The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6562

  charlie Wade said frankly: ” I am ashamed to say that I have no good way to further improve my cultivation, so I rarely practice. As for the mountain villa, apart from refining some elixirs, I have no other use.”

  Ito Nanako asked him: “Do you still think it’s because you haven’t cultivated your mind?”

  ”Yes.” charlie Wade nodded: “My current situation is like a self-study of elementary school courses, but I haven’t found any middle school textbooks yet. The students accepted by the school have no idea how to improve themselves in the next step, and they are equivalent to streetwalkers in the field of monasticism.”

  Ito Nanako could see charlie Wade’s helplessness and couldn’t help but said: “charlie Wade-kun, don’t belittle yourself, in this world, any one The disciplines are all established little by little by predecessors, and the same goes for spiritual practice. Although charlie Wadejun does not have a ready-made mental cultivation method, I believe that if charlie Wadejun is willing to study hard, he might be able to develop a set of mental methods by himself. .”

  charlie Wade did not comment on what Nanako Ito said. He also knew that this possibility must exist in theory. However, it would be easier for the predecessors to plant trees and for others to enjoy the shade. It would be easier to stand on the shoulders of giants and achieve results, and If you want to establish a sect in a certain field on your own, it is not something that can be described as “difficult”. It requires a genius beyond ordinary people to do it.

  charlie Wade didn’t think he had such a genius, but Nanako Ito’s words also gave him some inspiration.

  It is difficult for a primary school student to have talents like Newton and Gauss.

  But if you are more down-to-earth and do more research on the basis of elementary school mathematics, you might be able to figure out a little bit of the knowledge of junior high school mathematics.

  Just like before, Ito Nanako relied on her own exploration to achieve voyeurism and found a way to make her consciousness jump down in the sea of ​​​​consciousness without a teacher. That method not only made her martial arts improve rapidly, but also It laid a solid foundation for her enlightenment.

  As soon as he thought about this, charlie Wade secretly decided in his heart that he would take more time to go to the mountainside villa in the future, where he could concentrate on studying Taoism. Maybe he could find a way to break through on the existing basis.

  However, when I think about my grandmother’s family living in a villa in the middle of the mountain, if I come here every day to practice retreat, I will definitely pass by the door of my grandmother’s house. Out of courtesy, since I am here, it is impossible not to say hello, but once I say hello, this efficiency The stool will naturally decrease.

  Besides, if Nanako Ito comes here every day, it will not be easy to explain to her grandmother after all.

  Therefore, charlie Wade couldn’t wait to find a new place to practice.

  After thinking about it, Fei Kexin’s idea of ​​buying the Quinton family’s waterfront mansion when he was a child in Aurous Hill under the pseudonym Zhan Fei jumped into his mind.

  The Quinton family’s villa is located in Shuiyun Villa, which is far away from the city. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, has excellent scenery, and has not many residents, so it is relatively quiet.

  Moreover, the Quinton family’s mansion is the merger of two villas. Not only does it have the buildings of the two villas themselves, but it also took advantage of the early loosening of policies to do a lot of additions to combine the two villas into one. The actual usable area is at least three The size of a villa.

  Fei Kexin originally bought this house and asked his wife Claire to help design and renovate it. Now that it has been idle, it is better to buy this house from Fei Kexin and use it exclusively for his own cultivation in the future.

  Moreover, there are not many households in Shuiyun Villa. There are only twenty or thirty households in total, and they are all large houses. charlie Wade feels that he might as well do it more thoroughly and send more people to come forward to cover all the households in Shuiyun Villa. Buy all the houses and make it your own base.

  The reason why charlie Wade had this idea was because the geographical location of Shuiyun Villa was indeed special.

  This community is built on a gentle hillside. The lake in front is actually a naturally formed barrier lake. The road passes through the foot of the mountain, and the road up the mountain is a two-lane cement road built by the developer of the community. Road, and this road only leads to Shuiyun Villa, which means that except for the owners and visitors of Shuiyun Villa, almost no one else will come here.

  Once the actual owners of the entire community are all themselves, outsiders will naturally be isolated from the community.

  Moreover, Don Albert’s original underground force had a deep background in Aurous Hill, and there were many property companies among them. He could easily replace the property company in Shuiyun Villa and let Don Albert come forward to establish a new property company. Then replace all the employees of the property company with your own people.

  In this way, the confidentiality level of Shuiyun Villa will be higher.

  I can do something big in Shuiyun Villa.

  Every villa in Shuiyun Villa has a large underground space. What’s

  even more rare is that Aurora liked to practice martial arts since she was a child, so her father built a special training ground for her underground and invested a sum of money to develop it. Taking a look at the underground part of Shuiyun Villa, maybe we can gradually turn it into an existence comparable to a dead soldier’s garrison, which will be of great use in the future.

  Thinking of this, charlie Wade immediately said to Nanako: “Nanako, I’ll call Miss Fei Kexinfei. She has a very suitable training venue in her hands!”

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