Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3458

Chapter 532 – Frightened Withered Sea City

Dead Ash Sea, Withered Sea City:

Amidst the glow of the setting sun, Flying Mounts could be seen flying across the blue sky above Withered Sea City, and hundreds of ships could be seen coming and going from the city’s port at every given moment. Many of the players riding on these Flying Mounts and ships were foreign players visiting the Miniature Ancient World to rest, and their arrival brought life and laughter to the extremely dangerous Dead Ash Sea.

“The Hades Society sure lucked out. Not only were they the first to discover this miniature world, but their fortress in the Void Sea is even located near this place. So long as they’re willing to invest some Mana Stones and Seven Luminaries Crystals, they can quickly mobilize a large number of Tier 5 players here,” the Myriad Forest Empire’s Silent Saintess, who was now a Level 158, Tier 5 player, said enviously as she looked at the crowded port. “The fee to enter Withered Sea City is thirty Star Coins. There are a minimum of 300,000 players coming here to rest from the Void Sea every day, so that’s nearly ten million Star Coins of pure profit every day. If I can make that much money every day for ten days, I can already retire and enjoy life.”

“A hundred million Star Coins? Are you living in a dream?” Glorious Mantra, who was now a Level 157, Tier 5 player, said with a look of disdain. “With our standards, unless we advance to Tier 6, the most we can make within our lifetimes is twenty or thirty million.”


“It’s a pity we got eliminated from the Rookie Competition by Black Flame,” Silent Saintess said with a sigh. “Otherwise, we would’ve similarly had a chance to enter the Eternal Realm. If we can get a head start there, we can easily make a couple hundred million. We wouldn’t have to explore the dangerous Void Sea in search of ruins and treasures. We also wouldn’t have to get exploited by the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers.”

Because of her failure to secure a spot in the Galaxy Corporation’s invitational competition, she had no choice but advance to Tier 5 and team up with the Red Star Kingdom’s Glorious Mantra and the Iron Lion Kingdom’s Martial Quadbeast to explore the Void Sea.

“Stop bringing it up. We can only consider ourselves unlucky for coming across a Luminous Glory expert,” Martial Quadbeast said, sighing. “Rather than reopening old wounds, we should focus on recovering our Stamina and Concentration as soon as possible. More and more experts are migrating to our part of the Void Sea because of this Miniature Ancient World, so we should hurry up and explore our region. That way, we can explore even farther areas before those other Tier 5 experts arrive.”

Silent Saintess and Glorious Mantra nodded. Then, the trio made their way to Withered Sea City’s central district.


While the three of them might be titled experts, their strength only held significance in the various kingdoms and empires. In the Void Sea, where experts from various Realms gathered, titled experts were relatively common. Not to mention, the Void Sea was mainly the domain of Tier 6 players.

Withered Sea City, central district:

When Silent Saintess, Glorious Mantra, and Martial Quadbeast arrived at the bustling central district, they were immediately greeted by a shocking spectacle. At this moment, tens of thousands of radiant lights suddenly descended upon the central plaza, the descent of every streak of light bringing with it a frightening aura. Evidently, all of these players who had just teleported into the city were Tier 5 players.

Moreover, many of these Tier 5 players were fourth-floor experts and titled experts. They also wore the Guild Emblems of the Hades Society, Primal Empire, or Sacred Tribe.

When these tens of thousands of Tier5 experts appeared together, the terrifying aura they emanated caused Silent Saintess’s group of three to shudder in fear.

“What’s going on? Why did so many Tier 5 experts suddenly appear together?”

“All of these players are from the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe… Could the three powers have banded together?”

“What? Did you just find out about it now? I heard that the three powers had joined forces to attack Abyssal Star City and are planning to thoroughly exterminate the Asura Mercenary Alliance, the alliance created by the Asura Sword Emperor Black Flame. I also heard that Black Flame has recently returned, so it must have been a battle of epic proportions.”

“They went to exterminate Asura? Why are they back, then?”

When the players resting in the restaurants surrounding the central plaza saw the sudden arrival of the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ experts, they couldn’t help but grow curious and start a discussion among themselves.

