Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1144 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1144

Mrs. Newman kept Camryn unwillingly, but she did not fulfill her duty as a mother. Event though Camryn was her biological daughter, she was unloving toward her. After Mrs. Newman’s ex–husband died, Camryn was still an immature kid who clung to her mother.

Whenever Camryn bawled and wanted a hug from Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Newman would turn a deaf ear to it. When Mrs. Newman was distressed, she would kick Camryn away.

Even the nanny was deeply shocked at the situation.

Mrs. Newman hated Camryn. Although she beat, scolded, and even kicked Camryn, the kid would still bawl and scream, “Mommy, hug me.”

After Mrs. Newman’s ex–husband died, she did not have to put on an act and stopped carrying Camryn anymore.

She ordered the nanny to carry the kid away, never wanting the kid to appear in front of her. She hated the sight of her elder daughter’s face.

Camryn took after her parents‘ strengths. She resembled both her father and Mrs. Newman, but somehow, Mrs. Newman would not love her.

As the nanny had taken care of Camryn for a long period, she had grown attached to Camryn. She was worried that Mrs. Newman would suddenly lose her temper and kick Camryn to death. Whenever Mrs. Newman was at home, the nanny would try her best to coax Camryn into playing outside so that Camryn would not meet Mrs. Newman.

This was to avoid Camryn from begging her mother for hugs.

Little by little, Camryn was no longer keen on getting her mother’s hugs. She was only close to her nanny.

However, after Mrs. Newman found out that the nanny was like a mother to Camryn, she fired the nanny. Weeping, Camryn begged Mrs. Newman not to fire the nanny. She even kneeled down to beg Mrs. Newman, but it proved futile.

That was how much Mrs. Newman loathed Camryn.

This was because Mrs. Newman was not in love with Camryn’s biological father. The person she had always loved and wanted to marry was her current husband. Nevertheless, her parents were fond of her late husband instead…

Being forced to marry a man she did not love, Mrs. Newman could not bring herself to love Camryn.

Although Camryn was unable to see her mother’s expression, she could sense that her mother looked at her in a wicked and hateful manner, which sent a chill down her spine.

Every time Camryn felt the chill, she knew that her mother was giving her a death stare.

“I’ll try my best.”

After speaking gently, Camryn slowly walked forward with the help of the white cane as she held the gifts.

Ever since she matured, she had stopped expecting love from her mother.

Mrs. Newman disliked and even loathed Camryn. She could not wait for Camryn to die.

The nanny always told Camryn to stay away from her mother, or her mother would beat her to death.

Camryn had no impression of her father because she had not been weaned from breastfeeding when her father passed away. Given that her mother hated her, her nanny was the only person who treated her well and provided her with some warmth, care, and motherly love.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Newman fired the nanny later.

It was no use crying and begging Mrs. Newman.

Without the nanny’s care, Camryn could only rely on herself. She had a hard time surviving in the Newmans‘ household. She slowly fell sick without the nanny’s care. Even when her condition became severe, her mother did not send her to the hospital…

Fortunately, Camryn’s aunt returned. Realizing that Camryn was very sick, she sent Camryn to the hospital. Otherwise, Camryn would not have only suffered vision loss.

Camryn tightened her hold on the white cane and took a few deep breaths. She told herself to stop recalling those incidents and hold back. Once she had regained her vision…

She heaved a sigh–she had no idea when she could fully restore her lost vision. Now, she was no different from a blind person.

After suppressing her anger, Camryn pulled herself together.

Serenity’s bookstore was about a thousand feet away from where she got out of the car, so how many steps would she need to take?


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