Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1141 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1141

Elisa did not know that Clive would return. After she entered the hotel café on the first floor

with Remy, Remy ordered a glass of fruit juice for her, while he ordered a cup of coffee.

“Won’t you have trouble sleeping if you drink coffee now?”

Elisa ordered some pastry as well.

“No. I have a huge workload to deal with. If I don’t drink coffee, I won’t be able to stay awake until late at night.”

His work schedule was so packed that he had to work late hours every day.

If one day he had the chance to hold one of the most important days of his life, he would definitely find time to relax.


Shortly after the two of them started chatting, Clive came in and saw them sitting by the window. While walking toward them, he shouted at his sister.

Elisa turned her head, only to see her shoppingmode brother walking toward him. She felt as though she was caught by her parents.

Wait. Just now, when she bumped into her shoppingmode brothera t the hotel entrance, he was made aware that she was drinking coffee with Remy.

Why was she feeling guilty?

At this thought, Elisa generously pulled out a chair for her brother. After her brother was seated, she asked, “Clive, what do you want to drink?”

“Mr. Stone,” Remy greeted Clive with a smile.

Clive stole a look at Remy before saying to his sister, “I’ve drunk quite a lot just now. I don’t need a drink now. I’ll just have a seat.”

Elisa slid the pastry she had ordered to her shoppingmode brother.

Cliver did not eat it. He deliberately sat there to be a third wheel.

As Remy was excellent, Clive admired him and was interested in working with FC & Co. Nevertheless, Remy had chosen to work with York Corporation. Consequently, Clive and Remy were merely acquaintances. If Remy were a young talent of Wiltspoon, Clive would be more than ready to see his sister get into a relationship with Remy.

Unfortunately, Remy came from Annenburg. Annenburg and Wiltspoon were far away from each other. A self–drive journey on a highway would take seven to eight hours, and it was a long distance.

Elisa was Clive’s only sister. He could not bear to see his sister marry into a family who

lived so far away.

Given that Elisa and Remy had not gotten together yet, he covertly stopped them so that his sister would not fall deeply in love.

“Mr. Johnson, why did you think of buying this villa back then?” Clive was looking for a topic to talk to Remy about. “You’re not desperate for money. You could’ve actually bought a new villa instead of a pre–owned one.”

Remy said, “Although the villa is second–hand, it covers a large area and is easily accessible. It has a great security system too. The surrounding neighbors are either wealthy people or celebrities. You were also interested in it, weren’t you?”

Clive choked.

Back then, he wanted to buy the villa as it was close to his place. He planned on connecting it with his own villa after buying it. In that case, he could expand his villa.

However, Remy, who came from Annenburg, already had a villa in Wiltspoon that he always resided in. Clive felt that there was no need for Remy to buy such a huge villa unless Remy planned to settle down in Wiltspoon or flip the property.

“You have a place to live in, Mr. Johnson.”

“So do you, Mr. Stone.”

Remy laughed and said, “I’m not short of money, so I buy a house when I feel like doing it. Indeed, I’m quite fond of that house, so I bought it.”

Clive was speechless.

Wealthy people had more than one house and all of them usually had quite a lot of properties.

Clive’s way of questioning Remy just did not hold water.

“Mr. Johnson, are you planning on settling down in Wiltspoon?”

Clive thought that if Remy became a citizen of Wiltspoon, he would approve of his sister getting together with Remy.

Considering that his sister was fussy, she hardly showed interest in any man. There were many young talents in Wiltspoon, yet she was only interested in York men.

Due to the relationship between Zachary and Serenity, Elisa could not possibly marry anyone from the Yorks. Other wealthy men could not compare with the Yorks in terms of competence, status, or appearance.

Rerny, on the other hand, excelled in everything. Furthermore, he was born into a large family, which was well–matched with the Stones.


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