Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3461

Chapter 535 – Legend of War Goddess

Withered Sea City:

When the players in the city noticed a War Goddess suddenly appearing in the sky, the whole city erupted into commotion.

“There’s not just a War Goddess there! There’s also a dragon!”

“Isn’t that Black Flame riding on the back of that dragon?”


“What’s going on? Is the Asura Sword Emperor planning to attack Withered Sea City?”

Curiosity filled everyone in the city when they saw the War Goddess and dragon in the sky. Everyone got especially excited when they noticed the Asura Sword Emperor riding on the back of the dragon.

Too long!

It had been far too long since any individual dared to challenge an upper-ranking hegemonic power.

Previously, everyone thought yesterday’s attack on Withered Sea City was already the Asura Sword Emperor’s limit; that it was the best he could do. After all, Withered Sea City was a stronghold operated by three upper-ranking hegemonic powers. The defensive magic array alone could easily withstand a siege of over a hundred Tier 6 players. Not to mention, there was also the city’s magic barrier that could weaken the Basic Attributes of enemies.

Even if Black Flame was the strongest player in the Miniature Ancient World, if he tried to attack Withered Sea City all by himself, it was unlikely he could leave with his life.

Yet, now, Black Flame had taken the initiative to attack Withered Sea City by himself. This was simply unbelievable.

“Is Black Flame crazy? The Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe now have four Tier 6 experts safeguarding Withered Sea City. Even if he can summon a Tier 5 War Goddess, what can he possibly do to the city?”

“Maybe Black Flame probably doesn’t know about this. After all, Hades, Primal, and Sacred had secretly shown us the additional forces they mobilized to assure us. There’s a chance news of the three powers’ strength has yet to reach Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance.”

“Regardless, this is going to be interesting. Even at Tier 5, a War Goddess can still pose a significant threat in the Miniature Ancient World. We can use this opportunity to see how powerful this Tier 5 War Goddess can be and come up with the appropriate countermeasures.”

There were currently several dozen players originating from various upper-ranking hegemonic powers present in the Hades Society’s Residence, and they couldn’t help but be surprised to see a War Goddess and a dragon appearing above Withered Sea City.

The Lord of War Goddesses!

This was the new title the Seven Luminaries Alliance had given to Black Flame. Even if Black Flame was only a Tier 5 player, they still had no choice but to take him seriously. After all, there were many examples of powerful Guilds facing destruction at the hands of War Goddesses in the Greater God’s Domain.

Now that Black Flame had come to attack Withered Sea City with a Tier 5 War Goddess, this was an excellent opportunity for them to gather information.

If Black Flame’s War Goddess could not deal with the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe, they could band together without worry. And if the War Goddess caused significant losses to the three powers, they would remain neutral. That way, no matter who won or lost, they wouldn’t lose.

“Are we really going to do this, Guild Leader?” Standing atop the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon, Su Qianliu couldn’t help but grow worried as she looked at the city beneath her.

An offensive siege was different from a defensive siege. Participants of an offensive siege would be subjected to the suppression of the besieged city’s magic barrier, and it was why Zero Wing and Asura could fend off an attack by three upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

They would have no such advantages if they were to attack Withered Sea City now. And on the chance they suffered defeat, the advantages Zero Wing had built up would be lost.

“It’s just three upper-ranking hegemonic powers. They’re still not worthy of my fear,” Shi Feng calmly said as he looked at the prosperous city below.

Shi Feng had always planned to make the Miniature Ancient World into Zero Wing’s backyard, having it become a continuous supply of talent and resources for Zero Wing. That way, Zero Wing would have an easier time establishing a foothold in the Eternal Realm.

Not to mention, now that the Miniature Ancient World had become a resting point for multiple Realms in the Void Sea, it could also provide Zero Wing with a stable source of Star Coins, which would, in turn, stabilize Zero Wing’s economy in the real world.

