Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3464

Chapter 538 – Meeting Aqua Rose Again

“What condition?” Aurebeth asked, frowning a little when she heard Shi Feng’s words. She felt that Shi Feng was asking for too much.

The entry slot for the Golden Spire’s upper level was exceedingly rare and precious. After all, according to her investigations, players could potentially obtain a Fragmented Divine Artifact if they were strong enough.

Meanwhile, a Fragmented Divine Artifact was something that could grant Tier 5 players the strength to fight against Tier 6 players. Hence, simply the opportunity to obtain a Fragmented Divine Artifact was easily worth much more than an entry slot for the Eternal Realm.

Shi Feng noticed the unhappy expression on Aurebeth’s face, and he couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, “Don’t misunderstand me, Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth. I’m not asking for more payment. I just need you to keep quiet about the exact method you used to enter the Eternal Realm.”

An opportunity to enter the Golden Spire’s upper level was tempting, but the Abyss Workshop Certification wasn’t an ordinary item worth exposing for such an opportunity. Its ability to transport multiple people across Realms at a relatively affordable cost was especially valuable.

Now that he had returned to the Miniature Ancient World, it would only be a matter of time before others noticed something. And if he helped Aurebeth, others would notice it even sooner.

However, exactly how he traveled between Realms was a crucial point he wished to keep secret.

Plenty of people were trying to get into the Eternal Realm right now. If even an expert such as Aurebeth was willing to make such a lucrative offer to enter the Eternal Realm, it went without saying other experts would be in a similar situation. In that case, he would have plenty of business opportunities in the future, and having his methods remain unknown would give him a bigger advantage during negotiations.

“You can rest assured on this point, Guild Leader Black Flame. I can sign a God’s Domain Contract promising this,” Aurebeth said, expressing her understanding. “If others ask how I entered the Eternal Realm, I will say that I arrived there after accidentally entering a space-time passage.

“That won’t be necessary,” Shi Feng said, waving his hand. “If they ask about it, you can tell them the truth and say I helped you.”

“Tell them the truth?” Aurebeth couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in surprise.

The ability to enter the Eternal Realm from the outside world was earth-shattering. The various pseudo-apex and apex powers would try to obtain this ability at all costs if they learned about it.

The “at all costs” here wouldn’t necessarily mean they would pay anything to obtain it. Instead, there was a high possibility they would outright demand Shi Feng hand over the method.

But since Shi Feng dared to say so, it meant he was confident he could go against the various apex powers. Though, exactly what was giving him that confidence remained unknown. After all, having one Tier 6 War Goddess was nowhere near enough to get the various apex powers to acknowledge him as an equal.

Following this, Shi Feng signed a God’s Domain Contract with Aurebeth, the contract stating that Shi Feng would help Aurebeth enter the Eternal Realm. In return, Aurebeth must not tell others the exact method she used to enter the Eternal Realm, and she also must bring Shi Feng into the Golden Spire a week after they entered the Eternal Realm unless Shi Feng himself asked for a delay.

Three days later…

After arranging the defenses of Withered Sea City, setting up a new Great Grandmaster Defensive Magic Array, and ensuring the city reopened successfully, Shi Feng used the Abyss Workshop Certification’s World-Breaking Teleportation to open a World-Breaking Gate to the Eternal Realm.

This time, he brought Su Qianliu, Wu Xiaoxiao, Midsummer, Rampant Blade, Jun Luosha, Wordless Ember, Sleeping Quicksand, Hidden Soul, Liu Wusheng, Galaxy Past, Crimson Heart, Sound Reaver, and Aurebeth with him. After including Desolate Fury, Cross, Leroja, Ink Qilin, River Light, and Blaze Eye, they filled up all twenty slots of the World-Breaking Teleportation’s twenty teleportation slots.

Upon returning to the Eternal Realm’s Crystal City of Secrets, Ink Qilin and the others eagerly entered the Underground Crystal Palace. But because Shi Feng had to go to the Golden Spire with Aurebeth, he could only have Gentle Snow lead Su Qianliu and the others to explore the Underground Crystal Palace with Scarecrow Fox’s team.

