Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1153 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1153

Liberty kept quiet.

Serenity spoke, “You never took care of Sonny before. He’ll not be able to get used to it and cry if you take him to your place. If you want to visit Sonny, you can come over every day during the daytime and play with him.”

Mr. Brown said embarrassedly, “Serenity, we didn’t take care of Sonny before, so we’re trying to make up for it now. We’re old and bored at home. If we help your sister to take care of Sonny, she’ll be able to focus on earning money too.”

He asked the child in his arms next, “Sonny, do you want to follow Granddad and

Grandmom home?”

Sonny asked, “Is Mom coming?”

Mr. Brown was stunned. He replied, “Your mom isn’t going, but your dad is in Granddad and Grandmom’s home. Sonny, follow us back and stay with us, okay? That way, your mom won’t be tired as well.”

Sonny twisted and turned to get down. He ran back to the table, climbed onto his chair, and sat down.” want to eat. If Mom isn’t going, I won’t go too. I want Mom!”

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were at a loss for words.

“Since you two must’ve eaten already, I won’t invite you to have a meal. You can sit on the sofa and watch TV first. We can talk again after we finish eating.”

Liberty poured a glass of warm water for her former in-laws. After that, she turned on the TV for them and returned to the table to resume eating with her sister and brother-in-law.

Mr. Brown smiled sheepishly. “Enjoy your meal. We’ll watch TV.”

The old couple saw the four bags of fruits placed on the coffee table. They guessed it must have been Serenity and Zachary who bought them.

Mrs. Brown whispered enviously, “Serenity has always liked to buy food and drinks for her sister. Now that she’s rich, the quality of the fruits she bought also improved.”

All the fruits bought were expensive.

If Chelsea saw them, she would definitely want to take two or three bags home.

Whenever Chelsea came over, she would take fruits that Serenity bought for Liberty when leaving and while Liberty was not paying attention.

Using Hank’s words, Chelsea was just like a thief. She liked to return to her family’s house and take things from there.

He did not think much of it in the past since Chelsea was his biological sister. Now that he

had changed wives, he thought his sister was too much.

Mr. Brown turned his head and glared at his wife. Mrs. Brown pouted from his stare. She muttered, “Back then, I said we shouldn’t agree to them getting a divorce. I told you not to give her money, but you never listened. If Liberty and Hank didn’t divorce, Serenity’s husband wouldn’t have been so cruel for the sake of Sonny even if their relationship had turned sour.”

Their son could have kept his job.

Mr. Brown said angrily, “Do you think they won’t get a divorce just because you disagree? Hank’s attention isn’t on Liberty anymore, and he doesn’t care about Sonny enough. They treated each other like enemies and always quarreled. It’s not good for Sonny’s growth.

“You just want to take advantage and benefit from Serenity marrying into a wealthy family. Our family ended up like this because of our own doing.”

Mr. Brown blamed his wife, daughter, and himself. He was the head of the family. If only he had been fairer, things would not have turned out that way.

He knew that Liberty was a more suitable partner, but he never took her side whenever his wife or daughter badmouthed her in front of his son.

He was not a good person either.

Mrs. Brown pouted.

Who would not want to benefit from being associated with Serenity?

Even something small from Zachary would be enough for an ordinary person to spend for a lifetime.

“We’re here tonight to take Sonny to our place.”

Mr. Brown sternly reminded his wife not o create unnecessary trouble.

They were utterly bored living in their son’s house.

Mr. Brown wanted to return to their old home, but Mrs. Brown refused. She insisted on staying in the city with their son and daughter-in-law.


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