After saying so, Shi Feng took out the Feather of Oath and used Heroic Pledge to forcibly upgrade the War Goddess next to him, instantly elevating her into a Level 164, Tier 6 War Goddess. At the same time, the War Goddess began radiating a terrifying Divine Might that covered a radius of tens of thousands of yards.

“Go on; it’s time to let them know despair!”

Without hesitation, Shi Feng commanded the War Goddess to execute her strongest move, the Tier 6 Unique Skill Void Blast, against Withered Sea City.

In response, the War Goddess clad in silver armor aimed her longbow at Withered Sea City and drew it into a full moon, a large fourfold magic array forming in front of the arrowhead. Then, divine patterns started to form around the magic array, the appearance of every divine pattern enhancing the magic array’s power by a notch.

Thousands of divine patterns simultaneously strengthened the magic array, causing it to become so powerful that its mere presence shattered the surrounding space.

“T-Tier 6… T-That’s a Tier 6 War Goddess!!”

Meanwhile, following the War Goddess’s promotion to Tier 6, all players in Withered Sea City fell into bewilderment.

It was not unheard of for players and powers to summon War Goddesses in the Greater God’s Domain. Aside from special items, they could also be summoned using summoning arrays.

However, the best these items and summoning arrays could do was summon a Tier 5 War Goddess. As for players summoning Tier 6 War Goddesses, that was unheard of. After all, Tier 6 War Goddesses were legends and apex combatants in the Greater God’s Domain. They were existences that would only appear in Realm Wars or battles of that scale.

However, before anyone in Withered Sea City could return to their senses, the War Goddess let loose the silver arrow nocked in her longbow, and the arrow transformed into a dazzling star that descended onto the city.


For a moment, it was as if the Sun had appeared in Withered Sea City. Players standing several kilometers away from the city could clearly see and feel the intensity of the light and heat coming from the miniature star.

After some time passed, the radiance that enveloped the city disappeared, revealing a sight that dumbfounded Su Qianliu.


The entire Withered City was gone!

A Main City that was populated by over thirty million players was erased from existence, just like that!

“We can go back now.” While looking at the tattered remains of Withered Sea City’s walls, Shi Feng instructed, “Have Blackie and the others come to take over and rebuild the city. Then, proceed with the plans we previously discussed.”

Before this, Shi Feng didn’t wish to publicize that he could summon a Tier 6 War Goddess. This was because a Tier 6 War Goddess’s influence was so significant that it might lead to many pseudo-apex powers taking extreme measures. However, to let Zero Wing gain more benefits from the Miniature Ancient World, he decided it was no longer necessary to hide this information.

He couldn’t stay in the Miniature Ancient World long term. He would even take many capable individuals to the Eternal Realm with him. If Zero Wing lacked sufficient deterrence, it wouldn’t be able to retain its portion of benefits in the Miniature Ancient World.

“Okay…” Su Qianliu instinctively replied, her mind still having yet to return to its senses.

Subsequently, following Shi Feng returned to Abyssal Star City with Su Qianliu and had Blackie bring some members over to Withered Sea City by ship to capture and rebuild it.

It was impossible to destroy a city in God’s Domain fully. So long as the City Lord’s Token remained, a city could be rebuilt, even if it was thoroughly demolished. The possibility of the City Lord’s Token not being within Withered Sea City was also zero. If a City Lord’s Token was taken out of the city, or if the City Lord’s Mansion was destroyed, it would be teleported back to the City Lord’s Mansion automatically. This was a setting put in place so that players wouldn’t have to worry about being unable to take over a city after capturing it.

Meanwhile, shortly after Blackie and the other members of Zero Wing arrived at Withered Sea City, they couldn’t help but be surprised by what they found. Or, more specifically, what they failed to find.

Many foreign players who came to Withered Sea City to rest were similarly shocked by the city’s sudden disappearance. But less than half an hour after the city’s disappearance, specific information about the city’s destruction quickly appeared on the Miniature Ancient World’s official forum.

For a time, the entire Miniature Ancient World fell into silence.

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