Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3460

Chapter 534 – New Title

“A new title?” One Step couldn’t help but look at Melissa’s smiling face in confusion, failing to understand why she would ask such a question. “What does that have to do with them hitting a jackpot?”

Dark Banner Melissa was a talented paragon from roughly the same generation as him. Although they belonged to different Guilds, they shared numerous interactions in the Starlight Realm, so they understood each other’s personalities well. They were both friends and rivals. It was why they could get together to share a drink.

But right now, One Step truly couldn’t understand why Melissa would think Black Flame getting a new title would deter the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers from targeting Zero Wing and Asura.

It might be true that Black Flame was the undisputed number one player in the current Miniature Ancient World, but he was still not a true Tier 6 player. He could only rely on a special Skill to temporarily elevate himself to Tier 6 status.


While such an ability was indeed amazing, a group of Tier 6 players could easily wear him out and kill him. So, how could Black Flame gaining a new title possibly get the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers to give up on a cake as tempting as the Miniature Ancient World?

“Do you really think the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers will be scared of a title on the Sacred Glory List, Melissa?” the Level 160, Tier 5 Shield Warrior sitting at the same table as One Step and Melissa said, laughing. “If that’s the case, those upper-ranking hegemonic powers can simply retire from the Greater God’s Domain and hand all of their resources over to the powers with Sacred Glory experts. We can also start measuring the various powers’ strength by how many Sacred Glory experts they have.”

Many of the executives of hegemonic powers present also laughed after hearing Melissa’s and the Shield Warrior’s words.

The three primary ranking lists published by the Seven Luminaries Alliance were indeed famous throughout the Greater God’s Domain. However, out of the three lists, the various powers only truly cared about and feared one of them.

—the Divine Glory List!

Of the three ranking lists, the Luminous Glory List was also known as the Genius Ranking List, the Sacred Glory List was known as the Expert Ranking List, and the Divine Glory List was known as the Apex Ranking List. The meaning behind each list was very obvious.

Players on the Sacred Glory List were indeed hard to come by in the Greater God’s Domain, but they could never be considered true powerhouses because they weren’t at Tier 6. There was still a significant difference between Sacred Glory experts and players who had reached the apex.

Meanwhile, so long as a player did not rank among the Greater God’s Domain’s apex, not even ordinary hegemonic powers would truly fear them, let alone upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

“The average title on the Sacred Glory List is indeed insufficient to scare those upper-ranking hegemonic powers.” Melissa did not get angry at the people laughing at her. On the contrary, she nodded in agreement with their opinions. But she quickly changed her tone as she continued, “However, Guild Leader Black Flame’s title is different. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourselves.”

After saying so, Melissa shared the latest information she received regarding Black Flame’s entry into the Sacred Glory List with everyone around her.

A moment later, the noisy bar suddenly fell silent as everyone looked at the information Melissa shared in disbelief.

“Lord of War Goddesses?”

“How is this possible?!”

“He can summon six War Goddesses by himself? Does he have a Divine Artifact?”

The information Melissa shared on Black Flame wasn’t detailed. It only had a brief introduction of Black Flame’s capabilities. If they wanted more details, they would need to purchase the latest edition of the Sacred Glory List sold by the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Even so, the limited information was already enough to leave everyone amazed and shocked.

War Goddesses were one of the apex combatants of the Greater God’s Domain’s Human NPCs. They were one of the main factors keeping players in check and deterring the various player powers from causing chaos in the various human kingdoms and empires.

Meanwhile, this deterrence was deeply ingrained in the souls of the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers.

In the distant past, many Guilds behaved wantonly after gaining power. One particular Guild had started rapidly expanding its territory across the Greater God’s Domain after accumulating sufficient apex combatants. It even tried to conquer kingdoms and empires without going through the normal channels.

While those kingdoms and empires had Tier 6 NPCs defending them, there was no way they could win against Tier 6 apex combatants. So, the hegemonic powers managing those kingdoms and empires were annihilated, and the fall of those countries was imminent.

But just when everyone thought everything was set in stone, the Human NPCs of the targeted kingdoms and empires sought help from the War God’s Temple.

Then, what happened next shocked the entire Greater God’s Domain.

Less than a day after those kingdoms and empires asked for help, the powerful Guild, which commanded apex combatants and could challenge apex powers, disappeared overnight…


All of the Guild’s members, from the Guild Leader to the normal members, vanished from God’s Domain overnight.

Not many details were known about what had happened, but there was one thing everyone was certain of.

—The War God’s Temple had mobilized an NPC legion composed of twenty individuals, and every one of them was a Human NPC bearing the title of War Goddess.

Even though the twenty War Goddesses were severely outnumbered, they had annihilated the lawless Guild’s several thousand Tier 6 experts, including the six old monsters wielding apex combat power. All of these Tier 6 players were deprived of their qualifications to enter God’s Domain. Meanwhile, after that battle, as many as seven of the mobilized War Goddesses had reported back to the War God’s Temple.

From that moment on, the Greater God’s Domain’s players realized that simply having apex combat power didn’t necessarily mean they would become invincible. They could still be killed, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, after that incident, the seven surviving War Goddesses were labeled by players as the Original War Goddesses.

In the long years that followed, although many up-and-coming Guilds would still occasionally cause trouble, every one of them was wiped out by the War God’s Temple’s War Goddess Legion without exception.

Because of these examples, it became common knowledge in the Greater God’s Domain that even apex powers should not provoke the War Goddess Legion.

Now that it was revealed that Black Flame could summon six War Goddesses by himself, even if he could only summon six Tier 5 War Goddesses, he was still an opponent to be feared.

After all, in the Miniature Ancient World, where foreign Tier 6 players could not exhibit their full strength, Tier 5 War Goddesses who had developed their techniques to the extremes could easily reign supreme over a region.

Dead Ash Sea, Withered Sea City:

After more than a day had passed, Withered Sea City’s central plaza had been fully restored. The city looked like it had never been attacked, and the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe’s members continued patrolling the city as usual. The number of foreign Tier 5 players visiting the city had even increased by many times.


“Did you hear? It seems Hades, Primal, and Sacred have already started to contact the other upper-ranking hegemonic powers after suffering the loss they did yesterday. They’re planning to take over the seas and thoroughly isolate Abyssal Star City.”

“I did hear about something like that happening. I even saw some of the other upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members entering the Hades Society’s Residence a while ago. Though, I have to say that Black Flame is incredible to be able to force three upper-ranking hegemonic powers to such an extent.”

“I know, right? These upper-ranking hegemonic powers are no different than kings in the Void Sea. Nobody dares to provoke them without good reason. It’s a pity that these powers are going to lock down the sea. Once they do so, even Black Flame will be powerless to do anything about it.

Many foreign Tier 5 players resting in Withered Sea City discussed the incident in the city yesterday. They couldn’t help but be amazed that a player from a miniature world could corner multiple upper-ranking hegemonic powers to a point where they needed to join forces.

“Huh? Hey, look at the sky. Why is there a War Goddess there?”

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