Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1146 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1146

Soon, Camryn heard someone running toward her.

Based on the footsteps, it was probably a woman.

“Ms. Newman.”

Camryn heard a rather familiar voice, which seemed to belong to Serenity.

“Ms. Newman.”

Serenity scurried toward Camryn. She bent over and extended her hand to hold Camryn.” Ms. Newman, are you alright?”

“I’m alright.”

Sure enough, it was Serenity.

Deep down, Camryn thought that what the bodyguard said was inaccurate. If the bookstore was a thousand feet or so away, Serenity could not have noticed her arrival so soon.

Serenity’s bookstore was probably located nearby.

Jasmine helped to pick up Camryn’s white cane and the gifts, which consisted of two boxes of dietary supplements and two sets of skin care products.

Instead of asking Camryn why she came, Serenity and Jasmine first assisted her to the bookstore. After Camryn was seated, Serenity shot a look at the gifts and asked, “Was it Mrs. Newman who made you come here?”

“Mm,” Camryn hummed softly.

Jasmine poured a glass of warm water and handed it to Camryn. Camryn took the glass and thanked Jasmine.

“She’s my best friend, Jasmine,” Serenity introduced Jasmine to Camryn.

Camryn determined the direction based on where Jasmine handed her the water. She faced Jasmine and greeted her with a smile, “Ms. Sox.”

Jasmine’s eyes settled on Camryn’s pretty face. She felt that it was a pity that a beautiful girl like Camryn turned out to be blind.

After Camryn drank some water, Serenity said indifferently, “Mrs. Newman wanted you to come over to beg for mercy on behalf of Carrie, huh? Why didn’t she come on her own?”

“Mr. Zachary forbade them to disturb you. They went to York Corporation but didn’t

manage to meet Mr. Zachary.”

Camryn did not hide it. There was no need to help the couple hide it even though they were her family.

“She said I was the cause of the incident, so I must settle it. Mrs. York, I was indeed the cause of it. I was the one who dragged you into the mess. I’m really sorry.”

In the face of Serenity, Camryn looked apologetic.

As Camryn was always wearing a pair of sunglasses, Serenity could not see her gaze. Camryn was visually impaired, so there was nothing she could reveal through her gaze. When Serenity met Camryn previously, Camryn did not put on her glasses. Her big eyes were beautiful but empty.

“It wasn’t your fault. It was because I couldn’t stand the situation that I meddled in it. I don’t regret what I did. I’ll accept the consequences regardless of what they are.”

Serenity added tenderly, “Ms. Newman, you don’t need to feel guilty. Regarding this issue, none of us was at fault. It was Carrie’s fault for being cruel and wild. The two of you might have different fathers, but both of you are half–siblings since you share the same mother. She treated you that way… As an outsider, I couldn’t stand it.”

Camryn’s face betrayed no sadness. She remained nonchalant probably because she had been hurt so much that she had turned numb.

She was no longer the Camryn she was ten years ago.

“What did she want you to tell me?”

Camryn said gently, “Please don’t press charges against her beloved daughter.”

Serenity snorted. “Why should I let Carrie off? A person like her won’t learn from her mistake nor realize it.”

Camryn fell quiet for a moment. She put down the glass of warm water and took out a bank card from the pocket of her trousers. She placed the card in front of Serenity. “Mrs. York, my uncle would like me to pass this to you. He has changed the PIN of the card to 123456. The money in the card is meant to compensate for your car and mental damage.”

Serenity put the card back into Camryn’s hand and said flatly, “Tell your uncle that he should get me a new car in compensation instead of giving me money. As for the compensation for mental damage, I’ll definitely receive it when I press charges against Carrie. The court will support me in requesting however much compensation I want from them.”


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