Ink Qilin had no objections to teaming up with Zero Wing and Asura’s members. After all, it would be highly beneficial for Scarecrow Fox to do so.

Firstly, Su Qianliu and the others were all equipped with Secret Treasures, which allowed them to have significantly greater damage output than other Tier 5 players. Secondly, Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja were Golden Masters, and a team that had the assistance of three Golden Masters could perform much better than even the various pseudo-apex powers’ teams.

While Gentle Snow and the others left for the Underground Crystal Palace, Shi Feng and Aurebeth visited a deserted area in the Crystal City and used Aurelia’s key to teleport to the Golden Spire.

Golden Spire:

After the bright teleportation array faded, a magnificent spire that was ten kilometers in height appeared before Shi Feng’s eyes. The spire was ancient, radiating a powerful Divine Might that prevented players under Tier 5 from approaching.

Although Tier 5 players could approach the spire, their movements would become stiff when enveloped by its Divine Might. Only experts with Basic Attributes that had reached the Tier 6 standard could remain unaffected by the Divine Might.

There sure are a lot of people. Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the large gathering of players outside the Golden Spire.

At a glance, well over 10,000 players were gathered outside the Golden Spire. It should be known that these were only the players who had yet the spire. Who knew how many more people were inside the spire?

Of the several times he had visited the Golden Spire during his previous life, he had never come across so many players coming to challenge the Golden Spire.

Aurebeth was also surprised by this situation. She had not expected to see so many players challenging the Golden Spire, and she couldn’t help but feel tricked. After all, the keys to the Golden Spire weren’t as rare and valuable as the rumors suggested.

Before Shi Feng and Aurebeth could recover from their surprise, a young man, who was a Level 158, Tier 5 Berserker, approached them.

“Would you two like to join our team to enter the Golden Spire?” the Berserker youth asked as he looked at Shi Feng and Aurebeth.

“Is it necessary to team up to enter the Golden Spire?”

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be confused as he looked at the Berserker youth, whose combat standard was at the fifth-floor standard.

The Golden Spire wasn’t a Dungeon. Instead, it was a place that offered all who entered a standardized trial. There was no need for players to team up.

“It won’t be necessary inside, but it’s a different story if you want to enter the Golden Spire,” the Berserker youth said with a wry smile. Then, he pointed at the Golden Spire’s entrance and said in frustration, “Do you see those people? They are all experts from the various pseudo-apex powers. You have just arrived, so you might not know, but those pseudo-apex powers have blocked the entrance and stated that nobody can enter before their members inside come out.

“If you want to force your way inside, you will need to have sufficient strength and qualifications. For example, if you are a member of a pseudo-apex power, and your team has sufficient fifth-floor experts, they will let you through since they know it wouldn’t be worth fighting you. If you can’t meet these two conditions, they’ll kill you on the spot if you try to force your way in.”

Hearing the Berserker youth’s explanation, Shi Feng swept his gaze across the hundred or so players standing in the way of the Golden Spire’s entrance.

All these experts were at the fifth-floor standard, and the Guild Emblems they wore came in seven varieties. Among them, the ones Shi Feng was familiar with were the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s and Flaming Bee’s Guild Emblems.

Shi Feng also spotted the Guild Emblem of Star Dynasty, one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers.

“You can probably tell who the old man standing in the lead is, right? He’s the Demon Axe War God, one of Star Dynasty’s Elders. Not only is he a veteran Saint, but he is also a Golden Master. It’s best if you don’t try to provoke him. He has killed over a thousand experts thus far,” the Berserker youth explained when he saw Shi Feng looking somewhat stunned.

However, what the Berserker youth didn’t know was that Shi Feng wasn’t stunned because of Demon Axe but by a woman standing some distance away from Demon Axe. The woman in question wore a dark purple robe. She was stunningly beautiful like a fairy, and her every move radiated a seductive charm.

Meanwhile, this woman was none other than Aqua Rose, one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders in Shi Feng’s previous life!

TL Notes:

[1][Demon Axe War God: This is a title. It is based off of his trademark move, Demon Axe(spoilers). I will refer to him as Demon Axe in subsequent chapters as I do not know his actual ID, and it sounds long-winded to keep repeating “Demon Axe War God.”

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