“Black Flame?” Silent Saintess’s group of three also had their interests piqued when they overheard the discussions of the players around them. “That person actually comes from this miniature world?”

Black Flame, the Asura Sword Emperor, had already become a legendary figure in the Ancient River Kingdom and its surrounding countries. He had appeared very suddenly in the Ancient River Kingdom and proceeded to defeat numerous paragons in the kingdom’s Rookie Competition. But after becoming the Rookie Competition’s champion, he disappeared just as suddenly as he appeared.

Then, just when everyone thought Black Flame had been eliminated by some power targeting him, his name suddenly appeared on the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Luminous Glory List, exciting countless players in the Ancient River Kingdom and the players who had fought Black Flame in the past.

However, Silent Saintess’s group of three didn’t think they would hear Black Flame’s name again after entering the Void Sea, much less hear about him clashing against three upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Withered Sea City, central plaza:

“Thank goodness Black Flame didn’t react in time.”

Wraith Saint breathed a deep sigh of relief when he saw that all of the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe’s surviving Tier 5 experts made it back to Withered Sea City alive. For a moment there, he was truly worried that Shi Feng would react fast enough and kill the players activating the Large Group Teleportation Crystals. If those teleportation crystals failed to activate, their three powers would have had to suffer catastrophic losses in the Miniature Ancient World.

“Black Flame is too conceited. He probably thought that we never considered the possibility of failure,” Myriad Spears Daylight said, laughing. “Now that we managed to conserve over 70% of our Tier 5 players, we just need to wait for more Tier 6 players to appear. Then, we can go back and take care of Zero Wing and Asura!”

Death Stride, the Unsleeping Death, and the other Tier 6 combatants of the three powers also laughed and nodded.

The Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage had only opened not long ago, so foreign powers such as the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe had yet to start exerting their strength. Once more of their Tier 5 paragons got promoted to Tier 6, it wouldn’t matter how heaven-defying Shi Feng was. Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance would still be doomed. After all, their three powers had far more resources to create Tier 6 players than Zero Wing and Asura did.

The three upper-ranking hegemonic powers were defeated?

Silent Saintess, Glorious Mantra, and Martial Quadbeast were stunned when they overheard Daylight’s words.

Upper-ranking hegemonic powers were apex existences in the Starlight Realm. They were vastly superior to ordinary hegemonic powers, and each of them controlled over a dozen empires and dozens of kingdoms.

If three upper-ranking hegemonic powers banded together, even conglomerates would have to tread carefully around them. Yet, now, they were defeated by the alliance created by Black Flame?

However, just as the members of the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers were joyfully deriding Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance, the sky above Withered Sea City suddenly changed.

The next moment, hundreds of dark sword lights suddenly descended from the teleportation passage situated within the city’s defensive magic array, each one carrying irresistible might. Even Tier 5 players standing thousands of yards away felt an instinctive fear when they felt the power coming from these sword lights.

Before anyone could react, the hundreds of sword lights fell onto the crowded central plaza and transformed into a brilliant river of stars that was encompassed by a dark void. Then, the miniature galaxy disappeared, leaving behind a desolate wasteland…

“What…just happened?”

“Where did everyone…go?”

“Tens of thousands of Tier 5 experts are gone, just like that?”

“What is up with those sword lights?! Those are definitely the attacks of a Tier 6 existence! And how did those attacks come through the teleportation passage? Did a Tier 6 NPC make a move?”

Apart from fear, the players resting around the central plaza were also filled with confusion.

The central plaza had been fine just a moment ago. Yet, not only was it suddenly attacked, but the attack had come through a teleportation passage, directly bypassing Withered Sea City’s defensive magic array. Such a situation was simply unheard of.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the central plaza, Silent Saintess, Glorious Mantra, and Martial Quadbeast felt shivers crawl down their spines. This was because they were incredibly familiar with the attack that had just annihilated the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ Tier 5 army.

“Is the system playing a joke on us?” Silent Saintess dazedly muttered as she stared at the fading sword lights.

She would never mistake those sword lights. Those were the sword lights of the Asura Sword Emperor, and they were the product of the combat technique that previously killed her in the Rookie Competition!

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