Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1142 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1142

Most importantly, Elisa and Remy could get along well.

I’m in charge of all the businesses of FC & Co. in Wiltspoon. I’ll be staying in Wiltspoon for a long time, so it’s equivalent to settling down here. I’ll return to FC Manor occasionally, but I’ll be more of a guest. My mom always says that I treat FC Manor like a hotel as I usually stay for only two nights.

Elisa placed her hand under the table and poked her shoppingmode brother. After that, she leaned forward and whispered to her shoppingmode brother, Clive, it’s very abrupt of you to keep asking Remy those personal questions. You two aren’t even close.

Elisa only became familiar with Remy after meeting him several times.

Clive’s eyes settled on his sister.

Was she not interested in Remy at all?

Clive was helping Elisa to fish for information in advance.

He recalled that when Elisa pursued Zachary, she ended up feeling hurt and becoming an object of ridicule.

Clive took pity on her and understood that she had no feelings for Remy. It was probably Clive’s wishful thinking.

Remy did not express his feelings either. It was likely that Clive was overthinking it.

After having a renewed thought, Clive did not really speak.

The two men were CEOs of their own companies. Given that Remy was working closely with York Corporation, Clive was wary of talking business with Remy.

Nevertheless, Clive did not leave.

He stayed there until Elisa finished her fruit juice and pastry.

“Elisa, aren’t you going to discuss your investment with Serenity today?”

Clive reminded his sister that it was time for her to leave.

Elisa took a glimpse of the time and said, “Not today. I’ll meet Seren and Jas tomorrow. Clive, you’re busy with work, aren’t you?”


He was still here all because he wanted to protect her.

“If you’re busy, you can carry on with your work. I’ll send Remy home.”

Clive asked, “You’re sending him home, huh?”

Remy broke in at the opportune moment and smiled awkwardly. “I came here in Elisa’s


Remy’s smile was piercing and Clive disliked it.

“Mr. Johnson, you can take a cab home. Or you can wait for a moment over here and inform your bodyguard and chauffeur to pick you up.”

“Clive, since we’re going home, we can drop him on our way. His bodyguard and car are in his new house. We’ll pass by his house on our way home.”

Clive was at a loss for words.

No matter how gloomy Clive was, he still stood in front of his car, watching his sister drive Remy.

What is Remy trying to do? Is he interested in Elisa? He smiled like a fox. Even an experienced person like me can’t see through him.

Clive sighed, worrying about his sister.

When Elisa was infatuated with Zachary back then, Clive advised her repeatedly and felt distressed.

Now, Elisa got closer to Remy. Remy might smile at everyone and seem gentle, but it was

not known whether he was interested in Elisa.

Alas. Clive could not help but feel distressed all over again.

Elisa currently had no feelings for Remy. Similar to how Remy answered Elisa’s question, he liked the sight of Elisa, but that was not love. He was not sure about it yet.

As Remy said, he had no experience in relationships.

He would not take action abruptly before understanding his own feelings.

Besides, it appeared that the Stones refused to let Elisa marry and move to Annenberg.


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