The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6561

Although Ito Nanako had just gained enlightenment not long ago, she had already realized a very critical problem, that is, the amount of spiritual energy available to her was pitifully small, and there were almost no external channels for obtaining spiritual energy.

  For today’s ascetics, obtaining spiritual energy is the biggest difficulty. There is no spiritual energy in the world, so the only external channels for obtaining it are pills, spiritual stones or formations.

  If a person has a complete cultivation of the mind method, he can generate spiritual energy in the body by running the mind method, but for people like charlie Wade and Nanako who do not have the mind method, this road of self-sufficiency is not feasible.

  Therefore, the small amount of spiritual energy generated in Nanako’s body when she attained enlightenment was basically exhausted after trying the spiritual energy perception.

  charlie Wade is slightly better than Nanako. The spiritual stones he got by chance in the early days provided him with a lot of spiritual energy. Later, relying on the Peiyuan Pill, he could barely make up for the gap in spiritual energy.

  Although charlie Wade couldn’t help Nanako improve her cultivation, fortunately, he could provide Nanako with pill help.

  Nanako naturally knew that charlie Wade’s elixir must be very precious. Seeing that charlie Wade gave him one without hesitation, she subconsciously wanted to decline it politely.

  But she suddenly thought of another question. If she wanted to improve her strength and worry more about charlie Wade, she must accept the pill given by charlie Wade.

  Otherwise, why should I talk about walking with him?

  Thinking of this, she looked at charlie Wade and said with great sincerity: “Mr. charlie Wade, Nanako knows nothing about Taoism, but her determination to practice with charlie Wade and go on together can be learned from the sun and the moon. If charlie Wade doesn’t dislike it, I will work hard to take care of charlie Wade in the future.” Yes!”

  charlie Wade was moved, nodded slightly and said with a smile: “You are my only Taoist friend. I hope you can improve your cultivation as soon as possible and wish me a helping hand in the future!”

  After saying that, charlie Wade handed the elixir to her. in front of.

  Nanako Ito stretched out her hand to take the elixir, and then asked charlie Wade: “Mr. charlie Wade, should I eat it all at once, or take it in multiple doses?”

  charlie Wade patted his forehead: “I almost forgot that you have just enlightened now, this training The spiritual energy in Yuan Dan is not only pure but also very abundant. It is not suitable to take the whole pill. It is better to divide it into ten parts and then take one of them to try.”

  Nanako Ito nodded lightly and divided the pill into ten parts. Equal parts, then picked up one of them and said to charlie Wade: “charlie Wade, let me take one part first and try it!”

  charlie Wade encouraged: “As long as I am here, you can take it with confidence.”

  Nanako Ito smiled sweetly , and immediately put that portion of the elixir into his mouth.

  The moment it entered the mouth, the elixir turned into a powerful and surging spiritual energy, pouring directly into Ito Nanako’s sea of ​​consciousness.

  The originally calm sea of ​​consciousness seemed to have stirred up a storm in an instant, followed by a turbulent wave.

  And Nanako Ito also felt that the energy available for calling in her sea of ​​consciousness became much stronger in an instant. The sensory abilities that had been greatly improved after enlightenment suddenly jumped to a new level, and the spiritual energy in her body also changed. It was extremely abundant, and with just a slight movement of consciousness, spiritual energy immediately separated from the body, and everything in the entire office seemed to be under his control from a God’s perspective.

  Immediately afterwards, this control continued to spread to the surroundings. In a moment, seven or eight surrounding rooms also entered the range of perception.

  charlie Wade could feel the spiritual energy that Nanako Ito was releasing. Looking at her herself, the spiritual energy in her body was already very full, and she couldn’t continue to take the pill even if she thought about it.

  After a moment, Ito Nanako withdrew the spiritual energy she used for perception, raised her head and said to charlie Wade: “charlie Wade, I could only release very little spiritual energy before, but it was difficult for me to control the movement of the spiritual energy, but the spiritual energy I released just now , I can already move according to my own thoughts. Although the movement is still a bit sluggish, this feeling is really amazing!”

  charlie Wade nodded and said: “The control of spiritual energy is very important. In the future, using spiritual energy to drive spells or formations will all Relying on the control of spiritual energy with thoughts, you can practice more recently. When you become more proficient, I will teach you how to use spiritual energy to drive the formation. At that time, I will give you a magic weapon that can be used to attack!”

  Ito Nanako said seriously Nodding, he said firmly: “Don’t worry, Mr. charlie Wade, Nanako will go all out and never let Mr. charlie Wade down!”

  charlie Wade smiled knowingly, and then said: “Nanako, since you have realized the truth now, there is no need to stay here to continue. Now that you are practicing martial arts, it is better to concentrate on practicing the control of spiritual energy.”

  Nanako Ito knew that monks and martial arts were no longer the same world. If she stayed here, it would indeed be meaningless and would delay the business, so she said: “Since In this way, I will go find a suitable house for practicing today! Tomson Yipin also has his father at home, which is not so convenient.”

  charlie Wade couldn’t help but sigh: “We really should find a place suitable for practicing Taoism. , recently you can go to my mountainside villa first, which is quieter and more private.”

  Nanako Ito nodded slightly, and then asked with some expectancy: “Then will charlie Wadejun go there to practice Taoism?”

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