride, and the six other surviving Tier 6 combatants of the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers briefly exchanged glances before each taking out a silver crystal half the size of a person. Then, they began pouring their mana into their respective crystals.

Immediately, a teleportation ring encompassing a 1,000-yard radius appeared around each of the eight players, forcibly teleporting all of their allies away.

“A Large Group Teleportation Crystal?! They even prepared such a strategic item?!” One Step couldn’t help but be flabbergasted when he saw how the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members disappeared from the battlefield.

Group Teleportation Crystals were already worth a ton in the Greater God’s Domain due to their rarity, each being as valuable as a Fragmented Legendary Weapon. Above them were Large Group Teleportation Crystals, and not only were they rarer than Legendary items, but each of them was as valuable as a Legendary item.

Normally, a veteran hegemonic power would only have several Large Group Teleportation Crystals in storage, and they would never use them unless their continued existence was threatened. Yet, now, the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers had used a combined total of eight Large Group Teleportation Crystals.

How wealthy of these people.

Ink Qilin was also astonished by the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ extravagance. After all, Large Group Teleportation Crystals were consumable items. What the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers just did was no different than burning eight Legendary items. Even a mighty adventurer team like Scarecrow Fox would wince at such a loss.

Of course, Ink Qilin could understand why the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers made such a costly decision. If the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe were to lose all of their Tier 5 experts in this battle, the losses they would suffer would be far greater than just eight Legendary items.

It was one thing to lose tens of thousands of Fragmented Legendary items. It was a whole other matter to lose their qualifications to compete over the Miniature Ancient World. That was a loss the three powers could never accept.

Escape? When Shi Feng saw the army of Tier 5 players disappear, he focused his gaze on the eight fading teleportation arrays in the sky. Do you think you can escape in front of a Great Grandmaster Magician?

After taking a deep breath, Shi Feng raised the Winter of Eternal Night and swung it at the eight fading teleportation arrays.

Radiant Night!

Sword’s Orbit!

Immediately, hundreds of sword lights as dark as night traveled surged into the teleportation arrays. Then, they merged with the teleportation arrays and vanished without a trace.

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