Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3467

Chapter 541 – Golden Spire’s Trial

Demon Axe’s fall plunged the surrounding players into an unprecedented shock.

Demon Axe was not only a veteran Tier 6 Berserker God but also someone who had mastered a Gold Combat Technique. Even if he was currently at Tier 5, few players of the same tier could block his trademark move and live to tell the tale. Even the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones, individuals who had received priority nurturing and mastered Gold Combat Techniques, could only match Demon Axe in a frontal clash.

Yet, now, the mighty Demon Axe War God had failed to survive even a move against Shi Feng. Moreover, this was after he had blocked Shi Feng’s attack with his own…

This was beyond inconceivable.

More importantly, if even the Demon Axe War God had faced such a conclusive demise, who else present could possibly survive more than a move against Shi Feng?

When the middle-aged Berserker saw Shi Feng slaying Demon Axe in one move, he couldn’t help but wipe the sweat coating his forehead. At the same time, he celebrated the fact that he was slower than Demon Axe to make a move against Shi Feng. Otherwise, he’d be the one in Demon Axe’s shoes instead.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose, who had been wearing a grim expression up to this point, couldn’t help but widen her eyes and gasp in shock at how the clash unfolded.

Of all the members the seven pseudo-apex powers had mobilized to the Golden Spire this time, only the chosen ones nurtured by the seven pseudo-apex powers with everything they’ve got could win against Demon Axe. Even then, it would be a narrow victory. So, Aqua Rose couldn’t even begin to imagine how powerful Shi Feng was to be able to achieve such a decisive victory over Demon Axe.

However, what Aqua Rose didn’t know was that Shi Feng was currently equipped with the Graymoon Secret Treasure Set, which boosted his Mana Protection to the Tier 6 standard. Because of this, when he used Holy Annihilation, the Mana Technique would perform no differently than if a true Tier 6 player executed it. Unless his opponent had a Fragmented Divine Artifact or Tier 6 Mana Protection, trying to stop his Holy Annihilation as a Tier 5 player would be no different than charging head-first into a moving train.

Of those present, only Aurebeth seemed unsurprised by this outcome. It was as if she had known this would happen long ago, and she simply observed the various pseudo-apex powers’ members surrounding them with a look of interest.

“Do you still wish to stand in our way?” Shi Feng asked as he surveyed the hundred or so experts surrounding him and Aurebeth. His expression remained calm, behaving as if what he did was trivial.

If this fight had happened before he grasped the Gold Combat Technique Flowing Space, he would have indeed had difficulty killing Demon Axe. The best he could do was rely on the Graymoon Set’s effects to gradually whittle down the other party.

However, after grasping Flowing Space, Shi Feng no longer feared fights with players of the same tier. Even Golden Masters of the same tier would have a headache facing him.

Not to mention, Demon Axe was only an expert who had mastered an Offensive Gold Combat Technique, making him no different than a glass cannon in front of Shi Feng. So long as he gave Shi Feng an opportunity, Shi Feng could finish him on the spot.

“Don’t get conceited just because you killed Demon Axe, Black Flame! Even if you enter the Golden Spire, our chosen ones won’t spare you!”

“That’s right! You might not fear us because you’ve mastered a Gold Body Technique, but our chosen ones have mastered more than just one type of Gold Combat Technique! Several of them have even mastered Gold Body Techniques!”

“You’re finished, Black Flame! You might still have a chance if you’re up against those upper-ranking hegemonic powers, but going against our seven pseudo-apex powers will be your end in the Eternal Realm! Nobody can save you now!”

The seven pseudo-apex powers’ members sneered as they looked at Shi Feng, their confidence growing as they spoke. They even convinced themselves that Shi Feng would be eliminated from the Eternal Realm in the near future.

“Is that so? Then, come forward and show me what you’re made of!” Shi Feng sneered as he took a step forward.

Immediately, the hundred or so experts surrounding Shi Feng subconsciously took a step back, as if there existed an invisible wall between them and Shi Feng. And following this, every step forward Shi Feng took, these experts would take one step backward, nobody daring to stay within 50 yards of him.

This sight stunned the players present around the Golden Spire once more.

All of the seven pseudo-apex powers’ members present were fifth-floor experts, and quite a few of them were even Saint-ranked experts. Normally, a team of such a composition would be feared anywhere they went. Yet, now, all these experts behaved like cowardly sheep in front of Shi Feng.

Even after Shi Feng had stepped into the Golden Spire with Aurebeth and vanished from everyone’s vision, the seven pseudo-apex powers’ members still did not dare move within 50 yards of the Golden Spire’s entrance.

“An expert! This is how a true expert should be!”

“Black Flame is too strong! If I could experience such a situation even once, I’d have no more regrets in my life!”

When the surrounding players saw Shi Feng and Aurebeth disappearing into the Golden Spire, they couldn’t help but verbalize their admiration for Shi Feng. Some had even started posting the videos they had just recorded onto the Eternal Realm’s official forum to let everyone know what a true expert looked like.

Aqua Rose was also greatly shocked by this situation.

She didn’t think Shi Feng would be so strong as to deter the seven pseudo-apex powers’ experts from putting up even the slightest form of resistance. He was easily ten times stronger than in the video the Seven Luminaries Alliance had attached to the Sacred Glory List.

She found it truly hard to imagine such an expert had remained unknown for so long in their homeworld.

“Demon Axe is dead, and the various powers are in chaos. Let’s use this chance to enter the spire, Aqua,” Seven Melody suggested to Aqua Rose when she saw the members of the six remaining pseudo-apex powers falling into disarray. “Also, although Black Flame is extraordinarily strong, I still don’t think he’ll be a match for the chosen ones inside. But if we get him to join us and team up with Big Brother Dragon Soul, it’ll benefit us all!”

Aqua Rose fell into thought when she heard Seven Melody’s suggestions. There were quite a few of the seven pseudo-apex powers’ members inside, and all of them were competing with each other. Even the Scarlet Merchant Alliance members inside weren’t united at heart. If they could get Black Flame to join their group, it would help them greatly in surviving the competition.

“Alright! Let’s head inside as well!”

Immediately, Aqua Rose and Seven Melody used the chaos to sneak into the Golden Spire. Aside from them, many other players had also used this opportunity to charge into the Golden Spire.

Inside the Golden Spire…

When their blurred vision recovered, Shi Feng and Aurebeth found themselves standing in front of a grand staircase in the clouds.

The staircase was incredibly wide, at least several kilometers wide at first glance, and each step was one meter high and two meters long. Obviously, these steps were not made for humans but for larger races.

The staircase extended to a great height, but because the density of the clouds increased with height, it was impossible to see anything beyond a thousand meters. Moreover, violent mana enveloped the staircase. Even with an Advanced Legendary Mana Body, Shi Feng could feel his mana gradually getting influenced and going out of control.

Sure enough, the magic elements here feel incredible no matter how many times I come here. When Shi Feng sensed the dense magic elements around him and felt his mana being affected, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

Whether it was when he visited this place as a Tier 6 player in his previous life or with a Tier 5 Advanced Legendary Mana Body in this life, his mana failed to resist the influence of the Golden Spire’s mana regardless.

Even Aurebeth was not an exception to this phenomenon.

Just as Shi Feng was about to start climbing the staircase, a system notification suddenly rang in his ears.

System: Primordial Abyssal God’s Legatee detected. Do you wish to activate the Advanced Abyssal Trial?

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